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"Think About It" with Dr. Amjad Qourshah
Firstly, may God not afflict us and may God have mercy on us all.
Don't we all want a 'great ending' for this life before we die?
I am sure you all agree and want the best ending!
But let's be honest:
does reality guarantee that we will all leave with the 'great ending'?
Or is God having us witness actual facts
and different experiences for us to learn from,
so that we can recalculate and "Think About It".
I will tell you a story that I have read in a booklet by Dr. Mohammad Al Areefy.
It's about a young guy at the peak of his youth.
Despite all the daily remembrance he hears about God,
what's wrong and right, and all the forbidden things,
the young guy decided to become Satan's ally.
And in a very devilish way!
Visiting porno websites and looking at bad pictures was something normal for him..
Because he has been doing this for a long time!
He's been doing this for a while!
You can only imagine what he was doing?!
He created a porno website and linked it to other similar sites.
And he invited as many people as possible over the internet to subscribe to his mailing list.
And all of this for what?
Simply, so that every subscriber could receive the latest porno pictures via email
- for free and automatically!
And he didn't just stop here!
He made a 2 year advance payment to the company responsible for hosting his website!
And then the tragedy happened.
The guy suddenly DIED in a car accident!
The guy is in God's presence now,
before even thinking of repenting!
But the tragedy is not this.
Listen to where the real tragedy is according to the guy's friend,
"Everyone was busy with my friend's funeral and burial,
while I was in a different world."
I wonder what 'world' he was in?
He was in a 'world of thinking' about the tragedy of his "dear friend",
and the first moments he will face in the grave;
and the website that's constantly sending porno photos to the whole mailing list!
And I forgot to mention that all the people in the mailing list were young teenagers!
Let's go back to the friend that is worried about his deceased buddy,
and how he can reduce the torture the guy will face
- that will chase him to the grave, even after his death!
It seems the friend is familiar with the Hadeeth (saying) of Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings be upon him):
"The one who innovates an innovation of misguidance would be sinful for it and has sins similar to those who follow him in it - until the Day of Judgment."
The deceased guy's friend says that he tried to call the company who is hosting the website,
and to the best of my knowledge is a Dutch company
- which is not concerned with what's religiously forbidden or not -
- and the friend wanted to inform the company that the website owner died, and to please shut down the site.
Surely, the company ignored him because he doesn't have the website's password.
And yet, the website automatically sends porno pics on a frequent basis.
The friend continues the story and says,
"Time passed by and I didn't know what to do with this ordeal,
until something happened that made me go crazy!"
He heard that his deceased friend's mother had a dream
in which no one understood except him (the friend)!
You can't imagine the friend's shock when he heard about the mother's dream.
The poor mother went crazy trying to understand the dream, but she couldn't understand it.
So what was the dream?
The mother saw her son's grave surrounded by young boys
that were urinating on it!
Are you with me? They were peeing on the grave!
The mother didn't understand this because neither she nor her family had any idea about what her son was doing.
The friend understood the dream well.
The boys in the dream
were the teenagers receiving the porno pics from his website!
The dream, and God knows best, resembles the great torture
this guy is receiving in his grave!
May God have mercy on him!
And of course, this guy, and many others who are watching this right now,
never imagine that they could suddenly die in a car accident!
And they would say, "Sheikh, don't complicate things and make life miserable for us. We are still young!"
Say this to the Angel of Death, if you are manly enough!?
I beg you dear brothers and sisters, to understand the lesson from this story
and "Think About It"!
And please pray for me.