Ghost Stories from Japan #27: Enlightment and #72: Waiting Time (with English Captions)

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Ghost Stories: Collection of New Tales
I'm home…
You have 2 messages.
It's Shoko.
Congratulations on your wedding.
Did you already get my reply?
What can I say…
Rika, you based your choices on looks after all.
Fumihiko is hot!
I'll call you later.
It's been a while.
It's Katsumi Takahasi.
Thanks for the invitation, Rika.
I wonder what kind of person you chose. "Enlightment"
I'm looking forward to the ceremony.
Rika's Treasure Chest
“To my future self” Rika Hayashida, 3rd Grade
October 5th
Today I fell during the field day practice.
Takashi saw me, so I was very embarrassed.
It still hurts a lot.
Will this cut heal?
November 15th
I love lunch time.
I'm happy when they don't mind giving me seconds like they do to boys.
Takashi had seconds.
I hope I don't get chubby when I get older.
December 7th
It looks like Yosumi and Hiroshi like each other.
It looks like Yuki and Nobuyuki like each other.
What is so good about that ill thing?
Do I have a boyfriend now that I'm a grownup?
December 14th
I hate all the boys in my class.
They do things they see in wrestling and comics, like idiots.
Why don't they know about kisses?
I wonder if I will kiss someone when I grow up.
December 17th
One more week until Christmas.
Rika, it's me.
Oh, Fumihiko.
Yes. Were you sleeping?
Don't worry. I was awake.
Hmm, what are you up to at this hour?
-Blockhead! I was getting my luggage ready. -Really?
I just wanted to let you know, I got the tickets for Disney Sea.
Wait a second.
10th – Movie with Shoko 17th – Ceremony Hall appointment
24th – Disney Sea? -Got it.
At least say “thank you.”
Thank you.
So, I'll meet you…?
Tomorrow, eleven o'clock at the front lobby.
And “don't be late”, right?
-Good night. -Good night.
One more week until Christmas.
I wonder if I'm spending Christmas Eve with a boyfriend as a grownup.
I hope he is handsome.
As long as…
…it is NOT Fumihiko.
No matter how many times I searched in the list…
…not a single boy named Fumihiko had studied with me at that time.
Ghost Stories: Collection of New Tales
Next Friday...
Was there something?
Wait a second, let me check.
Just wait a second.
Let's see...
Yes, it's fine... Ok, ok, good.
Let's go grab something to eat for a change.
“Waiting Time”
Oh, wait a second.
It's ok.
No, it's nothing.
Later on we can spend the night together once in a while...?
So, next Friday.
At Shibuya.
Yes. See you. Bye.
Rika Hayashida.
Hello. This is Hayashida.
Rika, what are you doing? We're supposed...
I can't come to the phone right now.
At the tone please leave your name and message.
Hey, what are you doing?
“Waiting room for relatives of the Sekine family”
This way.
This way.
Come this way.
Come this way.
I said come this way.
Rika Hayashida.
Rika Hayashida 3rd Grade
I said come this way.