The Rhodes Ahead: Second Anniversary of the End of the Combat Mission in Iraq

Uploaded by whitehouse on 30.08.2012

President Obama: I wanted to come down to Fort Bliss mainly to say, thank you.
You are welcome home with open arms from every corner of
this country.
People could not be prouder of you and we are grateful.
Ben Rhodes: Two years ago, President Obama traveled to Fort Bliss,
Texas to mark the end of our combat mission in Iraq.
This was the end of the United States being responsible for the
security of Iraq.
And it was one important milestone on the way to removing
all of our troops from Iraq and bringing an end to the Iraq war
after so many years of sacrifice.
In that speech at Fort Bliss, the President spoke about the
fact that part of ending a war responsibly involves standing by
those who fought it.
Now, he's going to return to Fort Bliss two years later to
mark the anniversary of the end of the combat mission in Iraq,
the end of the Iraq war and our broader effort to responsibly
wind down a decade of war in both Iraq and Afghanistan.
He'll talk not just about the wars, though,
but about our obligation to stand by those who fought them
and their families.
That means making sure they have the health care they need,
including the mental health care to deal with issues like post
traumatic stress order and traumatic brain injury that so
many of our soldiers and troops are wrestling with,
as well as standing by our military families,
making sure they have the educational opportunities they
deserve and then making sure that our veterans have
employment opportunities so that they can go about doing the work
of rebuilding our nation at home that they have served so
well abroad.
So the President, as he always does,
looks forwards to this moment as Commander-in-Chief to speak to
our service men and women, to speak to their families,
and to speak to all Americans who had the obligation we have
to stand by those who served us so well.