Black ★ Rock Shooter: Episode Fight Scenes Compilation HD (1080p)

Uploaded by darkchapters on 27.03.2012

The tiny bird flies in the blue sky.
The sea reflects the blue of the sky.
The blue reflection is the sea of the sky.
The sea of the sky cries blue tears.
Among those blue tears, the tiny bird flies.
Go away!
Go away!
A world of many colors.
The sea reflects...
the blue of the sky.
The blue reflection...
is the sea of the sky.
Among those blue tears,
the tiny bird flies.
[Together,] we will see all the colorful worlds out there.
Help me...
Help me...
Help me...
Why am i smiling?
Go away!
Are you happy?
Are you happy [she called you "Yomi"?](cutted part)
What should i do?
Go away!
It's my fault that something terrible happened to Kagari.
It's my fault that she's so pitiful.
You're going mad because of me. I was afraid of driving you even mad. So out of indecision, it was easier just to do what you wanted.
You have to leave. Otherwise, we'll never change!
No! I won't go outside! Because going outside... Going outside is scary!
You're strong and gentle,
no matter what happens to you.
Even if i disappeared, the world wouldn't change.
That dream again...
Where did that girl go?
Those girls...
You could...
The two of you are connected.
Another you.
A different you.
You're wrong!
It hurts. It's painful.
Please, Kuroi!
Please, Kuroi, hear my voice!
You're Kuroi, aren't you?
Please, let me reach you!
I met that girl.
Black Gold Saw.
Wake up, Kuroi!