TAR Israel Subbed E01 part 6

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that he's trying to force on the rest of the world.
Don't change anything in the arrangement we did.
All he can see is his goal. -keep going.
There's wind. - So stop.
She has to stand my "assininess", than I stand her emotionality.
We have to get there, Ran. -wait, wind!
Pick it up. -just a second!
I'll pick it, you'll attach the rope - come on, pick it up already!
Attach the rope. -go.
We need to search for a fruit stand.
I felt like Kofi Annan from the U.N. who came to visit in the village
and bring them medications and food.
Hello mam! Do you have a clue for us? Hi, nice to meet you.
I love your smile.
to give them aid packages, help to cure mines and stuff.
all the things that you... - "to cure mines"?!
To cure all those stuff, you know, to be a doctor, like...
a doctor.
Is there any way you can scratch my nose for a moment?
There is that stigma that Georgian people have square shape heads.
With all due respect, I'll proof this stigma to be wrong,
'cause if I really had a square shape head
I could've easily put that basket on my head.
and it would'nt move even 1 millimeter.
No, no, no... Don't to this to me.
I'm in gentle position, please.
You must drive to "Chichakamma" nature reserve.
- Damn!
I don't know, It doesn't fit my head, this shit.
First, put it straight as it should be, not in an angle.
- Sonogama!
We come from Ashdod to you, with baskets!
When we arrived to that shaman I introduced myself.
I said: Hi, I'm Usher from Ashdod.
We brought the "Ashdodian" gospel to remote foreign areas.
It's like there's an African kid who goes to his mother and tell her:
Hi mom. I met Usher from Ashdod.
She did to us "Let us blessings (Jewish prayer) Usher and Maor."
"Let us hope you will win The Amazing Race, with god's help.
She gave us a blessing... like, she didn't take her work lightly.
She gave us a shaman's blessing, for real.
It's really powerful.
Bye bye! - Bye!
Do you realize what we've done?
Do you realize what we've done now? Wow!
Not everyone gets the opportunity to have a shaman applying makeup on your eyes,
Wishing you good luck on the race in Zulu language.
We've missed that place somewhere.
You can't drive without a map,
to rely on "maybe here, kind of there".
We wasted hours Searching for that African village.
Let's look, Maybe the peddler's fruit stand is here.
We navigated without a map.
I don't think we are lost, I just think that there are not enough road signs here.
- Weird country...
I realized that we are really really behind.
I'm driving slow.
It looks like we'll be driving all night 'till we find that place.
"When I was just a little boy..."
"...Papa told me what shall I be."
"Shall I be pretty, shall I..."
Eliana, are we in the right direction?
Maybe we're driving for 3 hours like retards?
Don't talk like that, we believe ourselves.
Don't hesitate, we'll believe ourselves 'till we are there.
It turns out that Amichai and Maya are in front of us.
It's problematic to be 1st.
We need to drive after someone.
We've struggled because we just couldn't find it,
and all I was thinking was that we are wasting lots of time.
If I was driving after someone
we would've arrive faster.
Come on, I want to arrive first.
You must drive your way to Chichikamma nature reserve.
There, you'll find your next clue.
You know, it was a marriage ritual.
Really?! - yeah.
No, I'm just kidding. I'm trying to freak you out.
As far as their concern, if we arrive back to this village, we're like, married.
I don't live in this village...
You must drive your way to Chichikamma nature reserve.
There, you'll find your next clue.
Ok, look - there is a sign here.
You see, "Tsitsikamma"? Here's the map.
Maya, please listen for a moment. Wait, I can't listen now.
Let me write, I'm just...
I'm trying to trust Maya as much as possible,
but when she's stressed, or I'm stressed, it's hard.
In my daily life I'm in control, I trust myself.
Well, I don't know. Let's drive 20 KM more till this next thing.
Where is this Tsitsikamma? - Tsitsikamma! - You have found it?
- Tsitsikamma!- you've find it? - Yes.
It turns out that the combination of Eliana's navigating skills and my great driving,
is like a formula that's working great for us.
-It's here. -Amichai. -ah? -it's here. -look:
From 7:30 AM 'till 5:00 PM. -Ok.
I don't know where we'll be sleeping.
It opens at 7 AM.
Arriving 1st was important because
those who arrive first are leaving first tomorrow morning.
Ok, first.
We arrived first to nightly lodging.
Amichai turned on his watch stopper
to see when the 2nd team arrives, when the 3rd team arrives...
I did it to see what is the time difference between our arrivals.
I'm really happy we arrived first,
but I'll be much happier
if the 2nd team will arrive a long long time after us.
How we did? -let's see.
For now, there is a pretty close competition, very close,
between us and Amichai & Maya.
-From 7:30 AM 'till 5:00 PM.
