Parasha Korach letalmidei YESHUA (subtitles can be translated)

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Great is "YESHUA" and worthy to be Greatly praised!
the city of our God, in His holy mountain, beautiful province,
the joy of the whole earth is on Mount Zion on the sides of the north.
The city of the great King, Elohim in her palaces is known for
shelter. "Psalm 48, verse 1, 2 and 3 in those verses.
I welcome the brother's to this meeting, in the mighty name of "YESHUA"
our king. Worthy is He, to be greatly exalted and praised!
The Torah portion we will read this day begins in Numbers 16,
and is named "Korach" poorly translated to Castilian as "Kore".
The name of the portion, as always, comes in the first verse,
where it says "And Korach rebelled, son of Yitzhar" as translated into Castilian
"Rebelled and Kore, the son of Izhar". Let's read about the story of Korach
and the rebellion that happened in the desert. Unfortunately this portion is more about
following a rebellion. The day after what happened with Korach we will read
happened again, another rebellion of the sons of Israel. The Lord wants to say something
with this and pray that we can understand and receive and acquire wisdom
of what we read and the word which the Lord speaks today of fruit in us
in the name of "YESHUA". Blessed are You, King of kings, "THE EL AH ELOHIM ," God of gods
Lord of lords, "ADON Adonim", "YESHUA Elohenu". Blessed are You!
Give all the honor and glory to you! We thank you for everything,
what you have given us. We enter your gates with thanksgiving,
giving thanks that You have provided everything we need
for You are faithful and true, because You have healed, because You have
set us free, because you bless us with food and bread, because you bless
your Son's with everything they need. Thank you that you're true to your covenants
for those who embrace the covenant. Thank you that You are faithful and true because we have been
forgiven, because you carried our sorrows too. Thank you "YESHUA"
to forgive our sin. Thank you because you have released us, Lord, from the bondage of
Egypt and for leading us to the promised land where we are by faith, because we
believe, Lord! And to reveal to us and the fact that
You have given all these blessings because yes and amen! It has already taken place in the heavens
We have confidence that you're able to do it!
"YESHUA", we ask you to come, to teach, our Master,
as our Rabbi, that touches our heart. Lord, You, who touch the hearts
of our families, that touch the hearts of our children, who is with us
this day and also every day, especially we pray for the
Shabat, to increase your presence on this Shabat! That all may feel you and
the closeness, even those who have not recognized you. make real change
in the hearts of all. Your Presence and Your commandments, We thank you for
the commandments, for Your word because it is powerful and is everlasting.
Your words are eternal, and we thank you for this, because you hold up
all things. And all creation sings praises to Your Name! All creation
adores you, and all creation knows and recognizes that you have done all these things.
So we praise and bless you "YESHUA" and we ask you to help us
be prepared for the times to come. "YESHUA" instruct them
how to be prepared, how to keep Your commandments. Teach us!
And do not let anything important be disregarded! Do not let the enemy
blind us and we forget something important, because it's YOU that can only release!
Lord, let us remember and remind us at all times the wonders
You have done in our lives and our ancestors when you brought them out of the
land of Egypt. Let us remember "YESHUA" so that our mind is alive
and active, Lord, and remember each one of the things you have taught us.
We remember Your wonders in this day and ask that you may refresh our thoughts
to remember each of the instructions you have given us. And if we have not discerned,
give us the discernment to understand, even if some time has passed.
"YESHUA", we repent, if we have not walked in Your ways, if we have done so.
And we pledge to walk in Your ways, Please, just reveal to us what we may have
disobeyed. Pour out Your mercy on us all at this time.
Your blood be on us to cleanse us from all sin,
and cleanse us from all unrighteousness, "YESHUA", deliver us, heal us, restore your people!
In This time of restoration and I proclaim that all your people are restored
everyone, that everyone who hears this recording is now restored.
In the name of "YESHUA" be restored brother's, be restored sister!
Be Renewed brother, sister! Your families are restored!
In the name of "YESHUA" be healed! In the name of "YESHUA" you are free!
In the name of "YESHUA," Lord, I proclaim the vision increase, Lord,
in a powerful way and never ceases to increase in all your Son's who listen to
this message, to You "kavod" and "tiferet" the glory and honor and exaltation!
