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Sharing the feeling with Star through MICrophone
Seungho : MIC viewers,
Hello, we're MBLAQ.
The fatal charming five guys who are dreaming the revolution in the Korean popular music scene
Mir : Five Rains
G.O : Many people had interests in us.
Mir : I felt on top of the world.
<font color="#FF0000">K-POP </font>fever gripping the whole world
These guys are at the <font color="#FF0000">center </font>of it ?!
Mir : Many of fans cheered loudly for us.
Seungho : They really played our dances learning all of choreography.
Seungho : The international fans like...
<font color="#FF0000">Global </font>idol turning the tide of overseas album market
G.O : We was ranked No.1 almost for 100 days
G.O : When there was K-POP polls. < Mona Lisa > took the 1st place.
G.O : I'm popular all over the world.
And... There are other guys dreaming the next Korean Wave star?
The center of K-POP fever Best idol group MBLAQ & Teen Top
In 2012 Their stories taking responsibility for K-POP music scene Start now!
MBLAQ coming back as < Strong Man > "100% Recharging Completion"
Shining <font color="#FF0000">Charisma </font>on the stage
Five guys of fatal charm MBLAQ
G.O : MBLAQ's 4th mini album < 100% ver. > includes various songs from strong to sweet.
G.O : The full tracks consist of lyrics which you can sympathize when you listen to songs.
G.O : We really enjoyed working.
G.O : I think you can hear songs warmly and comfortably.
Is this a <font color="#FF0000">perfect album?</font>
It's <font color="#FF0000">100%!</font>
It's <font color="#FF0000">100%.</font>
Mir : We have charged 67% up to our former albums, but...
G.O : It has been 67% (up to former ablbums), but we couldn't use it as albumn's name because it was lack a bit.
G.O : So, we made album's name with English at that time.
G.O : Now is 100%.
Seungho : We really have charged 100%.
MBLAQ's mini album <100% ver> released in 2012 The meaning is that they are confident 100% of album quality. This album expands the scope of MBLAQ's music including various genre songs from emotinal ballad to strong sound dance.
MBLAQ's mini album <100% ver> released in 2012 The meaning is that they are confident 100% of album quality. This album expands the scope of MBLAQ's music including various genre songs from emotinal ballad to strong sound dance.
G.O : The title song < This is War > shows our another attraction which we haven't revealed so far.
Seungho : It is literally a war story that two men wage war over a lady.
G.O : That war is not the war which we think.
G.O : The word 'War' is used for the expression of that men's rage.
G.O : We released it in order to show the appearance of extremly strong man.
G.O : In addition, it can show stong and sexy performance.
< This is War >'s Choreography <font color="#FF0000">Point?</font>
G.O : Please show it once.
The result of <font color="#FF0000">sexiness</font>
Seungho : This includes the choreography of dangerous level.
<font color="#FF0000">'This filming shooted before comeback!'</font> I showed it in advance... not in advance
Are you watching a lot?
MBLAQ coming back to their fans with not only perfect music quality, but also more mature appearance.
Seungho : Personally, I prepared for our performace going on diet in this album.
Seungho : I was really hungry, so I sang even a bar of song devoting my blood and flesh
G.O : When Seungho was recording, he was so hard.
G.O : Somethimes, we sang a part over 100 times.
G.O : But he recorded on an empty stomach.
G.O : It was so difficult to make sounds on an empty stomach.
G.O : After taking on diet, he made cool <font color="#FF0000">V-line</font> like this.
Staff : Do you succeed on a diet?
Ah... Really...
Though he has this <font color="#FF0000">V-line</font>...
<font color="#FF0000">'embarrassed'</font> weird? Need to lose weight more?
G.O : Lose <font color="#FF0000">weight more.</font> Mir : While Seungho-hyung was on a diet so hard,
Mir : He lost 6KG when we went to sauna.
Mir : From that day, he has <font color="#FF0000">eaten</font> Jajangmyeon (fried noodles with soy bean sauce) and all kinds of rices.
Mir : He relaxs his attention until now.
Seungho : Now is a relaxing period.
Seungho : My face swell up a bit today.
Attack! MIC Q. How can I marry Joon?
It's OK if you have much <font color="#FF0000">money.</font>
Lee Joon : Finish? Will you pass it?
It's funny if pass~
<font color="#FF0000">Where am I... Who am I...</font> Mir : Next question, please.
Five Rains, MBLAQ "I was too hard to sing"
Staff : You got a storm of popularity as soon as your debut.
Mir : We was the topic.
Mir : I felt on top of the world, frankly.
Seungho : We were burdenome, but we believed that we had an opportunity to work harder with that burdern.
Seungho : We worked harder. So, it was good for us.
