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(Everett - Student:) I've been around farming my whole life.
I love working with the animals. Also the flexibility you
have when you're working with your own herd.
It's a nine month program that fills you with the skills that are
necessary to be competitive and be successful in this business.
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(Sheryl - Instructor:) One of the key things we want to do
is get students out to work on farms and get a lot of
hands-on practice.
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The goal is that they will go out, either to home farms or to careers
as herdspersons, and with that skill set, they can help keep the industry
going strong in the future.
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It's exciting, it's a great time to be in the industry, there's a lot
of potential and a lot of jobs out there.
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(Everett:) You can't put a price on it.
These are skills that we're learning now, in nine months that I'm
going to use for my entire career ...
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whether it be how to diagnose a sick cow or understand a mating protocol ...
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it's something I will literally use every single day of my life.
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