Jane Espenson Extended Interview from Settlers of Catan TableTop Ep 2

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My name is Jane Espenson.
I'm a TV writer/producer.
I've written on a lot of TV shows, including Buffy the
Vampire Slayer, The OC, Gilmore Girls, Dollhouse,
Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Game of Thrones, Torchwood,
and currently Once Upon a Time and Husbands, The Series,
which is my web series at husbandstheseries.com.

I developed Husbands with my co-creator and
co-writer, Brad Bell.
And it's an internet comedy that's like Mad About You but
with two guys.
So two guys have been dating, but not that long.
They wake up gay married and are realizing they don't want
to be a big high-profile divorce, so they're going to
stick it out.
So it's this blend of classic sitcom premise with something
that's totally ripped from the headlines.
And I'm so proud of it.
I consider myself a really good game
player with some games.
I am a killer Scrabble player.
I think I'm quite excellent at that.
Other games, like if you put me in front of--
someone gave me that Harry Potter Xbox game.
And I was terrible at figuring out what I was
supposed to be doing.
But I loved just getting on the broomstick and flying
around and exploring what they had built in the computer.
That was great.
So in that game, I was a totally lame gamer.
But if Harry Potter had to sit down and
play Scrabble, fantastic.
And I also love the games I played in college, when we
didn't have the space or the money to get the board game,
the game where you just opened up the dictionary, you pick a
word, you write down the real definition.
Then you write down five fake definitions, and your friend
has to guess which one's the real one.
They repackaged it.
I think that's now Balderdash or
something that you purchase.
But you can just do it with a dictionary and a notepad and
two people.
Funnest game in the world.
So I like those games where you make your own fun.
My parents always talk about when they were in the hospital
waiting for me to be born, they would play Battleship.
But they didn't have the plastic Battleship game.
You can play it on graph paper.
That's all you need.
Graph paper, you pick where your little ships are going to
be, you both numbered your grids, and you play it by--
I love that when people can just make their own games.
Gaming is a way to turn statistical
probability into defeat.