Everything, everything you deserve it because you only are worthy, "YESHUA" our Elohim
and Lord. Welcome, "YESHUA" You are welcome "RUACH HA KODESH"
now, spend time with us as we read Your wonderful
Torah, we remember on this day, in the name of "YESHUA". Amen.
Number 16: And Korach rebelled, son of Yitzhar son of Kohar, Son of Levi and
Dathan and Abiram, sons of Eliab, and On son of Pelet. And they rose up against
Moses and men from the sons of Israel, two hundred fifty leaders of congregation
called one's of appointment, reputable men gathered against Moses and against
Aaron, and said to them: You take on much over the whole congregation, all are
"Kdoshim" and with them Yhuh, and Why put yourselves over the assembly of Yhuh?
And Moses heard and fell on his face and spoke to Korach and all the congregation of him saying:
In the Morning He shall show, Yhuh et who to Him and et the "Kadosh" one and will bring near to him and
et who He is choosing in Him, He shall bring near to Him. take for you censers
Korach and all those who follow you and put fire therein and put incense in them before Yhuh
And tomorrow will become the one whom Yhuh choose's, He the "Kadosh" one, to you of the sons of Levi! "
So I remind you, Korach was the son of Kohat, one of the sons of Levi. In Numbers 4,
describes the functions of all the sons of Levi. You remember? Are Kohathites,
the Gershonitas and Merarites. Then the instructions to the Kohathites, to which
belonged Korach, this person who rose in revolt, their function is described in
Numbers 4 and talk's about that, when they have to move the camp,
Numbers 4:5, Aaron and his sons will come and take down all the veil of the Meeting,
the ark of testimony, covered with blue cloths or skins
and after that everything is prepared and assembled, if you recall then
Verse 15 says, "And when Aaron and his sons run out of covering the sanctuary and
all the vessels of the Sanctuary ", where they have to move the camp, they will come after
them, the sons of Kohath to carry to carry all the equipment, and assemblies
packed, but warns, "Do not touch any holy thing," Kadosh, "lest they die"
So these are the obligations of the sons of Kohath in the Tent of Meeting.
Korach's rebellion is more than to just accept the role, the Lord has given
to carry the tabernacle, the tent of meeting assembled, but he says no,
the Lord is with them and they are all "kadosh". "Kadosh" is translated to Castilian as
saint, if anyone does not know yet. So this is the rebellion of it.
It is not enough the role that he has, he says: We are all saints and all we can approach
to the tent of meeting, the Tabernacle, for Elohim is in us all, in a nutshell is what He is saying.
I will keep reading verse 8
"And Moshe said to Korach:
sons of Levi,
is it a small thing for you that you were separated by
Elohim of Israel from the congregation of Israel to bring for
Him to work et Yhuh, service of tabernacle and stay
to minister to the congregation
and is bringing you near
and all thy brethren the sons of Levy with you, but also to seek
Priesthood? So you and congregation all of, set against
and all you conspirator's to Yhuh, and why against Aaron, because
you are murmuring on him?
and Moses sent to call Dathan and Abiram
sons of Eliab, and they said we will not come up,
is little, you brought us from land of milk flowing and honey
to kill us in the desert? "
Look brothers, here they are calling Egypt the land flowing with
milk and honey.
Unfortunate brothers!
"Let this also not be about us and authority? Furthermore, it was ungrounded.
He Brought them to the land flowing with milk and honey
and gave the inheritance of the land, fields
and vineyard's
perhaps men's eyes deceive them?
There will come a time!
And Moses was very angry
and told Yhuh:
Do not accept
his offering not one ass I took from them
and did not evil to
one of them
Moshe said to Korach and:
You and all your congregation come to face of
Yhuh, yourselves and before Aaron tomorrow and take every man
his censer
and put incense on them and draw close each with his censer to Yhuh, 50
and 200 censers and you and Aaron each take his censer, and each
his censer put fire therein and put incense in them and stand
at door of tent of meeting with Moses and Aaron. " And burning incense before the Lord
is something that applies to the Levites, the sons of Aaron. They are the one's
that can approach and do this function and this offering by them is quite
powerful, it is set by "YESHUA"
and the Lord himself respects it
we will see later how it will even come out, to remember this
I would say that some are called to intercede. They have the gift of
more than other's We are all called to spend time with the Lord but some
go into intercession. Well, they are the gifts of some of the Levites
that may enter the sanctuary of course after being
so they may enter the sanctuary and others can not, even having been
purified and so become a minister to the Lord, to comfort the Lord as
was often
to intercede for the people as many Sometimes did, for example on the day of
they intercede for the people. Then this feature is still in the son's of
although many thousands of years have gone by and generations have been
lost, the son's of Levy exist and are scattered throughout
the world. Then when you find a brother
who has the gift of intercession, that mediates and their intercession is
effective and one called to that gift, then, He is likely to be a
son of Levy, in Aaron's class.
