CGRundertow HAPPY SQUIRRELS for iPhone Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 20.08.2012

Itís starting to get weird, reviewing video games. I mean, it used to be easy. Games came
in a plastic shell, you blew themóstop laughingóyou plugged them into your console, you had the
same set of criteria. But now, each one is different.
Downloading games. This is ridiculous.
Actually, the issue with this game isnít the means of delivery. Itís the way youíre
essentially buying a game thatís incomplete, in a sense. Sure, technically, you can play
the game without them...but letís get real. If youíre going to play Happy Squirrels all
the way through, youíre going to have to make extra purchases.
And I just donít know how to feel about that anymore.
A new release to the App Store, Happy Squirrels isóin and of itselfóa delightful little
game. Itís one of those ìbuild rooms, attract people, build more roomsî type of games,
only with squirrels. And really, anytime youíre substituting people with squirrels, thatís
unequivocally a step in the right direction.
But, uh...choice of mammal isnít the only thing Happy Squirrels does right. I mean,
the game looks gorgeous, for starters. It has this really cool, kind of blocky style
that works great and gives the game a very playful appearance. Itís really pretty, and
the graphics have some nice little interactive elements, too. You can spin the pinwheel or
ring the doorbell...Happy Squirrels is its own colorful, adorable little world.
Of course, the gameplay is probably best described as, like...this customer service simulator.
Youíre basically adding rooms to a tree, with a bunch of different types to choose
from. You pay for that with acorns, which you collect from your rooms. So theoretically,
your existing rooms would fund additional rooms.
Evidently, theories are for poor people.
No, run out of acorns pretty early on. At which point, you have some choices.
You can wait, like, days at a time for your rooms to produce enough acorn funds or you
can buy more via in-app purchase. The thing is...itís not like this is an outrageous
new concept. A lot of games do this. The game is free, but it requires
these additional purchases later on. Happy Squirrels is one of them.
To be fair, there are also minigames that give you acorns. And your tree produces acorns,
as well...but theyíre a negligible total relative to the amount you need to do anything.
You can also speed up your constructions with potions that, yes, youíre eventually going
to have to buy more of, too.
Happy Squirrels is a very cute, very well-made, very good management game. But itís also
a freemium game that is inevitably going to cost you in-app purchases. The model is fair,
but for some reason, it just feels pretty slimy. Iíd rather pay up front for a game,
especially one as otherwise enjoyable as Happy Squirrels.