A Bit Nipply Out - Christmas Vacation (4/10) Movie CLIP (1989) HD

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ś hey, santa claus ś
ś hey, santa claus ś
ś hey, santa claus, santa claus, santa claus ś
Can I show you something?
I was just... Smelling--smiling!
I was just blouse-- browsing.
For your wife or your girlfriend?
What? What happened?
Whew. Oh. Woof!
I guess-- wouldn't be any--oh!
It wouldn't be the christmas shopping season
If the stores were any less hooter--
Hotter than they are.
Whoo! It is warm in here.
Well, you have your coat on.
Yes. Oh, do I? How did that happen?
Because it's cold out.
Yes! Yes, it is.
It's a bit nipply out-- I mean nippy out.
Ha ha! What did I say, nipple?
There is a nip in the air, though.
Can I take something out for you?
[wheezing laugh]
Ah, I was just, uh...
I was just looking at something for my wife,
God rest her soul.
Oh, god, I'm so sorry.
Oh, no, no. She's not dead yet.
We're just divorced. She's history,
And obviously she doesn't wear underwear.
And there are plenty of shopping days left
Until adultery--adulthood, which is to say christmas,
As in yule--yule log.
Not a log. I don't have a log.
But, I mean, you know, if I had a log,
Not in the sense you think I said I did.
[chuckles] ohh, good golly.
'tis the season to be merry.
Well, that's my name.
No shit?
Clark: What do these do? They clip over here?
Right onto the hose.
Down there?
Mary: Would you like to try it?
Clark: Sure.