Hire a Celebrity for Your Event : How to Hire a Celebrity: Offer Exposure

Uploaded by eHow on 05.11.2008

Hi, I'm Rita Tateel. In this segment about recruiting celebrities, we're talking about
what motivates a celebrity to say yes, beyond money. One of those things is media exposure.
In other words, if you're going to have a lot of press and media at your event, that
may be the very thing, that the celebrity is interested in. For example, if they're
trying to promote a new CD, or a new film coming out, and you're going to have a lot
of press there. You should let them know that, because that may be exactly what they're looking
for. On the other hand, there are some celebrities who don't want any media exposure, at that
moment in their life. Maybe they're going through a nasty divorce. Maybe they recently
got involved with something not too good, in the law or whatever. The bottom line is,
they don't want a reporter talking to them, and asking them all kinds of embarrassing
questions, so they may not want to attend, if in fact, they know there's going to be
a lot of media there, but sometimes media exposure can be great for certain types of
celebrities, and they'll be very motivated to attend your event, if they know that there's
going to be lots of press, because there's somebody that's up and coming. They need the
attention. Now, is the time in their career, where they want people to know about them.
They want the exposure. It's also good for those celebrities that I call, the down and
going. Those who've been there, not so popular anymore, and need the media exposure, to stay
at the top of their game, so keep that in mind, when trying to figure out what motivates
a celebrity to say yes. One of those aspects could be, media exposure.