05: Genetic Medicine (MRes): Bill Newman: Manchester population genetics

Uploaded by ManchesterMedicine on 06.12.2011

The Clinical Genetics Service in Manchester serves a population of over 6 million people,
it's a huge number of patients we see over the course of a year. We have 20 consultants
based in our department who see a whole range of different inherited conditions, ranging
from cancer to learning disability to neurological disorders. We feel that we have a group of
patients and connection with families that means that we really are in a strong position
to try to identify new genes that can be relevant to both understanding the risks within those
families, but to also finding new treatments. Also, we've had a significant investment over
the last few years as Manchester was awarded a national Institute of Health and Biomedical
Research Centre, specifically in Genetics, so with that we've invested in some great
new technologies which have allowed us to identify a number of genes. Even with the
last year we've identified 10 new genes which has led to papers in Nature Genetics, Nature,
New England Journal, American Journal of Human Genetics and some of our students have been
really taking leading roles in that work. We would hope our MRes students would take
a similar leading role in this type of exciting new projects.