'Rain's disciples' MBLAQ's unforgettable first stage
Mir : When we recorded the 1st stage, we didn't know the meaning of pre-recording.
Mir : I was too exhausted after several recordings.
Mir : But, during original recording, many people watched our stage because of high expectation for MBLAQ.
Mir : Five members trained by Rain
<font color="#FF0000">Five Rains!</font>
MBLAQ's Debut Stage
Mir : I missed my rap part in the original airing.
Mir : I missed my rap part in the original airing because I was so hard.
<font color="#FF0000">While live performance</font>, gasp gasp gasp ...
Though <font color="#FF0000">'Rain' </font>trained us
Mir : I was too hard to sing a song.
Mir : I'm so sad.
Seungho : That was aired by first stage, if you see old clip.
It would be nice if my heart would be accepted
It would be nice if my heart would be accepted<font color="#FF0000"> 'huep'!</font>
Mir : <font color="#FF0000">I didn't hear from </font>my families.
Mir : Although a son made first debut, they didn't contact me.
Seungho : Five Rains <font color="#FF0000">sinking into the sauna </font>because of sweat
<font color="#FF0000">The Best </font>Artist in Asia, Rain
And<font color="#FF0000"> Rain's disciples, </font>MBLAQ
Seungho : We respect Rain so much. Because he is multi-talented,
Seungho : We practiced so hard thinkng that it would be a success if we followed the half of him.
Seungho : Always watching him, he is such a nice guy even guy's view.
Seungho : And we respect him all the time.
Seungho : We have a burden which we must not disgrace Rain's name when we'll come out.
Seungho : Finally, we didn't disgrace his reputation, but we felt much of our lackness.
Attack! MIC Q. The best gift embarrassing MBLAQ
G.O : I remembered a gift that Joon received in Japan.
<font color="#FF0000">Adult product</font>
G.O : a soft thing
G.O : I saw it woderng 'What is it?'
Mir : But I got into trouble.
Lee Joon : Did he eat?
What is it? <font color="#FF0000">What?</font>
Touching and <font color="#FF0000">putting into the mouth(?)</font>
Seungho : It is so easy to get it in Japan's culture.
Cheondung : It was an adult product if he looked in detail.
Cheondung : Only Mir <font color="#FF0000">didn't know.</font>
I <font color="#FF0000">didn't </font>either.
It looked like an <font color="#FF0000">egg </font>on the outside.
Cheondung : But, you weren't there when a gift box was opened.
Cheondung : When it was opened, it was sure to be strange, but...
<font color="#FF0000">Full of curiosity</font>
Mir : I was too embarrassed.
Five guys dreaming the change "Though we tried to turn the tide of the Korean popular music scene..."
Powerful dance, sweet voice (singing ability), self-glowing visual
The Korean representative <font color="#FF0000">Chicdol, </font>MBLAQ having all of them
Cheondung : In < Y > promotion, for the first time,
Cheondung : Our choreography director said <font color="#FF0000"> "That's enough to practice choreography. Stop it!"</font>
Cheondung : The choreography was completed perfectly.
Cheondung : The song was great too.
Cheondung : < Y > is the one of my favorite songs in person.
me too
<font color="#FF0000">unanimously!</font> MBLAQ's favorite song, < Y >
Lee Joon : It was pleased up to < Y > promotion.
"We tried to turn the tide of the Korean pop music scene"
But, <font color="#FF0000">the tide of the Korean pop music scene </font>didn't turn!
G.O & Mir : It was not easy.
Seungho : That's not changed easily.
G.O : We had a great ambition, but we couldn't.
The world go round <font color="#FF0000">without me...</font>
Staff : < Y > took the 1st place in the music program?
Lee Joon : Yes. So it seemed to turn the tide of the Korean pop music scene.
Mir : When < Y > came out, I thought all of male singers would make their song and choreography on the basis of < Y >, but it didn't.
But! No change!
January in 2011 after a year of debut<font color="#FF0000"> The 1st full-length album</font> was released.
In promotions, MBLAQ showed their intense <font color="#FF0000">charisma.</font>
Lee Joon : It was a meaningful album.
Lee Joon : We prepared it so hard.
Lee Joon : Because it was a full-length album, we took splendidly jacket photos and music videos.
Lee Joon : We got into the water and played acting.
Lee Joon : The choreography was great, and
Lee Joon : We sang the songs well. But...
<font color="#FF0000">The tide of the Korean pop music scene </font>didn't turn...
Mir : It didn't change, though.
Lee Joon : At that time...We were so hard...
Lee Joon : Though < Stat > was very nice song,
<font color="#FF0000">The tide </font>didn't turn.
Finally, the difficult time came to us.
Mir : The term (between < Y > and < Stay >) was so long.
