Uploaded by musictrackjp on 30.04.2009

Of course, since the M50 has a sequencer,
you can use it to compose songs,
but how do you actually do it?
Let's take a look.
If you push the 'Sequence' button,
the screen changes to Sequencer mode.
Ok? Now, if you look here,
in the Menu area, you'll see that
a selection called 'Template Song'.
If you choose that, there are
various templates to choose from.
Right now it's set to Reggae.
If you choose that, you'll find that
suitable sounds for Reggae are pre-loaded.
This is fine.
And in the sequencer section,
press record then start...
the countdown starts...
Lert's play it back and check.
That's ok. Let's add a bass track.
Select the bass track...
Press record and start...
And with that, the bass track is done.
Yeah, good.
Next! Bass is done, let's do organ.
Something like this, perhaps?
That worked out nicely.
Let's keep going with this.
Brass next.
Let's use this.
Uh... ...REC, start!
That's ok, yeah?
Spot on, isn't it?
Naturally, you can record one track at a time,
like I've just done, for all of the tracks,
of which there are sixteen in total,
so, you could do them one by one, BUT
for those of you who want an easier
way to go about making songs, there is a way.
If you remember, I played some Combinations before,
maybe this will refresh your memory...
There are drums, bass, and so on,
various parts already assembled for you.
Let's record again, this time using a Combination.
Using the sequencer of course.
You can do this, and very easily!
Press Enter, then Record.
And the sounds of the Combination
will be automatically loaded into the sequencer,
and you can make a new song then and there.
By starting with a Combi, all that's left to do...
is play.
See? Let's have a listen.
No problem.
Perfectly recorded, exactly as played.
So, you can let your imagination run wild,
and as soon as you think 'Yes, THIS!',
you can fire up the sequencer
and capture the moment.
For song sketches or image work,
or even total song production,
this has a variety of uses.
As you can see, the M50
has awesome Program sounds,
from acoustic to synth,
some of which are very fat.
There are 2 arpeggiators and a drum track too,
so getting gorgeous, fat sounds is no problem.
And, it's very easy and quick to
use the sequencer and make music.
16-track sequencer, right?
A feature I found particularly impressive...
now is the era of the SD card,
and the M50 comes equipped with a SD slot,
so you can store song data etc.
On top of that...
the screen functions as a touch panel.
The M50 really has all bases covered.
And it's reasonably priced to boot!
A triple-threat of a workstation, so to speak.
Highly recommended. Try one out!
Translation + Captions by:
SWCreative Japan.