Then Korach also sought this priesthood, seeking to be closer to the
most holy place and not content with the function of the sons of Kohath.
Verse 19: "And brought against them Korach and the whole group to door
Tent of Meeting
and appeared Yhuh Kavod of the entire congregation and Yhuh spoke to Moshe and to
Aaron saying, Depart from in the midst of congregation and I will consume them
immediately they fell on their faces and said, The
"Elohei Ruchot"
This is translated as God, the God of spirits. Remember the word "El"
in Hebrew is "God" in the singular
and very
rarely used to refer to Elohim, Creator of heaven and earth. And
is always used when "El"
appears here with a description and we have the example. Look,
"EL" God in the singular would be "Elohei" that is, God, "HaRuchot" spirits.
ie, it is specific about the "EL" It is not any "EL" "The Elohei
A Ruchot "It is Elohim who created heaven and earth. Then
I will keep reading: "Of all the flesh, one man sinned and against the entire congregation you will be wrathful?
and Yhuh spoke to Moses saying: Speak to the congregation saying, Depart from
Korach and tabernacle around
Dathan and Abiram. Moses got up and went to Dathan and Abiram and were
behind him elders of Israel and spoke
to them saying, Go Back Now from tent's with these men
the wicked, and do not touch at all anything from them
to not take part
in all
their sins. And they walked away together
from tabernacle of Korach, and from Dathan and Abiram . And Dathan and Abiram came out
standing in front of tent's with their wives and son's of these
and their tot's.
And Moses said: Hereby know that Yhuh sent to me et all to do
deed's these, they are not from my own heart.
If, these men die the common death of all men or if they be visited after the visitation of all men
to them, then Yhuh has not sent me. If Yhuh performs a new thing and opens wide the ground
et her mouth and swallows them and all that to them and descend
alive to Sheol, then you will know that they spurned the men the these Et
Yhuh and He is finishing to speak et all the words to speak the
and broke the ground below them and the earth opened her et
mouth and swallowed them and their household's and et
every man and that to Korach et
every possession and dropped them
and whatever of them alive to Sheol and closed on them the land and
disappeared from among the congregation.
And all Israel
around them
fled at the cry of them for they said: "Maybe the earth will swallow us". and fire
came forth and consumed from Yhuh et
to 50
and 200 men
one's bringing near of incense "
Note that
when the two spies came
spying the land
one of the things they said was the land
is a land that devours the inhabitants
the ten spies who gave the wrong report
you remember?
I will read in the last portion, it is Number's thirteen in verse 32,
the ten spies who brought a bad report said, the land where
is passed through to spy, the land swallows its inhabitants.
Israel has not yet entered the Promised Land
and the land
has swallowed up the inhabitants thereof, the land that devours its inhabitants is not the
land of Israel. the land that is Israel is out of the desert
and are not the nations. also, I do not know if you have realized in recent
Times there have appeared in many news article's
in which opens,
the ground
and it happened in some city in Guatemala. It happened twice, and in other countries.
If that interests you,
investigate the issue, and what has happened in the midst of some cities
suddenly the earth opened, and all that was around it and over it
disappeared and was swallowed by the earth.
Some time ago these occurance's were
in the media and a sister told me "Eretz Ochelet Toshavea"
mean's, land that devours its inhabitants
and curiously
when this happened I had been at that time,
reading these portions of the Torah. Let us be clear, brothers, be
sensitive to this, there are many, many who fear the Lord. read the portions
of the Torah according to it's instuction's. When you think that the portion
of Korach is read by thousands and perhaps million's, and
hundreds of thousands of people.
each week as we read this week and is for us. You have to be sensitive to see
what the Lord does on earth, and what you are seeing.
