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[USA Today Jack Kelly] That the FBI most likely thinks there was a car or truck packed with
explosives underneath the buildings which also exploded at the same time.
[President Bill Clinton] An inside job?
How dare you? How dare you!
[The only reality of 911 was TV Fakery. Everything else we were shown on TV was False]
[CBS Russ Mitchell] That is down considerably for the past two days. Yesterday you had
about twenty five hundred people who showed up here
two thousand the day before despite the fact that the numbers
are shrinking
city officials will keep the armory opened on saturday and sunday at this
point for any one who still needs to come here
one of the people who came back is this gentleman right here this is
Dennis Levi. His father police officer John Dennis
Levi was last seen
on Tuesday morning he was dispatched to the world trade center after the second
plane crashed. Is that correct
[Dennis Levi] Yes, he was.
[CBS Russ Mitchell] When was the last time anyone in your family spoke with him?
[Dennis Levi] A little after 10:00 he made a phone call to us and he was
moving from one building
to another and that is the last we heard of him.
[CBS Russ Mitchell] You were here yesterday were you actually filed the report there are a
number of
family members of people at the world trade center who at the world trade
center milling about here. Why was it important for you to come back despite
the fact that you wanted to get some more information?
[Dennis Levi] They had a different list at most hospitals
that we thought we might be able to check but uh... everybody on that list was accounted for.
[CBS Russ Mitchell] This also appears to be a gathering place for you, why come back? Do
you meet other families and talk to people?
[Dennis Levi] Just, it's no place else to go to the hospitals and
here. Have to keep going around maybe he'll pop up somewhere he wasn't on the list
maybe he's not accounted for earlier
so he might show upon a list now that he wasn't on before
so we just keep going back to every checking every list. It's the only thing we can do
[CBS Russ Mitchell] I've asked this question of other folks who've been here again in your situation
what continues to give you hope?
[Dennis Levi] The people that we talked to at the port authority
are very, very cooperative and
helped us out a lot and they've told us
there are still people down there that
are alive and
hopefully he's one of them
[CBS Russ Mitchell] Tell me about your dad.
[Dennis Levi] He was a good man, he was one, the type of person
to like run into a place instead of running away from it.
you know that he was in the building
at, when it, I think it was number 2
[President George W Bush] Let us never tolerate outragious conspiracy theories
concerning the attacks of september the eleventh
malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists themselves
away from the guilty
[NASA Narrator] the next job was to load the MET
a rikshaw like wagon the astronauts would use to transport their tools of
and collected samples