How to Make Indian Snacks : How to Make Baby Corn Pakora

Uploaded by expertvillage on 23.04.2008

In this clip, I'm going to tell you how to make baby corn pakora. So let's begin. First
we take grinded ground flour, say five spoons. Add some garlic paste to it. A little salt,
as per the taste, grinded coriander, cumin seeds, red chili and a wine. Now add water
to it and stir it well so that a thick paste is formed. Keep on stirring until the paste
is formed completely.
Add some more water, as per the requirement. So here the paste is formed. Take baby corn,
now dip it into this paste and put it inside the heated oil and let it heat for approximately
two to three minutes, till it becomes dark brown in color, which is an indication that
it's ready to eat.
I guess it's ready, so I take it out.
So your baby corn pakoras are ready to eat. So you can eat it with either tomato ketchup
or mustard sauce.