Because something the Lord is doing in the earth often corresponds to a
message that is in the portion of the Torah. Because "YESHUA" knows what we read
and He wants to teach us
because He is the Master and He likes to teach. No one can teach, like
He can
He can use people to Teach us, but He
teach's even without man. He is the teacher and master
and we are his disciples
Remember, YESHUA said go and make disciples of all nations
Immersing them , in Him, teaching them all things
I give you, That this is;
the message of YESHUA
it is being restored. That message and is also about the Torah
and about love that it teach's. to keep Torah and is most
not about a group of laws, but to have a relationship with Him and
understand that everything comes from the heart. then what happened here
is that the earth
swallowed up the inhabitants thereof as the Spies said
but the spies did not say that about the desert, or Egypt, but they said it
about the Promised Land, which was not true. Remember, that
Israel, was afraid for their son's and women
Numbers 14 verse three
They say, that our wives and our children should be a prey, then
what happened, the Lord tell's us The son's, who said
That would be a prey, they will enter the earth. Note that the Lord
often judged according to what we tell ourselves. So we have to
be very careful, and repent also of the things we have said
not good.
They said the promised land
swallow's its inhabitants, and it turns out it is the other land, which
swallow's them. The Lord showed them the same thing
I remember the case of a brother,
of a close relative
interceded for him that the Lord would save him, for a long time. And he had a
Very hard heart, completely against
the Lord,
with a heart that was so hardened,
and once someone
apparently asked him if he wants to be
born again. And this person said He would rather be dead
before being born again. Then you can feel in your heart
what happened?
This person has a tremendous testimony.
what happened was
one day he died
and was dead for hours, and does not remember how many hours
the Lord took him into Heaven and showed him much
This testimony became public, it was translated into English. This person speaks another language
I do not know for sure, maybe something like Romanian. And after being dead for hours
he revived when he was in the morgue
and had all this testimony. the Lord really has done thing's
to people this way. As to what he said. He said he would rather be dead before
being born again, and so He died and then started
to believe after that.
YESHUA show's
wonderful things. Very impressive.
so be careful with what we say, that we are sensitive to YESHUA, but
I want to
encourage you, brother's, we can do all thing's
in what He want's, when we are in YESHUA.
YESHUA has given us all the tools. His yoke is easy his burden light. We can do it, His way is righteous
we are not discouraged by looking at what happened to the son's of Israel, but
acquire wisdom from
what happened,
at the moment there are those near to us starting to move away
led to
go against the Lord
and his anointed, which correspond's to the time
to come,
we do not want to go and
unite with
complainer's, nor will we be rebels.
but we will obey the voice of our Elohim, so we can
enter the promised land as Caleb did
and Yehosha. It is also possible and is easy.
notice that the requirement's that the Lord has for us
are in the book
Yehosha, Joshua called in Castilian, initially
what it say's is, to only be strong and couragous
in maintaining
the commandments, all the commandments
the Lord has given. So for what we have to do, is be strong and courageous, to
keep the commandments
so then, we need to be strong and couragous, because they are easy to
Maintain, But because of brother's who are in opposition we must be strong to
Overcome. Because nobody can say it is difficult to keep the Shabat
to rest is
not difficult, in keeping the Sabath, what can be difficult is the opposition that come's
up against it. But on the other hand I want to say, that if you keep the Sabath
For example, as Scripture says, is maintaining the pure word of Elohim
and it is powerful in transforming our house
as already mentioned, and your city and its neighborhood, even country.
So worth the effort
to keep the commandments
as YESHUA told the rich man
when he asked: What should I do to have eternal life, he said;
Keep the commandments. it is Worth it! Strive, because it is not only eternal life
you will receive,
but also all his house, because the light is more powerful than the darkness
praise and glory to his name, it is possible, do well, also to remember it forever.
We are not condemned to do as Korach
who rebelled against the Lord, our decision should not be to.
