Justin Bieber Twitter Followers - Twit Tippin' Tuesdays

Uploaded by eMarketingVids on 01.03.2011

What's happening everybody? It's Haley with E-Marketing Vids and this is another episode
of Twit Tippin' Tuesdays. Where we bring you a new Twitter tip every week.
You don't have to follow Justin Bieber on Twitter to hear about what Justin Bieber is
doing on Twitter. It's all over the news. But, in case you haven't heard, Justin Bieber
got a new haircut.
Now, what does this have to do with Twitter? Well, rumor has it that his new look cost
him 80,000 Twitter followers. Now, of course, that's pocket change when you've still got
almost 8,000,000 followers. But what does this have to do with you?
Well, directly not a whole lot. Most of us don't have 8,000,000 followers, and most of
us get a hair cut without any backlash unless of course you get a mullet.
But, I think it raises a good point. You can't make everyone happy. So don't ever get caught
up in the people who un-follow you or who don't follow you back.
Stay focused on the ones who do follow you, because those are the people who become your
loyal community, your faithful audience, bad haircuts and all.
Stay tuned for tips like this and more every Tuesday, and follow me on Twitter at twitter.com
com/twittippin. I'm Haley, and I'm out. Tweace.