Timex Watch Battery Latch removal and replacement Ironman, Expedition, etc.

Uploaded by respondtomehere on 15.05.2010

Hey guys, Steve here and ah we are going to replace a battery on a timex expedition watch
I looked around on the internet
and found some text based tutorial
but nothing
nothing in video in nothing that explain how to get them the hardest part up which is
the battery latch alright
ive already gone ahead and removed the
watch strap right here
and the four screws 1,2,3,4
from the watch back
taken that off those were pretty simple
and ah
here's the hardest part theres a red sticker
on the back of the watch here on the inside that says
unlatch remove battery it has a arrow right here
and right here
i know its hard to see on the video
and you will probably be looking at the same thing
on your watch
so it says
to unlatch it
but the hard thing
is theres no screw
you dont want to put a screwdriver
in here you might break it iam just going to go ahead and take this red sticker off so we can see what were doing
going on
all right so we have this battery latch they call it alright its holding down our battery
you dont want to pry and break that
because youve already paid a lot of money for your watch or got it as a gift
you're goign through the trouble to replace the battery
heres what i did
i have a pin
right here this came out of one of my shirts one of my new collard shirts
so I am going to take this pin
and you'll notice
there is a small
let me see if i can get it in the camera
there ya go
this small little
a little hole right here
on the edge so we are going to put our
pin in the hole and pry away from the battery ok
so in the hole
straight down you want to go straight down
all the way to the touch the bottom youre not going to push hard
straight down
and then just pry it up
and you just unhooked it
youre going to do the exact same thing on the other side
put it in this little hole
straight down
pry up
and there you go just popped it right off
there is your watch latch
there you go back in the camera
and you can see
let me see if i can get a better view

see why you needed to unlatch it
little hook with a piece of metal on there

just looks under piece of plastic on the watch itself
alright so you go ahead and replace your
replace your battery
pop the latch
back the latch just clips on
straight on

clip it on

youll want to lubricate with a silicone based lubricant

on your seal here
hoped that helped
and good luck