Rebel not against the Lord, not against those which are Elohim's
as is instructed by
Yhuh. verse 36 and Yhuh spoke to Moses, Speak unto Eleazar the son of
Aaron, the priest, and take et the censers from the embers and et
Fire spread them far away, for they are
et censers of sinners these, against their own lives. And let them be
made into broad plate's, to line the altar, since they are offered to Yhuh
they shall be Holy, and shall be a sign for the sons' of Israel. And Eleazar the priest took et
the bronze censers offered, that were burnt offered
and made him, broad plate's for covering the altar in memory for the son's of Israel
to not approach, strange man not in offspring of Aaron, he
to burn incense before Yhuh, and not be like Korach
and as his congregation, which spoke Yhuh by the hand of Moses to him. Then it is
Sure, and it will be clear as a testimony for the son's of Israel, the altar
with the metal of the censers of these, to always remind the son's of Israel
who are the sons of Aaron,
they have to minister in the tent of meeting, which corresponds to the
Levites, Korach also his function, as he Said, but His function was different
as became clear to all that saw
Korach rebelled, others joined. Elohim showed his Kavod and did something
that had never been done
The earth opened and they went down alive "Sheola"
that is, to "Sheol" in Hebrew, in front of everyone and the earth
devoured them
and there as a witness
On the altar
were placed
the plates made with metals of the censers, when all this happened.
and what happened
after this?
read verse 41
and murmured the whole congregation of the son's of Israel the next day
Against Moses and against Aaron, saying you killed
et people of Yhuh
and gathered the congregation against Moses
and against Aaron and turned toward the tent of appointment and it was covered with
the cloud and appeared the Kavod of Yhuh
and Moses and Aaron were
in front of the tent of meeting, and spoke to Moshe saying Yhuh
move away from the congregation and I will consume it
and they fell on their faces
and Moses said to Aaron
take you the censer and put fire in it from the altar
and put incense and go fast to
the congregation and atone for them because anger came out in from
of Yhuh
and started the
and Aaron took as Moses spoke and ran to the assembly and behold
the plague was started among the people
and offered et incense
and making atonement
and stood between
the dead and the living
and stopped the plague, and the dead in the plague
were 14 thousand 7 hundred
besides the dead
by subject of Korach
and returned Aaron
to Moses, to opening of tent of meeting
and the plague was stopped.
have mercy YESHUA
have mercy on us.
Dear Brothers
I have a
testimony of a sister who
works with unbelievers, and it is clear that YESHUA has placed her there in
the environment of non--believers
and a group of them
is tightly controlled by the spirits of rebellion and complaint
So what happens sometimes we are placed
to be around complainer's
and this sister knows this, and knows the complainer's, the spirit in them
but sometimes
that the spirit of complaint, can come in a few minutes to us
everyone complains about something, then she felt suddenly that
she was starting to complain
in her heart,
how can this be, and after a few minutes you realize that no! That
spirit can come from them to us
then it can come
with time, obviously the sister
after getting more wisdom has become more skilled to overcome those
Spirits. Remember that the struggle is
Spiritual, against spirits, against unclean, then
when it come's to our knowledge,
to effect us, we realize at some point, when all the people
are complaining
we do not want to begin to complain, remember its happened many times when we
see the news, when everyone has a bad opinion about the government's
of the countries.
the government itself has been placed by YESHUA, because governments
do not decide themselves, to handle all
It Is YESHUA, and He is the one that puts
leader's in the governments of countrie's as He decide's.
if I may say it again brother's, YESHUA decide's the government's He is going to
have in the country in which you will be
At this time,
and in this time is where the spirit of independence
is so strong in the nations. Then, Sometimes when you start to complain
against the government,
are really complaining against
Elohim has decreed
for our nations
I'm not saying that there is no way
to prevent something bad from happeneing, yes, what is existing
and that's why intercession is needed. But to complain there is no sense. the Lord hates,
deteste's it
you can see from the son's of Israel when they began to complain here, after
that happened to Korach
the next day what happened in the congregation was a judgment of Elohim
Trial and sentencing took place. And people complained the next day, still complaining
You can rightly see
Yes, but the judgment is set by
Elohim himself, the judge. they can always be avoided through intercession and
prayers because He is merciful
but complainer's
are judged
it is beside the point
the Lord abhors the complainer. Thanks YESHUA by wisdom that we can have deliverance. On the other
hand what we see here is the mission of the Levites with the
Gifts of the Levites
They are a powerful tool, Intercession, and here we see
a plague
that is causing them to die all these son's of Israel
and then Aaron come's
the dead and the living and what happens? the judgment is
against all
and can not be applied
over Aaron because
Aharon is called
and anointed
to intercede and to enter and be
the same as Lord's Kavod
when its full power is expressed, without that
nothing happens.
