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How to draw manga - Paige Rohick of PaigeeDraw talks about Tips, Tricks, Techniques and Inspiration for drawing Manga!
Hi, I am Paige from PaigeeDraw, and welcome to my video Tutorials
Today I will be providing some tips for how to draw
And, I will talk about where I get my inspiration.
First, I am going to start with how I come up with my poses.
One of the methods of getting poses, is by looking at your old drawings. You will find lots of ideas for recycling! Environmentally conscious.
This is a drawing that I did in 2009, and here is one that I recently did. I recyled the idea and am still working on this.
Another way to come up with poses is printing off people from the internet.
I found this on the internet, and I can recreate it.
Another way is to look through your Manga and Anime to get poses.
The last way is to draw skwiggly lines, and just draw legs and a head from them. I will demonstrate this later.
Here is a sheet of paper where I have done that. It is just a way of practicing making random poses. And it is fun!
So to create a pose you need to start with the basics.
you start with the skeleton. You start with the head, make the shoulders, then the body and hips. Then you branch off and make the arms and the legs.
You make a stick person but a little bit more detailed.
With all of these drawings, I started with the head, then moved down to the body, and branched off the arms and legs.
There is always a circle where there is a joint, and there is a line where there is a bone.
For example, the elbow and shoulder would be a circle, the bones would be lines. For the hands I make a circle with some lines coming out of it to represent the fingers.
When you start with drawing the pose you start with the head.
Then you draw the neck, the shoulders, then you go down, and hips, and legs and feet.
Then you draw the arms. You can start some fingers if it is helpful fo you. And that is how I start my drawing.
I often make the head way to big. So I cut it down, as you can see to make it more normal sized.
Away of practicing different poses...
Just draw skwiggly lines like this.
with that you can then.
Usually I start with the head, but with this, I am starting with the shoulders - I am not sure why?
You come up with a pose, based off of your line. This forces you to practice different poses, and use your imagination.
What is fun about Manga and Animie is that it does not really have to follow the laws of gravity. You can make the characters kinda floating if you want.
Then you come up with more fun poses this way. I am going to do one more.
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The body does not have to take up the whole squiggly line. It just gives you a direction as to which way you want your pose to go.
And that is a way of doing poses.
Now I am going to do a pose that everyone will be able to complete!
Just make sure you practice doing different kinds of poses. Even if it is really basic, it can still be really good!
The more you practice, the better you will get!
This is an easy pose, and can be quite boring. It can still be good. It is a great pose for practicing putting skin on your character.
This pose is easy because there is no leg or arm behind another leg or arm. This is very simple to draw.
Now, I will show you how you can make the pose more advanced.
This is a great starting point for poses.
Everywhere there is a circle, you can move it.
I am showing you how you can move the head. instead of looking straight, I am moving her head to look towards one side.
The arms I can move, and move direction of them. I can move the leg upward. That would be kinda silly. You can do soo many things at this point. Just know that you can play around with it!
Now we are going to talk about style.
I am going to show you a few of my drawings, so you can see what I have drawn.
Here is cotton candy - from another tutorial. And my OCs.
This style I have been developing for years.
I create my own style by looking at styles of artists that I look up to, and incorporating some of they styles into my own.
Hino Matsuri is one of my favorites. I love how she has illustrated Vampire Knight.
I really like how she creates lips and eyes. So if you look at her style, then you look at mine, you can tell there is some similarities.
I also love Atsushi Suzumi.
I love how she creates bodys. She does a really creative job. I have mixed these two styles, as well as others, to create my own unique style.
I have not just taken my inspiration from them. I have looked at many many different artists.
I have not just taken my inspiration from them. I have looked at many many different artists.
With this I have developed my own style. It is not important to have your own style in the beginning. At first you just want to practice drawing and creating poses.
You want to get the fundamentals down first. Then you can start picking from different styles, to create your own.
Another artist that I look up to for style is camilla d'errico, and here is one of her prints.
by studing different artists, you are able to get alot more ideas for your drawings...
And you can play around with different styles that different artists have done.
You learn alot. Now we are going to look at clothing. How I come up with different clothing.
First I look at my own closet and see what kind of clothing I have. It is easy to draw your own clothing, because you can look in the mirror and see how it hangs, how it folds, etc.
I often put items that I have, onto my own characters. I often change them up quite a bit. But, their textures and styles are created from my items.
I also look around on the internet. To see what is fashionable right now. I search terms like 2011 fashions, or Japanese Lolita, Japanese Lolita Style, etc.
I love Lolita Fashion, especially lolita fashion of japan. It is very cutsy.
Another way is artbooks. This is one of them. It is a bunch of pictures of Gothic Lolita Punk Clothing.
It has pictures from different artists. I get ideas for poses, along with ideas for fashions from books like this.
It shows alot about cloths. There are a bunch of different styles you can look at. It is good for lots of ideas on clothing.
You dont have to get books on Manga and Anime to come up with clothing. It is helpful if you are drawing in that style. But, another source is Fashion Books or Magazines.
These are not focused on "This is fashion" now...
What you are looking for is how to draw stiches, textures, different fabrics...
How the fabric folds and the texture of all materials.
You dont want to just draw the same things over and over again.
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Hopefully my Tips, Tricks and Techniques have been helpful for you!
Hopefully they will help you when you are watching my tutorials or working on my application. Hopefully it will help you improve your individual skills.
Hopefully they will help you when you are watching my tutorials or working on my application. Hopefully it will help you improve your individual skills.
and help you have a better understanding of what you are doing. Thanks again for watching.,
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