Mahabharat - Episode 88

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This war is now in its last stages
When Historians write about this Great War ...
... they will discover that it proved expensive...
... for not only for India but the entire world
The two scales of the balance will be unbalanced
The Historians will wonder whether the war ...
... achieved any overall good or not
How many people were lost in this heap of corpses
They will nevertheless conclude that ...
... moral and social values are worth the price
Like itself is the cheapest thing in this market
The Karna Age has begun in Kurukshetra from today
None, except I, knows ...
... how long the Age of Karna will last
So, why should I reveal its duration now?
The King of Madra is Karna's charioteer but ...
... instead of tying to protect Karna ...
... he is tying to strip him of ...
... his courage and confidence ...
... like one would peel an onion
Hold on tightly to your bow, Karna
It may slip out of your hand on seeing Arjun
Arjun is in a class by himself
Even Lord Indra cannot lace him in battle ...
... now that Arjun has all the divine weapons
Except Lord Shiva, none can dare light Arjun
Why do you penalise me for Duryodhan's sins?
I have never cheated you
I had only made you a request and ...
... you had honoured me by accepting it
Even then I had only said that ...
... I wanted a charioteer of Krishna's calibre
On that day you did not tell me that ...
... I was not worthy enough to light Arjun ...
... because even Lord Indra cannot lace him
Were you waiting for the day ...
... when I became Commander to tell me all this?
I know Arjun better than you do ...
... but I, too, am Radheya
I was taught by Bhishma's and Sage Drona's teacher ...
... and he did not teach me the meaning of fear
A charioteer's duty is to point out the true path
Krishna, too, had done this at the start of war
Is it not so?
It is my duty to tell you. The rest is up to you
The Pandavas won't forgive you. Even if they do, I won't
From today I symbolise their dishonour
Come on!
Here is Draupadi who has live husbands!
Listen all ye warriors ...
... Past, Present and Future
I swear an oath which none before me has sworn...
... or after me shall ever swear
I, Bhim, son of Pandu, swear that ...
... I shall not show my lace to my ancestors ...
... till I drink the blood from Dushasan's chest
Why are you standing so far away, coward?
Come near! So that I may see your blood flow ...
... and you may see my blood flow!
These were the hands which held Draupadi's hair
I'll drink the blood from your chest!
Why are you silent?
What has Bhim done? Speak up!
I am still your King, Sanjay!
Obey me!
Prince Dushasan is dead
You are hiding something
Tell me! What did Bhim do?
He drank the blood from Dushasan's chest
Then he smeared his lace with the blood and ...
... danced around Dushasan's corpse just like ...
... our warriors had danced around Abhimanyu's corpse
Don't keep quiet, Sanjay! Speak on!
What else did Bhim do?
Then he took a handful of blood and ran to his camp
I have brought Dushasan's blood for your insulted hair
I'll never forgive Bhim!
This is not war! This is raw muscle power!
My Duryodhan is all alone now
Somebody is left alone on the battlefield
But Duryodhan will not be able to bear the sorrow
Just see who is with him at this moment
How did this happen?
This is dear Dushasan's hand ...
... which Bhim pulled out from his body and threw away
We all saw what happened ...
... and yet I say : make truce with the Pandavas
A truce? With whom? Those cowards ...
... who have used treachery to kill our warriors?
Should I sign a truce with them?
O Ashwathama! Death cannot touch you
You are immortal. Then why do you talk like a coward
They used treachery to eliminate Grandsire
They used treachery to kill Sage Drona
Have you forgiven them?
Or have you forgotten your lather's death?
I'll never forgive them ...
... nor ever forget my lather's death
That is my personal problem
I talk of a truce because it is to the state's advantage
What state, Ashwathama?
The jewelled crown is not the state
The throne is not the state
I am the state
The state is Dushasan whose corpse lies before me
The state is Dushasan whose blood Bhim drank
So, do not talk of a truce
I want the corpses of the Pandavas! Attack them!
Let's go
I had warned you Karna
It will not be easy to light Arjun and Bhim
Don't be frightened now
If the soldiers see you frightened then they ...
... will be unable to light
You are Hastinapur's last hope
So, hide your fear
Drive the chariot! Even I know the art of war
When two warriors light, one wins and the other dies
Take my chariot towards Arjun's chariot
The Sun has saved you today
Come, O King of Madra! Let's return to the camp
What's it Sister?
Why didn't you call for me
It was something I had to come and tell
Sit, Sister
Whose death do you want to mourn today?
