Real Love, Episode 5, Chapter 4

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Come back here!
Were you listening, eh?
That's better so I don't need to explain you nothing!
This is not right! She said Mr. Manoel is a doctor!
I don't care if he is a doctor!
Besides is the only way to make Matilde accept him! This what we want, right?
I know but not this way, sister
If you let them to know each other better maybe Matilde could like him
Manoel is a good man!
Maybe! But we haven't much time! In a few days we have to pay for the farm's mortgage or did you forgot?
Aunt, you don't know what my mother just told me!
I know baby, I know!
It's absurd, auntie! It's absurd!
It's happened because Mr. Fuentes Guerra is a doctor!
Yes, of course!
She must understand! Please help me, aunt! Help me!
Yes, sweetheart!
So I'm not going to talk to Gallena?
No! You'll tell your father you couldn't find him because he out of the town
and that he is coming back in 15 days
What about the money, mama?
I'm going to ask to Fuentes Guerra
But Matilde doesn't want...
She'll say yes!
How do you know? Are you sure?
Of course!
What happened? Something I don't know?
No, nothing happened! Before you go do me a favor, please!
I want you to write a note to Manoel in my name
What do I have to write?
I think my mother is taking advantage of what happened to make me accept him!
I think so
Tthat`s it! Right, aunt?
Do you know when Mr. Fuentes Guerra asked to marry me?
I don`t know!
Yes! You know, aunt! Please, answer me!
Matilde, listen to me! I love you so much and I`d do everything for you
But there is situations I can`t fight for you!
We both know your father spoil you too much!
He believes in these ideas which come from Europe
So he gave you freedom to choose about your future
No, I`m not going to talk about that Tenent!
But whathever you had with him it`s over now
You are not a little girl anymore!
All the girls of your age are married and have kids
Unfortunate the most of men cares about the dowry
The dowry that I don`t have!
Hilário is a good man and even we are broken he would give you the dowry
But I know your mother and when she takes a decision nothing will make her change her opinion
She wants to see you married with a rich man
The time is passing and there is less singles in Trinidad Ville
It will come the moment you`ll have to accept an old man, maybe a widow...
Or a big single guy who never get married!
Mr. Fuentes Guerra was sent by God for you
He is rich, handsome and educated!
He is in love for you
He is in love for me?
Oh, baby! If you pay attention you`d realized it!
How could him to be in love with me if he just saw me twice?
Besides I don`t wanna think about it this moment...
Oh, auntie! Why my family don`t understand`me? I just find that the man who I love is cheating me!
He disappeared without say a word!
I`m so disappointed and hurt and you want I just forget about it and marry anorher man?
i heard to cure a broken heart we need a new love
No, this is not truth!
I think Fuentes Guerra is a good man
if is truth he loves me it won`t right to accept him if I cant correspond his feeling for me
I`m happy to see you, Pilar
I`m happy to see you too, Doña Augusta
I came to know about how is Don Hilário, my husband told me he was sick
He was sick but he is feeling much better now!
How is Matilde?
She is sick!
She fell from the ladder but it was not so bad
Come! I`ll take you to her room
Wait for me in the kitchen, Micaela
Yes, m`am!
I hope your daughter feel better soon, Doña
Thank you
Come in!
Pilar came to see you, daughter
Oh dear God!
What? Did you received bad news?
Doña Augusta Peñalverde wants to see me this afternoon
You must take a decision, Manoel! You should to be engaged with this girl or forget about her!
Yes, I know! But it`s not easy
I don`t like her family but...
I like her!
This is terrible! I`d never imagine! He seemed a good man!
I agree with you but I think I don`t believe yet
I don`t know why but there is something in my heart telling me Adolfo would never do this to me
But you met his wife my friend
Yeah, but...
What if she was not he`s wife?
What if she is a bad woman who created this lie to harm him?
Then why he disappeared?
I don`t know! Maybe he had to live the town for an emergency!
Why he would leave the town without talk to his superiores?
I don`t know Pilar but something happened! Maybe he was stolen in the street or he is hurt or...
He coudl be dead!
But it could be that woman told you the truth and he disappeared because he was busted!
Finally you are awake!
Where am I?
In San Juan de Ulua
I think your legs are broken
We have luck because your sister is talking to your father
So let`s go upstairs to make her to take the right decision!
She is with dad?
I`m feeling better, papa, I swear!
Ok but i think you should back to your room and lay down
Come in!
Don`t worry!
Good afertnoon!
I couldn`t find Mr. Gallena because he is out of the town
His made told me he`ll take 2 weeks to come back
Two weeks?
Please don`t be nervous! it`s not good for you We can lend money from other friend
From who? Velarde doesn`t want and...
Your health is more important than the farm
I still believe we`ll fix this problem some way
My poor husband!
He is sick, we are broken! He is trying to be strong but deep inside I know he`s desperate!
I think to keep believing in God!
Doña! Mr. Fuentes Guerra is here!
Take him to the library I`m going see him soon
Yes, m `am!
He`d probably wants to see you to know if you feel better
Please mama, I don`t wanna talk to him at this moment!
I swear!
Alright! But you`ll have to talkl to him later to say thanks to his attention to you
Yes, sure
Please don`t tell him that I told you...
it was him who take care of me
If he didn`t say nothing he should have his reasons!
Have a sit, please
I have something important to tell you
I`m glad we already talk about your intentions to my daughter or this subject could be delicate
Because even you are a doctor You are a young man
When Matilde get sick I call Doctor Parra He is a old man and she is not alone with him
Her aunt or myself are always with her
I understand and i ask apologizes
But that moment it was important to see her injuries!
I`m sorry but where do you study to become a doctor?
Paris? London?
I studied in the National school of medicine
I think it was her who told you i`m a doctor
Oh no, she told her aunt! She was so embarassed because you saw her with less clothes
Believe i`m so sorry
So i had to tell her you want to marry her!