ENG SUB 110516 100% Entertainment with Super Junior M 1/5

Uploaded by vonla on 23.05.2011

Hi everyone, we are Super Junior C!
Thank you.
Why are we Super Junior C?
Because in Korea yo, there is a M yo.
and we are C yo.
Because we are the EMCEEs yo.
So it's MC.
What are you thinking about yo?
No, I am not thinking of anything yo.
They are laughing happily.
and they are all girls yo.
They are actually guys
wearing wigs yo.
everything that you say must add in a "yo" behind
how are you.. (korean)
So it's like that.
like how?
today we saw alot of girls at the studio
even all the way out to the front.
and the king of idols we have a few.
it can only means that today we have the king of idols here.
So we are MC (emcee) yo.
when you put them altogether, they become the king of boybands
and this super boyband
they released their album in Feb
and now they are still promoting the album
they are promoting for so long.
it's already May!
and we are happy that
there are 2 other members
are already filming dramas.
filming with the idols in taiwan.
i'm saying they are filming the dramas
but very sadly, because they are filming
they cant be here with us.
so, you all are starting to leave already?
you dont have to be so realistic!
they had already sang taiwan girls' song
taiwan girls?
too perfect (sounds like taiwan girls in mandarin)
taiwan girls are the prettiest.
taiwan girls are really pretty.
because they dont put on make up
that's why they are pretty.
so you see who's putting on make up? none of them.
it's because they are still young!
they are not in high school/college, how do you expect them to make up?
so that's why the people says
where are the prettiest girls located?
it's here, in taiwan.
it's because they don't put on make up when they go outdoors.
ok, i see people removing their make up already.
i was just saying they didnt put on make up and there are people removing it already.
you know there was a girl who got into an extramarital affair.
and the ex boyfriend was angry.
he decided to take revenge.
so when the girl was with the other guy
he came over and splashed something across her face
and everyone was in shock!
girl: hmmm? no feeling? so, what did you splashed?
make up remover oil!
the ex boyfriend wanted to let the other guy see how she looks like without make up on.
because right now on the internet
there are many before and after make up photos of these girls
so you see, they are all very pretty
so today, these are girls that are too perfect
let us welcome
let us welcome Super Junior M!
say hi to everybody
please introduce yourself to everyone
hi everyone, i am ryeowook!
i am very happy to be here
to see you all, thank you!
hi everyone, i am sungmin
i'm a...
he's a nervous