Ok. So we need to check in and we'll get the next clue tomorrow morning.
You did the best, awesome. -no, you did.
-Awesome. - The best of the best.
The whole village is waiting for us.
This is the fruit stand?
slow, Margalit. -Ok. -keep my pace.
It looks a bit like Shavuot [Jewish holiday], right?
"Carrying basket and our heads are decorated." [quoting from Shavuot holiday song]
Come on, go. -Go where? Oh, you want to continue?
I thought: here you go, we'll bring first fruits [holiday tradition] to the great Shaman.
Which apparently is not the paddler, as I thought.
Although we arrived there last and we were still racing,
it was very important to us to stay there a bit longer
and teach them some songs.
"Call back" songs, when someone calls a word and the rest answer the same way.
Thank you very much! They are so cute!
Dear god!
What's the name of this nature reserve, Hannah? -Chicho-i-have-no-clue.
What? -la Cicciolina, how do you want me to know... -la Cicciolina?
Now the blondes are after us.
We are showing them the way, aren't we?
I don't know them yet, but they look like real fighters.
Ok, at the first moment and if we'll be able to, we'll go pass them.
We arrived, I can't believe this. Here, there are cars already!
Ok, come on. -come on.
With a few seconds gap, Hadas & Inbal and Yelena & Liran
arrive to the nightly lodging.
Allen, we are totally, but totally lost.
Inbal, Inbal, before you keep talking:
I know exactly where we are.
What is wrong with you? We don't do nothing, literally nothing.
Everyone are already there.
Inbal drives me crazy. She's almost the opposite of me.
She's the bad side.
I mean, all the things I'm good at and maybe a bit too conservative about,
she's exactly the opposite.
Now, tell me where we are going.
Come on, stop with those dumb questions.
-Dumb question? -"Where are we going?" -Where are we going?
We are going to Tsitsikamma. But you said we are on the wrong way,
so where are we going?
I'm searching for a place to U-turn.
You know that if you come earlier - you also leave earlier.
Are you sure it's "Chichimamma" and not "Chiquitatta"?
-it's not "Chiquitatta" and not "Chiquitita",
-Oh, it's not "Chikikamma" -it's "Chikimamma". -it's "Chikimamma".
Here, I'm going to pass Guy & Shay.
He'll pass you again. Who's driving, is it Shay? - I don't know.
He won't let you pass him.
-There we go. -There we go!
Shay's driving, he's so cute. He won't let you pass him.
He'll flip out.
What do you mean? I've already passed him. -wait 'till he gets you...
Are you in favor of him, honey? Do you want to be on his car?
The next teams to arrive to the nightly lodging are:
Michal & Ran, Tom & Gil,
Shay & Guy and Usher & Maor.
I have a feeling we are staying here for the night.
-so we'll stay here.
The 9th team to arrive is Allen & Inbal.
Come on! 1 before last? All of this fucking valley...
Come here. Stop, be quite, stop.
You give me a headache.
How much can one man tolerate? -what I give you?!
Say it again. -Don't you understand what the problem is?
-No, I don't. -Don't you understand what the problem is?
Come on, put more effort. -The problem is you don't do nothing all day,
You are sitting backwards and sleeping.
"I'm tired", "I'm cold", "I'm hungry".
You are doing it all day long, you don't think it's a problem?
-Whatever. -"Whatever, Whatever".
Who do you think you are to tell me what to do?
You are not my god, snap out of it.
It doesn't work like that. -Let's go outside and talk.
You can't control me. -we are in a race. -what, really?
Yes, honey, yes. -And what it means? Explain me please.
I don't know, you don't know what it means? -No, can you explain me?
I don't think you know. - So come on, explain it to me.
-All i have to go through for this child.
I'm feeling like a babysitter.
I won't do everything you want from me, sorry.
I don't have more power for this.
I believe we can work as a team.
We argue, we do, but it's...
I am not giving up.
It can effect our position in the race, it really can.
And that's the bottom line.
We can be eliminated just because of it.
We arrive to the parking, count the cars and say:
wow, we are dead last.
It was hard.
Not only we arrived last,
but we arrived a lot of time after everyone
and I was very upset about that.
I have decided to delete this day from my memory.
Tomorrow is a new day, tomorrow we'll get it done.
The race is like a giant wheel: Once you are up and once you are down.
We promised ourselves to win. In any cost, kind of...
It's important for us to win this race, mainly because we want to proof ourselves what we are truly worth.
...and if you can get out of it 1 million shekels and much more respect - it's even better.
For my estimation, This race will be very close. All the teams are really excellent.
I don't want to say it too early, But we are the best team the was and will be in THE AMAZING RACE ISRAEL ever, Even if it's just the 1st season...