G.O : Even though we were new singers, the term between albums was so long.
Mir : (The term was) 7~8 months
G.O : Our fans feel it too. We would like to have had shorter term.
G.O : We thought we need more time to change image.
After a while, we felt sorry.
MBLAQ's full-length album released in 2011 < MBLAQ Style > Members participated in making this album. MBLAQ's first full-length album showing only MBLAQ's personality in music with refined and stylish identities.
MBLAQ's full-length album released in 2011 < MBLAQ Style > Members participated in making this album. MBLAQ's first full-length album showing only MBLAQ's personality in music with refined and stylish identities.
G.O : While we took music video shooting, we talked this.
It would be sensational as soon as <font color="#FF0000">M/V reveals </font>!
<font color="#FF0000">Many of tracks </font>in this album would be ranked in the chart!
But, <font color="#FF0000">That was far beyond...</font>
G.O : Apart from the ranking,
G.O : Because our fans cheered us so hard...
Mir : Frankly speaking,
Mir : I thought we weren't satisfied with something of our activities.
Lee Joon : It was happy to sing a song for our fans.
Lee Joon : But the overall results were just...
Lee Joon : The problem was <font color="#FF0000">'Scores'</font>
Lee Joon : The scores itself was not good.
Lee Joon : But, the unity between ourselves was good.
Lee Joon : I can arrange like this.
G.O : Thanks for your arrangement.
As much as MBLAQ prepared so hard, they felt the sense of frustration a lot.
But <font color="#FF0000">the 1st full-length album </font>would become the foundation for MBLAQ's growth.
Seungho : We participated in the whole album making for the first time.
Seungho : We included the songs of our own composition because there were many tracks.
Seungho : It was the first chance to do our musics which we wanted.
Seungho : It was the time to know all member's potential.
Seungho : It seems to plan our future concretely.
G.O : Because we have mostly performed strong and manly songs,
G.O : there is the difficulty when the composers give the songs to us.
G.O : So, we made them ourselves.
G.O : We studied music much more.
Cheondung : When I composed a song < You >,
Cheondung : there was a special peformance which I had imagined.
Cheondung : The feeling of song which I had imagined, also.
Cheondung : I couldn't express everything because the preparation period was too short.
Cheondung : So, I was so sorry and I have the plan of Part 2.
Staff : In < Again > promotion, The member in role of sexy performance was changed? Cheondung instead of Lee Joon
Pure guy, Cheondung's <font color="#FF0000">surprising change!</font>
'frankly' I have <font color="#FF0000">little part</font> at that time.
It was about 4 seconds even in total.
<font color="#FF0000">in order to survive </font>by all means
because my mom was <font color="#FF0000">watching TV...</font>
'ABS Open' Cheondung : I didn't show up (on TV), so I just opened.
In this opportunity, <font color="#FF0000">watching it again</font>
Staff : But, it passed quickly on TV?
<font color="#FF0000">How do you know </font>that?
Cheondung : The composition of camera was diagonal.
Cheondung : I was located in the end of diagonal on camera, not the front.
'bitter' Cheondung : It was just for live performance on the stage.
Attack! MIC Q. Matching with MBLAQ and cute song?
'fresh & lively~' Mir : Have we ever sung the songs like that?
Mir : I don't <font color="#FF0000">remember</font>?
<font color="#FF0000">Eraser of my mind ?</font> G.O : Wait a moment. I forget everything.
Lee Joon : I never forget composer's favor who gave us that songs.
I <font color="#FF0000">don't </font>forget.
Mir : The reason I forgot is that I would like to have sung that song well.
Lee Joon : You did well.
G.O : It is difficult for us to express well the bright and cheerful songs.
G.O : Because we have learned masculine attractions from Rain hyungs,
G.O : We have the more confidence to show strong things.
During < G.O.O.D Luv > promotion, You did cute choreography with your mustache ?
'with a serious face'<font color="#FF0000"> What are you talking about?</font>
You seem to be under an illusion... <font color="#FF0000">It's not me</font>
Seungho : It isn't really lie.
Seungho : It happened that a singer didn't monitor his stages.
G.O : I didn't monitor at that time.
Mir : He didn't care whatever he showed.
<font color="#FF0000">I knew it was strange </font>in any case.
Seungho : I felt the same thing.
Though I was a leader, I wore a <font color="#FF0000">bib.</font>
G.O : You often drooled.
'bib' Seungho : Even at the special stage in the end of the year,
Seungho : I performed great dance break wearing a bib.
Seungho : | was really confident at that time.
G.O : I want to <font color="#FF0000">pass</font> this topic...
<font color="#FF0000">The bad memories </font>keep popping up in my head.
I fall into a sadness...