Cutting-edge care for older moms

Uploaded by SunnybrookMedia on 21.06.2010

The joys of motherhood now being discovered by many women later. Here at Sunnybrook, 80%
of mothers are now over the age of 30 and Doctor Jennifer Blake says that's
a tremendous change in the sociology of childbirth. Dr. Blake: There is a national trend now to being
older at the time of pregnancy and delivery, but we do know that
Sunnybrook, we have about the oldest population in Ontario, if you
can say 30 is old. Monica: Older mothers often mean riskier pregnancies and births. These are
things that Sunnybrook's new Women and Babies Program will be in a unique position to handle.
This state-of-the-art facility will accommodate more than 4000 births per year.
It will be able to care for more infants requiring care in the neonatal intensive care unit,
and will provide access to highly specialized care for patients who may experience complications
during their pregnancy.
Maternal age is the single greatest risk factor for the need for cesarean section. Dr. Blake: "If you
look across the country there are very few hospitals, where the high-risk maternity services are
located within a hospital with all the services that Sunnybrook has to offer.
We are truly fortunate.
Dr. Blake says that a woman's sense of comfort is also a big factor in a woman's labour and her
level of pain.
That's why the new unit provides a calm environment,
and the opportunity for many women to birth, labour and recover all in one room with a
loved one close by.
Dr. Blake: Being more like in a home-like environment,
being able to have your parter with you,
sleep with you, get to know the new baby together,
so that by the time you go home you feel like you've had a really good start. Monica: Sunnybrook's
Women and Babies Program will officially open its doors on September 12 of this year.
With SunnyView, I'm Monica Matys.