[SUBTITLES!] Apple Special Event January 2010 (iPad) PART 4

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I have to say though... Watching it is nothing like getting one in
your hands and feeling all of that just right in your
hands, right underneeth your fingertips.
So! Let's go back to the hardware a little bit:
The iPad is really thin. It's half an inch thin,
and it weighs just one and a half pounds. That is thinner and lighter than ANY netbook.
And it's got a gorgeous 9.7 inch IPS display. Super high quality display, using IPS technologies
so get great angle of view as well. Very high quality display.
And as you know, Apple builds the best capasative multi-touch
sensors in the world, married to our great display, it's terrific.
Super responsive, super precise. iPad is powered by our own custom silicone.
We have an incredible group that does custom silicone at Apple.
We have a chip called A4, which is our most advanced chip
we've ever done, which powers the iPad. It's got the processor, the graphics, the
audio, the memory controller, and everything in this
one chip. And it screams.
And you can have 16, 32 or 64 GB of flash, solid state storage, inside the iPad.
It's got the latest at wireless networking. WiFi, 802.11n, and the latest Bluetooth 2.1.
And the usual suspects: accelerometer, compass, speaker, microphone,
it's got a 30-pin connector, so it plugs in a whole ecosystem
of iPod accessories... And it's got battery.
What is the battery life in this remarkable device?
We've been able to achieve... TEN hours of battery life...
[APPLAUSE] ...in this 1.5 pound device.
Ten hours of battery life, which means I can take a flight from San Fransisco to
Tokio and watch video the WHOLE way on one charge.
It's pretty nice. [APPLAUSE]
AND... in addition to ten hours of battery life,
it has over a month of standby life. So we can just set the iPad down,
it will go to sleep automatically, and if we'd come back in a month
it would still have charge. It's remarkable.
Environmentally, the iPad is a great citizen. It's arsenic-free, brominated flame retardant-free,
Mercury free, PVC-free, and its aluminium and glass inclosure is highly
recyclable. So that's a little bit of an overview of the
iPad's hardware. Now, let's go back to software.
We've seen some great built-in applications. All-new built-in applications.
But now let's talk about third-party applications. Let's talk about the App Store.
And how'd we do that? I'd like to invite Scott Forstall,
our Senior Vice President of iPhone software. Scott?
Good morning. The App Store has been a huge success.
We launched it just about a year and a half ago,
and already our customers have downloaded over three billion apps,
choosing from more than a 140,000 available on the store.
Well, we've built the iPad to run virtually every one
of these apps unmodified, right out of the box.
Now, we can do that in two ways: we can run these apps with pixel for pixel
accuracy, black box, in the center of the screen.
We can also automatically pixel double and run those apps full screen.
This is really cool, let me go ahead and show you how it works.
So here I have an iPad, we've downloaded a number of apps from the
App Store, all unmodified.
Let me launch just a couple for you. Let's start with Facebook.
Here it is. This is the Facebook that you know and love,
it just works. I can tap on a photo, I can flick to a new
photo, and now, if you look in the bottom right corner
of the screen, there's a button that says "2x".
When I tap on it, we automatically scale the application up
to full screen. When I go back to my news feed, I can switch,
say, to my profile, see my Wall...
It all just works. Now, Facebook uses a lot of text, photos and
some video. But what about an application that really
drives the graphics hardware?
What about a game? Let me go ahead and launch a game here.
This comes from ESPN, and it's called "X Games Snocross".
Now you can see, at the beginning of this game,
it plays a video. The video works great on the iPad.
All right, let's skip the rest of the video, and get right to the game.
So Race, and Arcade, going to choose Default, I'll race Breckenridge with Levi, and let's go.
So here you can see this is an Open GL ES game,
so it really drives the graphics hardware. And again, this is an unmodified game right
of the App Store.
I'm steering it with the accelerometer, and even the game I can take full screen.
So you can see... here are some tricks... um, you can see that even with an Open GL
ES game, very graphically intense...
[LAUGHTER] ...you get tremendous frames...
(?? Please correct me here)
They're smooth and they're incredibly fun. So...
So there you go. Right out of the App Store, unmodified.
So the great thing is: all of these iPhone apps,
that you know and love, that you've already been running,
will run on your iPad. In fact, you can buy your new iPad,
just take it home, hook it up to iTunes, download all those apps that you already have,
right onto your iPad, and you're good to go.
Now, if the developer spends some time modifying their application,
they can take full advantage of this large touch screen display.
And you could see that's what we did for all of our applications.
We rewrote the user interface of every one of our apps
to take full advantage of this large touch screen display
that comes with the iPad... like photos, and music, calender, and YouTube.
They all look great. And we expect the developers are going to
do the same thing. So to that end, we've enhanced the iPhone
SDK to now support development for the iPad as
well. And we're releasing this SDK today.
So developers... [APPLAUSE]
Developers can go to apple.com today and download the SDK
and get going. And this SDK even includes an iPad simulator.
You could run your iPad apps right on your Mac,
as you develop them. You know, we think it's going to be
a whole other gold rush for developers as they build apps for the iPad.
And of course, every iPad comes with the App Store loaded
up on it. So we have a great distribution channel
to get your apps out to all of our costumers. Now, we're going to take a highlight
and feature all of the apps that are built specifically for the iPad in the
store. You're still able to get to all of the iPhone
apps, but if you create an application specifically
for the iPad, we're going to put it front and center.
Now, we're really excited about the possibilities for developers for the iPad.
And so, just about two weeks ago, we invited a few developers to Apple,
to give them a sneak peek at the iPad and see what they can create in just
a couple of short weeks. I'd like to invite a few of them on stage
to show you what they've created, starting with Gameloft.
Gameloft is one of the largest developers of games for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
They have over sixty games on the App Store, that have been downloaded more than
a 55,000,000 times. To show you what they've been able to do
in just a couple of weeks on the iPad, I'd like to invite up Mark Hickey.