approaching in purity and humility, spiritual purity without
any Impurity,
and humility,
then we see here there is something in the Levites
that is wonderful
which can be used
to even stop a plague
Let this be recorded in our hearts If at a future day something similar happens
in our lives
Chapter 17
and spoke to Moses saying Yhuh, speak to son's of Israel, and take from them
Rod, rod
house of
father all his prince's to house of their father's, 12 rod's, each
et your name written on his staff
good, I read the word rod twice mark, when I read two time's a
I am not saying anything, it is because it appears two times, and it is very common in the Torah
a word appearing twice,
I do not know whether to say it is common, or if it is common, why it often display's a
word two time's and is by intention for some reason.
that YESHUA does, then
why the disclosure of rod, the rod two time's shown here
I do not know, it may be that there were many rod's, I do not have the
YESHUA, decided that it is going to be written thus.
then twelve rod's, each one for each tribe of Israel, a rod for each head
I will keep reading verse 3: and et name of Aaron's write
onto a rod of Levi, as one for head of his father's house
understand and put into tent of meeting before the testimony
where I will meet with you
and will be the man
I will choose him, and his rod shall blossom and I will take away from me et
murmurings of the son's of Israel
which they murmured
against you
and Moses spoke to the son's of Israel and all the prince's gave his rod
per head, a rod
by each prince
of his father's house, 12 rods.
And Aaron's rod was between them. And Moses placed ET the rods before Yhuh
in tent of the testimony, and was coming the next day Moses and He entered
tent of Testimony
and, behold, Aaron's rod sprouted from House of Levi
And it budded and flourished and blossomed and it yielded almonds
each rod He is bringing forth
before Yhuh
and all the son's of Israel and they are looking
and took every man his rod,
And he said to Moses, Yhuh return et rod of Aaron before the testimony to save for a
sign to son's of rebellion and will cease their murmurings against me, that they not die.
And he did, Moses as commanded him, Yhuh. Halleluyah! It remind's us that in what we call the Holy of Holies
of the tent of meeting is what is called the witness, the witness is in there
and the testimony is the ark of the covenant, the tables of the covenant, the mercy seat that is covering
the ark of the covenant with the cherubim, Aaron's rod was placed. Now as a witness of the
testimony, Aaron's rod. Then we have an element as a witness
Aaron's rod, dear brothers. the witness, the testimony is a sign
and is what remains, something material remains, which is proving that something we have been told
is true. Hence the word witness also in Hebrew is the same word also
"Edut" is testimony and "MIDD" is witnesses, and is the same word. Then we talked, you remember in the book
of Revelation, it appears and speaks of two witnesses, Revelation chapter eleven verse three
and give to my two witnesses who prophesy for twelve hundred and sixty day's
Now I want to talk about the two witnesses, because the two witnesses are more than we think
on many levels this prophecy is fulfilled, and has to do with the testimony, dear brothers
Remember too, there is no absolute in the Hebrew mind, it can be white, black and both
Then the witnesses are, among other things the two houses of Israel, the house of Judah and the house of Israel
the ten northern tribes, why? they show that they are a testimony to all
that happened, told us is true, the witnesses are alive and are material witnesses
people who show us that the things that have been told us are true
Witnesses have something special, when you want to do something, to witness, it
is necessary that it be done by someone. He says by doing that 1260 days, witnesses prophesy
that is, something being delivered, these two witnesses, delivering the words of the Lord
And chapt. five of Revelation verse eleven says, If any man will hurt them, fire proceeds from their mouth and
devours their enemies, and if anyone wants to harm him he must die the same way
only willing, in the same way they want to harm him it comes against them
for 1260 days, in the end time. we remember His covenant, "Elohim"
with Abraham. Bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you
Then this covenant is strengthened as told the prophet Daniel, the covenant is strengthened,
it say's, in the Hebrew, in Daniel, chapt. nine and verse twenty seven: and one week will strengthen the covenant. with many
what happens? that at some point the Lord ends any delay that has existed for millennia
between doing wrong and receiving judgment. When the covenant is strengthened, happens that what the Lord says
as to how one wants to harm the witness become's to the one to be cursed
if someone wants to hurt Israel or Judah's house, then as you want it
it will be done to them. And if you do not believe dear brother's look what happens to the U.S.
