Whole Wheat Bread Recipe : Slice Homemade Whole Wheat Bread

Uploaded by expertvillage on 18.01.2008

My name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of Expert Village. Today, I'm going to show you how
to make whole wheat bread. Okay, so we're back. It's been about fifteen minutes or so.
What we're going to do is we're going to slice each one of these and see how they look and
more importantly for me; I get to see how they taste. Alright, so when slicing bread
you want to use a serrated bread knife and what you want to do, you want to let the knife
do all the work. So, you want to just find out where you're going. We're going right
here with this one and start slicing and don't push the knife. Let the teeth of knife do
all the work for you. They are doing an excellent job so why should I interfere. There we go.
See you have a nice spongy inside here. Wheat bread is always going to be more dense than
white bread too. This piece right here looks great. You've got a really nice, really crispy
outside. That's a great loaf of wheat bread right there. We've got our other one over
here which is more of a pull-apart kind of thing, so let's do just that. So we're going
to just grab this little nub here on the end, give it a tug. You?re going to see the same
thing. You're going to see a nice light, fluffy texture in there. We're going to see how it
pulls right apart. See, you can just take another piece here. Just give it a tug and
it comes right out just like that, nice thick crust on the bottom from the pan and all and
all this is going to be two excellent loaves of bread. Something you are going to want
to do when you go to wrap these if you want to store them. I always take the end piece
and I use that as a cap. Even if I start slicing in to here, I'll still keep this piece as
a cap to keep the moisture inside. This piece you're not going to have that kind of luxury.
This piece you're just going to have to eat it the way it is and be done with it. Also,
if you're going to wrap it up and store it, I recommend foil. Foil breathes because it's
not super skin tight on it and it allows for a little bit of air to move around like in
the bread. I don't recommend plastic bags even though it's how bread comes in the store
because this stuff being fresh, this stuff is only good for a couple of days before it
goes bad. What will end up happening is it will start sweating and it'll get funky really
quick. So, that's my whole wheat bread. Two, full-on, complete whole wheat, very little
white flour in each one of these bread loaves. Time from start to finish, unfortunately,
you got to wait two times and you got to cook it so you are looking at about a four hour
total time from start to finish. Not too bad really when you consider that you get fresh
made bread or if you have something else to do. But, you couldn't make these at the last
minute right before you had to serve them so give yourself about four hours to make
them. The recipe makes two big loaves like this. These are equal size technically, so
make of that what you will and thanks a lot for watching my video and have a good one.