It is the day I mourn for my son Dushasan ...
... but I can weep no more, Kunti
My eyes say ...
... how long can we keep crying?
Today I am reminded of the day ...
... Grandsire came with the marriage proposal
Father and Shakuni had refused him ...
... but I thought ...
... when a great man like Grandsire ...
... asks for something ...
... he should not be refused
So, I accepted the proposal
When I touched his feet ...
... do you know what blessing he gave me?
He placed his hand on my head and said :
May you have a hundred sons
And today ...
... Gandhari, the mother with a hundred sons ...
... has only one son left
I don't even know how long ...
... I'll remain a mother of that one son
I don't know how many arrows ...
... pierced Grandsire but ...
... I do know how many arrows ...
... have pierced me
I have not come here to talk about my sons
After many days I received some good news ...
... so I could not sit still in my camp
Can there be any good news in this battle?
There's always place for good news
Today the Sun God did us a great favour
The Sun God!
You mean Arjun ...
No! No, Sister!
Is this good news?
What else is it?
If the Sun had set ...
... Arjun would have been dead
I am indebted to the Sun God
But the Sun will rise again tomorrow
The war will be fought again
Then let there be war!
Karna will not live to see tomorrows Sunset
Don't curse him, Sister
He is already twice cursed
I am not cursing Karna
I am merely blessing my son Arjun
No! Don't curse him
Any problem, Arjun?
I cannot live in the shadow of Karna's favour
Favour? What favour
He could have killed me ...
... but he did not!
Why did a warrior, who waited for this war ...
... hold back his bow at the last moment?
If this is not a favour, what is?
It is not proper that the greatest archer say this
Not proper?
What are you saying?
In the excitement of war you did not see ...
... that Karna's arrow could not have ...
... pierced your chest before Sunset
By holding back his bow he has sent a message
What message?
He sent a message which said ...
... he is not responsible for all that has happened ...
... but as the long as he is the Commander ...
... his army will not violate the rules of war ...
... framed by Grandsire
Why did he send this message?
Why are you asking me this question?
Does he want to say we are cowards?
Even a blind man cannot call you a coward
Forget such thoughts and stop looking around
Are you the same Arjun ...
... who once told Sage Drona that ...
... he could see nothing but the eye of the bird ?
What has happened to those sharp eyes of yours?
Don't wander in the desert of futile questions
Keep your eyes on the target
You should sight nothing but your target
Tomorrow when you lace Karna again ...
... don't allow your arrows to stray
Today is gone!
Karna is your ultimate target
Victory was in your hands today ...
... but you allowed it to escape
Don't worry! Il victory was in my hands today ...
... it will be in my hands tomorrow
Why did you hold back today?
I have no doubt about your bravery Uncle ...
... but you will not understand
Then you explain it!
Your friend has wept over $$ of his brothers
He is asking you :
O Commander! Victory was in your hands today
Why did you let go of it?
O Commander! Your loyalty is beyond doubt
And yet ...
... this question keeps disturbing your friend
I swear on the wounds you have suffered
You will not understand my ill-luck that ...
... the Sun God came between Arjun and I
I knew my arrow would not reach Arjun before Sunset
How could I release that arrow?
So what if it was Sunset
Did the war stop at every Sunset before this?
Before this when the war continued after Sunset ...
... I was not the Commander of this Army
How can I forget ...
... that the rules of war were framed by Grandsire
Any lighting after the Sunset was prohibited
How then could I lire?
The rules of war were broken on both sides
One more would have been broken
It would have been your tribute to Dushasan
Dushasan was also my brother
He was also Bhim's brother but ...
... Bhim pulled out and threw away his arm ...
... drank the blood from his chest and ...
... danced all around his body
I have seen the same dance once before
Even then it did not befit Bhim to do so
Try to understand my problem
You are Dhritirashtra's son, an heir of Bharat's
An heir of brave warriors like Yayati and Kuru
The Pandavas have the same background
If you both break any rules ...
... your background will protect you ...
... but who will help this poor Radheya?
Your lather's charioteer found him ...
... and brought him up with love
Who is he? What is his background?
Whose heir is he? Which dynasty does he belong to?
I am all alone in this battlefield, my friend
I have nothing but my bow and my strength
Hence I cannot break any rule
Not for you! Not even for myself!
When the Commander is Karna
No rules will be broken
The bravery of the generous warrior
Will always be remembered by the world