Nokia Lumia 900: Hands-On und erster Eindruck

Uploaded by LutzHerkner on 31.05.2012

Countdown for the Lumia 900: the start can't be far away when Nokia makes a press event for it.
So the Lumia 800 get's a big brother.
The display is now 4.3 instead of 3.7 inch.
So the device is a little bigger and thicker of course.
That's why the Lumia 800 has a better grip, the Lumia 900 isn't designed for small hands.
This will be a matter of taste. But customers aksing for bigger displays.
Here comes the Samsung Galaxy S III into the picture: it has a 4.8 inch panel.
As you can see these 3 inches are a big deal: that matters!
But if you compare both devices the S III isn't much bigger at all!
Only when both devices are standing on the bottom you see a difference of a little less than 1 cm.
But this does not concern the width. And that's the point: because the width determins if you'll find a device handy or not.
Last but not least the S III is a little thinner.
No big changes from the Lumia 800: camera with 8 mega pixels, 2 LEDs, same design.
On the front you'll find a sencond camera with 1.9 mega pixels so you can do video telephony now.
Especially because Skype has launched it's final version for Windows Phone recently.Tango app is pre-installed.
It's an AMOLED panel as on the Lumia 800, again with the "Clear Black" technology.
So you have an excelent viewing angle of almost 180 degrees like IPS on the iPhone 4S.
Nokia compares "Clear Black" with polarized sun glasses, means you have less relfections.
The resolution stayed 480 x 800 pixels, so the density goes down in the same ratio as the display is getting bigger.
That is not based on a decision of Nokia, it's given by Microsoft and the requirements of Windows Phone.
Nevertheless the letters are big enough to read and in the settings you have big letters.
But you might see differences while looking at photos or videos - that's something to check in the final test.
Even if you can't see it: it's the new OS version 7.5 Refresh, better known as Tango.
But except tethering (using the phone like a modem e.g. for a notebook) there is not much difference.
Coming to the USB slot: it has no cover any more. And the micro SIM has got an other kind of slot, you'll need a pin to open.
But it's still a slot for micro SIMs only.
16 giga bytes internal memory. As it's a unibody case again you have not slot for memory cards and a fixed power cell.
RAM stayed at 512 mega bytes, so it's really a Lumia 800 with a larger screen.
LTE like in the US model won't come to Europe.
So the only question is: when will it come? I guess it will take just a few weeks (means: in June).
Recommended retail price is 579 Euros including vat, so street price will be something around 500 Euros.