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We'd love to send cards and gifts to everyone,
but we're on a budget
and we just can't afford it,
and after that the time it takes.
It just doesn't get done.
I have lots of customers,
how am I supposed to stay in touch with all of them?
A card, like a real paper card, seems kind of old school to me.
When do I have time to run to the store and pick out a card,
fill it out, address it, stamp it, run it to the post-office?
We don't want to be forgetful grandparents.
We want to be heroes.
But it's not easy with all those birthdays.
SendOutCards changed the way I do business.
You'd be crazy not to use it.
Now, we can send a card for a-third of the cost
we could before.
And we can even add a gift right from the computer.
And I can do it when I have the time.
I love it.
SendOutCards has turned me into a guy
that absolutely sends out greeting cards,
I mean, it's helped me grow my business
and has made me a total rock-star with my family.
SendOutCards has revolutionized
how the world sends greeting cards and gifts.
With this amazing system,
you can choose from thousands of greeting cards,
add a personalized message and even a photo,
you can also include a gift.
And most importantly,
once you click that Send Card! Button,
SendOutCards prints, stuffs, addresses, stamps,
and takes your card to the post-office the very next day.
Imagine the surprise when someone you care enough about
to send a card or gift opens their mailbox to discover,
you remembered.
It all starts with that Send Card! button.
First your card is printed on the highest quality printers,
cut, scored, inserted into an envelope, sealed, addressed,
verified, stamped, and then delivered to the post-office,
and best of all, it all happens within 24 hours
of you clicking that Send Card! button.
No more driving to the store,
trying to find the right card from a narrow selection,
finding postage and getting your card to the mailbox.
SendOutCards has made card sending
fun and convenient right from your computer,
anytime of the day of night.
Need to send 100 personalized thank you or birthday cards?
Want to add your own photos to those cards?
It's just a click away.
Don't you want to be known as the thoughtful person
who always remembered to say thank you or happy birthday?
SendOutCards has created a system for you
to be that person through cards and gifts
at a fraction of the cost you would normally spend.
SendOutCards works on a points system.
You purchase points and then use them to send cards.
For instance, a standard two-panel card cost 2 points,
which is 98 cents.
A two-panel card with as many pictures as you would like
cost 3 points or $1.47.
Our $9.80 monthly subscription allows you
to purchase points at our lowest retail price.
There is no long term commitment
and you can cancel your subscription at anytime.
And if you're looking to make a truly memorable connection,
use SendOutCards
to create beautiful custom hardcover photo books,
personalized photo calendars, gorgeous posters or
even classic canvas prints of your most treasured photos.
You can even order personalized business cards
from our convenient online store.
If a picture says a thousand words, say it a thousand ways,
with SendOutCards's unique gifts for your family,
friends, and colleagues.
Make someone happy, stay in touch.
Send a card today.
Look, with the economy the way it is
you can't afford not to use SendOutCards.
To all of the other moms out there,
SendOutCards really is the best way to go.
Like sales professionals we work hard to find our customers.
You want to keep them, use SendOutCards.
I'm telling you, man, you have to try SendOutCards.
Just go send a card.
If you're like me, you don't forget you just remember late.
SendOutCards will help you to get it their on time.
Are you ready to build better relationships
in your personal life or your business
then get started right now.
If you're still not convinced,
take SendOutCards out for a test-drive today,
you're going to love the way it feels.