Pressure Cooker Recipe - Delicious Lamb Shanks

Uploaded by PRESSURECOOKER88 on 03.04.2010

Congratulations for purchasing our Silampos Pressure Cooker. I'm going to
demonstrate for you
how to cook lamb shank
in your Silampos Easy Pressure Cooker
Instead of taking an hour and a half or three and a half hours in the oven
the lamb shank, which are in front of you, are going to be
cooked in thirty-five
What we're going to do first
is brown the meat
with a tablespoon of olive oil
So first
heat the oil
in the bottom of your pressure cooker, and of course you're going to brown it inside your pressure cooker
You don't need to dirty another dish
Just put
as many lamb shanks as you can. If you have four
or five or six lamb shanks, just do it in batches
Just make sure that you brown well the meat on both sides
Now that the meat is browning, I'm going to go and cut the carrots,
the onion, and prepare the tomato for the sauce
Now that your lamb shanks are nice and brown, take them out of your pressure cooker and put them to rest in a dish while you finish cutting your vegetables
to prepare the sauce
Put them to rest
and keep on with the vegetables
Cut roughly two carrots
Just peel the skin off brown or white
A good-sized onion
And cut it coarsely as you did with the carrots
Quarter the tomatoes, and of course, take the seeds off
Now you have finished preparing your carrots,
the onion,
the garlic, and the tomato
We're going to saute the carrots, the garlic, and the onion
in one tablespoon
of olive oil
Add to support
one tablespoon of olive oil
and just put in a dish
your carrots, the garlic, and the onion
Pour together and just saute them
for about five minutes
Now the onion is
slightly coloured and soft so it's time to add the other ingredients. So add your tomatoes and three or four bay leaves and few sprigs
of fresh thyme
One fourth of
and a cup of red wine
And just add
a little bit of nice
lemon grind
Once your vegetables are inside your pressure cooker
bring the whole mixture to a boil
Now the sauce is boiling, just add
to season
some freshly ground
salt and pepper
as much or as little as you want
and add the pieces of shanks
All you have to do now is put
the lid on your pressure cooker and lock
Make sure that you are on high pressure
and that your stove
is on high
As you can see now, the little red pressure indicator is up and there is some
steam escaping
the pressure regulator
When you see the steam escaping from the pressure regulator, it means
full pressure is achieved
and it's time now to turn down the heat
to a minimum
and time your cooking
So it's thirty-five minutes
and you don't touch the pressure cooker for the next thirty-five minutes
It has been thirty-five minutes and now the dish is ready
The timer has gone off so turn off the gas
and preferably, when you cook large pieces of meat, it's better
to let the pressure cooker depressurise naturally, but if you are
in a hurry
or very hungry, you can depressurise manually, always cold water
I chose to depressurise the pressure cooker on its own and
it has been about ten minutes
Now the little pressure indicator is completely down
Just check manually that there is no steam left, and
you can open the pressure cooker
The shank's out now, ready to be served so do a bed of mashed potato on a plate
Present the shank in the centre and pour the sauce around it with some greens
If you find the sauce
a little bit too thin
you can thicken it with some flour
to desired consistency
Enjoy it
And bon appetit