London School For The Deaf With Closed Captions

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The parents of more than 30 deaf children are campaigning to protect the future of what they say is an amazing school
Frank Barnes school in Camden is one of the only places in the country which teaches sign language & English for the deaf
But if faces the threat of closure to make way for a new London Academy Sangeeta Kandola reports
Frank Barnes school is one of a kind in London
Prouding itself by offering deaf children a specialised signed bilingual education
The school though faces a big move soon its relocating somewhere else to make way for a new London Academy
Where its going to and whats its education on offer will be is something that worries parents
Paula Garfield is one of them, she is deaf as is her daughter Molly who is a student here
When my daughter was born deaf i knew what would be best school for her
To meet her needs and to meet her first language which was sign language and Frank Barnes school can provide that
About 30 children from across 16 London boroughs
Attend this school and are taught their first language which is sign language
They are then taught english as a second language
Now teachers and parents say this is very uniqe as it teaches them positive deaf identities
Two options have been offered as alternatives to Frank Barnes school - those are
One is merger with another school the other is a new school here in London
But members of the parents action group say the educaton of the children will be at risk
We have children coming in from 16 boroughs across London so understand we are not about children in Camden
We are about children across London what we want is an investment put in to creating that regional centre
So they can travel between London one thing we dont want to do is to say ok, move
Whilst were not quite certain what that move entails for our children
The Camden Council say they the need space and no final decision has yet been made on a new home for the school
As they are still trying to identify suitable future possibilities Sangeeta Kandola, London Today Camden