Installation & Review: Spigen Glas.t Screen Protector iPhone 4/4S SGP

Uploaded by AllAboutMac27 on 11.08.2012

Hey guys what's going on, this is all AllAboutMac27 and today i have
a review and installation video of the Spigen SGP Glas.t premium tempered
glass screen projector
it has an oleophobic
coating and it is for the iPhone 4 & 4S so as they say on the box, it has perfect
adhesion a whole transparency and delicate touch and all that to be true
it is a chemically treated glass and
let me start out by saying that it is the best screen protector that I have ever
so it comes in this very nice package
and what you get in the box is the actual screen protector
which is only the front protector, you get a squeege and a little
olephobic wiping cloth
then you get a microfiber cloth home buttons and also an authentication card because
SGP has had some some trouble with replicas so the first step to uh...
putting on a screen pictures just cleaning if they really uh... ended
are usually mess-up script writers really badly 'cause they're always ends
up being a some dust particles on it
with the uh... this class to scrimp sector they say after
uh... you know whatever man-hours the bubbles do go away and i found that to
be true which is very nice for me
you have always had trouble in the area
so uh... this is it you can only do it once you put it down you line home by
andy headphone and then use press in the center and then you will that he's to
the whole entire phone
which is a very cool feature and then you just take out some of the bubbles of
the squeegee than the rest will go away on its phone so as i said that this is
the best screen protector i've ever used
uh... and as you see
next uh... little click here it is extremely clear and you cannot even tell
it's on your device because event it is a class is tempered glass
so it is extremely smooth to attach
uh... as you see
uh... do you can put the home but in in but i decided not to because i usually
messes up
he's a ah...
it has to be very processing you put it in
so on if you don't you will see that ring around their on but that just looks
normal like an iphone so as you see i display fingerprint you can barely see
it it does have the oli phobic coating which were prevent fingerprints and
things that go into your
phone but it uh... it makes it really easy to clean enough so even if you take
like the back of your hand
it will clean often very nicely all of the fingerprints
uh... says you see it's a really cleared
and also all you will notice that it is very
which i don't mind at all because unless you look on the side the most at stake
but they're looking straight on you'd i cannot even see difference so that is a
really cool feature on you know and that it will be a great product when it is
they clicked that on a dizzying entice shatter filmed and edited is broken up
no uh... break into small pieces instead of
are sharp glass pieces
so as you see it's a really easy for me to you know swipe around in sweat opened
and tap on the phone and it's just
basically the best screen protector i've ever used it for my iphone
so this has been the review of the speaking as cheap eagle asti screen
protector art from crate ets dot com
check the link in the description for this product crater is a fantastic
reseller of ncp products city like this video please like in coming down below
telling you what you think about it
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and as always thanks for watching and have a nice day