Handgun Defense from a Rifle

Uploaded by FrontSightMovies on 12.03.2007

A major-caliber handgun may be needed as an emergeny back-up in hunting situations. The
handgun should only be used when the rifle cannot be reloaded or put into service fast
enough. Use a large-frame, major-caliber, double-action revolver, with a 4-6 inch barrel.
In a true emergency situation, where you must transition to your handgun, you will not have
time to sling your rifle. You have two choices. 1: hold the rifle in your support hand and
present the handgun with one hand only.
The preferable choice however is to drop your rifle and present your handgun using both
hands. This is the preferable method because it's faster and more accurate. What about
the poor rifle? Remember, this is a last-ditch, save-your-life technique.
The proper, 2-hand presentation of your handgun is completed in five steps. On count 1, the
firing hand grips the frame of the weapon, as the support hand touches the midsection.
Release any retention devices. The trigger finger is along the outside of the holster.
On count 2, the weapon is lifted straight out of the holster, until the muzzle just
clears the top of the holster. The trigger finger is still alongside the frame.
On count 3, the elbow drops and the weapon rotates towards the target.
On count 4, the support hand meets the firing hand, the trigger finger is still alongside
the frame. On count 5, the weapon continues toward the
target as you build isometric tension against the frame of the revolver. Once the weapon
is on-target, focus on the front sight and gently press the trigger twice to fire a controlled