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Hi, DanceOn.
It's Mia.
I'm back.
I am a lot more calm this week, and I am going to do
your Glee Project recap.
So here we go.
This week's theme was adaptability, and the homework
assignment was "You Oughta Know," by Alanis Morissette.
Did I say that right?
The catch-- they didn't get to choose their part in
the song this week.
And of course, Lily was the first one to be like, me, me,
me, I am cool, and I'm in control of
everything because I'm cool.
The guest this week is Kevin McHale.
He plays Artie on Glee, and I absolutely love him.
He is the most adorable thing.
Want another catch?
When Kevin gets there, they decide to tell all of them
that they each have to sing the song.
Aylin wins, and I actually have to give it to her.
She was pretty good, so I was pretty happy
with Kevin's choice.
After the homework assignment, they find out that the music
video for the week is--

there's another catch.
They actually don't find out the song until they get into
the studio with Nikki, and then
they don't learn choreog--
I need to do jaw exercises.
And they won't learn the choreography until they're on
set with Zach and Erik.
That's pretty scary.
Now, that's adaptability.
So finally they are in the studio and they find out that
the song for the week is going to be "Price Tag," by Jessie
J. The video is really cute this week.
But as they said in their words, the poor kids.
And then there were the rich, snobby, stereotyped kids, and
they each have to make the decision to not be so
materialistic any more and to move over to the other side.
They each take of their fancy-shmancy regal outfits,
and then they convert to the other side.
And then they're all dancing, and they
strip off their clothes.
Not strip-- oh my god, I didn't mean it that way.
Sexuality was last week.
They get into white T-shirts, and then they're all dancing.
It looks very Glee.
And then Aylin has her stand-out moment, and she's
the last one, over by the cafe.
She's sipping on her latte.
Then she's watching everyone dance and have fun, and then
she does her little background vocal thing.
She finally joins in at the end and they're all hugging,
and it's cute.
What's that?
Another catch.
Bet you didn't see that one coming.
There is no bottom three.
There is a bottom six.
They do duets.
First are Nellie and Blake, and they do "Waiting on a
Boy/Girl Like You," and it's actually very, very good.
I know that term is overused.
But when I say it's very good, I mean it could
have been on Glee.
It sounded perfect.
Ali and Abraham are next, and they do "Last Friday Night,"
by Katy Perry.
And it was awkward.
Really awkward.
It was a facepalm moment.
Because I really like them, and they're
cute, and it was tragic.
It's like that awkward moment when you're watching a really
awkward moment and you feel actually more awkward than the
person that the awkward moment is happening to.
The words were messed up, and it was just--
mmm, mmm, mmm.
Mario and Charlie are last, and they do "Let the Sun Go
Down on Me," and it was a pretty basic performance.
It was average.
So after all the performances, Ryan Murphy, the writer, very
big for Glee, he decides who the bottom three are.
Ali, Nellie and Blake are safe, and the bottom three are
Mario, Charlie, and Abraham.
Mario unfortunately goes home this week.
So that's all for this week.
I'll be back next week, and it'll be fun.
So yeah, I'll see you guys.