every time they want to do something against Israel, they are judged. And if you do not believe me pay attention
the next time they do something against Israel and see how it will be judged after a few days
after acting against Israel and see what happen's.
wait and see the next time they do something against the son's of Israel or the Jews
So, it's what happens, the house of Israel and the house of Judah are two witnesses
but this prophecy does not end here, notice it is repeated at different levels
I take the book called the New Testament, who are the two witnesses
of those who wrote the gospels, that were with "YESHUA"
only two, it is Matatiyahu, Matthew and Yochanan, John. Only two
were disciples of "YESHUA" and witnessed, it means something material
they were present and show's us that what we were told is true
they were present, the two witnesses, also if you want to go against the words
which are written and prophesied those in the writing of Matthew and Yochanan, John.
it is necessary to know according to the covenant
not Contrary to the words of "YESHUA" not against the teachings of "YESHUA"
or against the prophecies of "YESHUA". you can not go against them
because it will be against you, they are two witnesses, they are the two witnesses
of what happened, but that's not the final revelation and manifestation and fulfillment
of the two witnesses, two witnesses are also the two tables
wrongly called the tables of the law in Castilian, that has never been the name.
the Lord calls them, tables of the covenant, then there are two tables of the covenant
and they are in the testimony, witness to all that is told us, and is true.
and the tables are prophesy because he commands us, to remember the words of the Lord
they are alive and accordingly, they prophecy as you do, that if you do, go against what it says
the command's, then it will be necessary to be judged and these are two witnesses
do you see? again and again, and witness, testimony are what is important
in our faith, praise the name "YESHUA", chapter seventeen verse twelve
And the son's of Israel said to Moses, saying, look we are lost all of us die
we perish, all coming close, to close to the tabernacle of Yhuh is dieing,
perhaps we all die? Look at what amounted to even think, what the son's of Israel thought.
A matter of time until we all die, so they thought.
I say, it is the difference between being humble and accept what the Lord says and believe
Most importantly, it is to be believed that keeping the Torah is easy
we must believe that it is possible and we must trust that it is possible to enter the promised land
it is possible to be obedient and we must strive to obey doing something easy
Chapter Eighteen: And to Aaron, said Yhuh you and your sons and your father's house with you
et shall bear responsibility for the sanctuary and thou and thy sons with thee shall bear et
responsibility of your priesthood and your brothers et tribe of Levi
tribe of your father. bring near you and together with you and help you and your son's
before tent of testimony you minister. And keep your charge and charge you of all tent furnishing's
only to vessels of the sanctuary and the altar not to approach, and will not die they and you
And you will be obligated to keep charge, to care for all of tent of appointment for all of service
and a stranger shall not come near. you keep Et charge of the sanctuary and et
charge of the altar and not shall anger come further on son's of Israel
Here, clearly the Lord is saying that if they do keep what he says
then there will no more arise the wrath of the Lord and the Lord does not want to get up in His anger
And gave an instruction till Heaven touches the earth
when this tabernacle, will be joined with both, but He said, according to what I say
and what I set that this union will be made, there has been disorder,
why? dear brothers, remember when the Lord expelled Adam
and Eve in the Garden of Eden and put a sword to guard it, that does not allow anyone to enter to
the tree of life, and will not be forever, he put a sword
moving in all directions and this is the sword that kills those who want to get closer to
the sanctuary. and do not apply all given, because he approached the sanctuary close to the tree of life
also note the intention brother, if you can see Aaron's heart
Aaron did the work or does the work in silence and humility when it is done
of this position. and when complaining to the Lord, He has judged quickly
recall when he and his sister murmured against Moses and the Lord judged
Sister Miriam, then the son's of Israel, who complained, that they may take the vessel's of the
Sanctuary, why? because the same complaint is demonstrating that they are not worthy
to approach the vessels, then the Lord defends the judgement in the Garden of Eden
for the wickedness of man and man's sin which leaves us to not come closer to the tree of life
reproach does not allow us in the tabernacle, except for the sons of Aaron
Verse six: And I behold took et your brothers the Levites from among the son's of Israel
