Apple's iPhone 4 goes on sale in China

Uploaded by networkworld on 25.09.2010

Apple launched its iPhone 4 in China on Saturday, attracting a massive crowd of people to one
of the company's new stores in Beijing.
More than a thousand people waited outside the store, some in line for two days, to get
their hands on the phone that went on sale at 8am.
The iPhone 4's launch in China comes three months after it debuted in U.S. That's a lot
quicker than the two year wait Chinese users faced for the iPhone 3G, but for some it wasn't
fast enough.
A grey-market trade in iPhone 4s, bought outside of the country and imported by electronics
retailers, means some in China have been using the phone since soon after the U.S. launch.
Possibly because of the shorter gap, or because it's becoming better known in China, the iPhone
launch this time round appears to have attracted more customers.
China Unicom reported that 50,000 users signed up for an iPhone 4 on the first day of pre-orders.
This beats the initial 5,000 phones that were sold through China Unicom in the first few
days after the iPhone 3GS and 3G went on sale in China last year.
The iPhone 4 in China costs $744 for the 16GB version and $893 for the 32GB model, both
without contracts.
Saturday saw Apple open two new stores in China, one in Beijing and one in Shanghai.
The new stores double to four the number of Apple retail outlets on the mainland.
With more than 800 million subscribers, China's cell phone market is the largest in the world
and smartphones are slowly gaining market share.
Apple currently holds 7 percent of the Chinese smartphone market ranking the company fifth,
behind Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and Sony Ericsson.
The faster launch of the iPhone 4 and the opening of new stores form part of Apple's
push to attract more Chinese consumers to its phone.
With reporting by Michael Kan in Beijing, this is Martyn Williams, IDG News Service.