Gegard Mousasi's Post-Fight Interview

Uploaded by K1 on 31.12.2010

Gegard Mousasi
Q: What are your feelings on the fight?
A: My opponent Kyotarou is a top level fighter.
He has the feeling of a winner, and it is great that he never gives up.
My own performance was lousy.
I only had 2 weeks to prepare, and was not in top condition.
But I am glad I won.
Q: Were you aiming for that downward hook?
A: I thought to lever, then punch, then finish off with a straight.
It didn't work well combo-wise.
If you know your opponent early in the fight, you can plan better.
Q: So you are saying you won against a K-1 despite not being in top condition?
A: K-1 is a tough competition.
I fought hard, but am not satisfied with my performace.
In later K-1 battles I expect to show even better performance in battle.
Q: Do you want to participate in another K-1 battle?
A: I don't have any urge to participate in K-1 specifically, I would need to gain weight to do so.
I am shooding for DREAM. Though I like how the K-1 Dynamite!! challenge takes place on a huge stage.
Q: What if Kyotarou wants a rematch?
A: If we meet in a time and place I would certainly like to.
Right now am currently focused on getting the MMA title.
Q: Are you shooting for the heavyweights?
A: I am shooting for heavy V1 , but right now I am good where I am.
Q: What are your feelings on the current placeholder, Alister.
A: Alistair is an excellent fighter and strong.
The UFC taught him caution.
I don't think that there is anyone like him who is stronger.