gift for you Yhuh to serve et service of tent of appointment
And you and your son's you will fulfill Et priesthood everything of the altar and inside
curtain and gift service will serve to give you priesthood and the stranger who comes close will
die. And to Aaron, said Yhuh and I hereby give you Et my heave offerings care of all
holy things of the son's of Israel to give to the portion you and your son's, anointing
by statute for ever, this will be for you of "kodesh" of things "kdoshim"
of the fire, every of approach present of them all of present offering and all of them
and every of sin offering and every guilt offering to bring them to me
"Kadosh kodeshim" it for you and your son's, as "kodesh of kodeshim" to eat,
every male shall eat it "kodesh" will be for you. And this for you heave offering from your gift
to all of wave offering to all the the son's of Israel for you I give them your sons and daughters with you
by statute for ever throughout your house, one's clean in house of you to eat it. All chosen from olive oil
and all grape and grain chosen to give their first fruits for you I give, Yhuh
first fruit's of all that they bring from their land to Yhuh. for you will all be clean in your house
to eat of it. All devoted thing in Israel for you will be. Then the Lord gives to the son's of Aaron
All these offerings and not only this, verse twenty--one: And the sons of Levi, behold, I give all
tithe in Israel for an inheritance for their service that they serve et service in tent of appointment
and not approach son's of Israel to tent of appointment to bring sin, to die
And he will make the Levite et service tent of appointment and they shall bear iniguity of them statute for ever
throughout your generations, but among son's of Israel will not receive this inheritance
that et tithe of son's of Israel that they bring to Yhuh, heave offering I give to the Levites for an inheritance
therefore I said to them among the son's of Israel did not give to them to inherit inheritance
Verse twenty--five: And Yhuh spoke to Moses saying. And to the Levites, shall speak and say to them
when you take of the son's of Israel et tithe I give you them for your inheritance
then you shall offer an offering of a tenth of the tithe to Yhuh
And you will take your heave offering and the grain of the threshing floor and as the fulness of the winepress
So ye also shall offer a heave offering to Yhuh of all your tithes which you take
from son's of Israel, and ye shall give him et Yhuh offering to Aaron the priest
Look, these are a perpetual statute for ever in His covenant that is from "Elohim"
with the Levites to give the tithes, then you say I do not know who is a Levite
but "YESHUA" knows and that is what matters, that is why when one
set's aside the tithe of his work for the Lord, one must ask him to whom we must give it to.
because "YESHUA" know's, He is sovereign, the tithe belongs to him and he has given it to the Levites
then one must ask and expect the Lord to show you in the heart or otherwise
to who we must tithe, the covenant with the Levites is valid today and is to all generations
There are many Levites who are believers in "YESHUA" the problem is that centuries have passed
and the line has been lost to us but to "YESHUA" it is not lost he is very clear in this,
he knows exactly who is the son of Levi, whom the tithe is for
and he is faithful to his covenant, only we must be obedient to deliver to whom he wishes to deliver
To him be all honor and all the glory, he is a covenant Elohim and he is worthy to be exalted
this end's the portion Korach and so we give the glory to the Lord
Thank you "YESHUA" for everything you have given us, for all we have learned
for giving wisdom with this portion for giving us a humble spirit and
discernment. always ask that what may exist in us so as not to act against you
and not complain, if we have complained we ask you to forgive us "YESHUA"
Lord forgive us our complaints and from now on we ask the Lord to go with a spirit
in action of His grace, closer to you at all times "YESHUA"
Thanks for this portion, please continue teaching each of us more and more
in this same portion about you, about the Alef and the Tav, your wonders about your promises
and about the truths that make us free, "YESHUA" extending over the whole earth
Your presence Lord, and touch the homes of all those who call your name
of men of good will and let your light shine to them and through them to other of
your son's who love your covenant and love your commandments to bless as
to your heart, as you want to bless, my Lord, I pray and ask that you please
touch everyone with your commandments and love them, to give your blessing
to be delivered according to your great mercies "YESHUA" and we give the Glory and Honor to You.
thank you for this Shabat and the Shalom and blessing that you give us this
Shabat, that you gave us this week, to you be the Glory and Honor
again, be exalted, the name of "YESHUA" in all the earth, Halleluyah
in the name of "YESHUA" amen
Shalom to Israel, Peace be upon Israel