Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi

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A marriage.. so unique.
lt's okay!
lt's okay! Take this.
Chandni, now your turn.
Yes, Chandni. Sit down
Go on. - Sit
Enough, Natasha.
Sandhya, escort Natasha to her room. She must be tired.
But sister, the rite isn't over yet..- Yes, sister.
Chandni, wait for Prem to return.
Uncle Prabhat, Prem is at the railway station, escorting..
..the guests. He'll be late.
We ought to wait for Prem.
lt's so special a relationship he shares with this family.
Let me call up and find out where he is.
Where are you? Come quickly. Everyone's waiting
Okay. Bye!
Bet on this. Prem will step in and ask, ''Everyone's waiting for me?''
Children, what are you doing?
What are you up to? You'll trip. Come on, come to me.
There! Our star has arrived.
Everyone's waiting for me?
Make it quick. You've kept the bride waiting.
Why are you delaying? C'mon! Strange people.
C'mon. Hurry up. Here.
lt's a ritual, so l'll go along with it.
Henceforth, no touching my feet.
Feels like, l'm getting old
Oh well, since l am getting on in years..
..here's a gift and my blessings.
Live in marital bliss, bear a hundred sons.
May you have everything that's beautiful in life! That will be all!
Actually, l never knew that..
..the bride expects a gift after the ritual.
And l knew you wouldn't. So l bought one on your behalf.
You've decorated Anuj's bedroom so beautifully
You liked it?
l hope.. Natasha likes it too.
Stop having these doubts. It's Iovely, she's going to love it.
A matter of tastes. l did it my ways. .
.. but tastes are changing so quickly with time.
You too, have moved with the times.
l am, where l was..
None of us can accomplish what you have.
You have fulfilled your father's dreams.
Look around. .
Look in every nook, cranny, corner, crevice..
Look at the swing, the forecourt, the basil plant, the swastika..
See, how happy everything looks.
They speak of your journey, Chandni.
Prem, our journey..
Has it not been?
''lt's a temple. It's a temple. It's a temple.''
Our home is like a temple.
Our home is like a temple.
Just as sacred, as splendid.
As sacred, as splendid, like a temple.
And just as lovely..
Our home, is our temple.
Our home, is our temple.
The sacred Swastika. .
..adorns our door.
Our forecourt, blessed by the holy basil tree. .
..where we light lamps in prayer.
''ln this temple Lord Narayan and Goddess Laxmi..''
''ln this temple, Lord Narayan and Goddess Laxmi reside..
.. May their blessings light our lives!
A temple..
Our home is our temple.
Papa, sister, forgot all about the sugar in my milk.
So? So what? Can't you do it for yourself?
All you do is play cricket. You smashed another window yesterday.
Did l tattle?
Who's tattling about whom?
Oh, it's nothing..
Hello Uncle. - Hello, son.
l just went through Sandhya's report.
The asthma is absolutely under control. - Okay.
She continues with these medicines.
And here comes your fee.
l'm forced to make four extra Parathas (rolled breads)..
..every day, just for you
Don't be jealous, four of these will never make me as healthy as you.
Shut up, you greedy doctor.
What about your breakfast? - Not for me. l have an audition.
Prabhat, right through school and college. .
..who has won the most medals for singing?
Why, our Chandni?
Guess, who'll make it at the auditi on? - Why, our Chandni?
The judges will do the deciding.
Not you people, who'll never see anything wrong in me.
lt isn't a contest in school or college.
This audition is meant for finding talent from all over the state.
And only one boy and one girl are to be chosen. It'll be a tough test.
Today's a test. .
..like any other day,
l know, l'm going to win it anyway.
But my true mettle will be tested.
When l take the test of love, some day.
l'm late again.
Coming, mother.
Good morning, mother.
Breakfast is getting cold.
You need only touch it, it will become warm again.
Your guitar is in the car again?
Yes, there's an audition.
l thought, l'd give it a try..
How long will this go on?
This single-minded pursuit of music.. what a reckless life you lead..
..this going to bed at odd hours, waking up.. whenever you like?
ln this pursuit of music, even your father neglected the business.
l'm grateful to your uncle for taking care of our orchards.
Son, the least you can do, is tak e care of the office here.
But l go to the office regularly.
And we had a bumper fruit this year.. apples, bananas, papaya, mangoes.
Prem. .
. .we never planted papaya.
Oh, did we stop?
Please go on. l'll take the bus
Ticket Ticket What? - Ticket
Where do you want to go? - The Music Institution.
lt's right here. Music Institute.
Prem, thank you very much!
And your dad is glad? - Oh, very much!
He said, ''Happy, the new toolbox is all yours. Now go and fix two cars''
No way he'd imagine that we'd hide flutes in a toolkit. What ingenuity!
Here comes the final member of our troupe.
Junaid, my friend..
..if fear of daddy..
..makes you hide percussions inside your grocer's bag..
..some day, your shoulders will slouch to touch your knees.
Prem, he hasn't smiled in six months. Please give him a smiling idea.
ldeas are what folks at home are working on. .
..to lure us black sheep, back into the fold.
Now, the Goddess of Arts is our only hope.
Hey you!
Hold this.
Not me, hold this. What are you doing?
''Alone, l've watched. .
..days go by.''
''Alone, l've watched the days go by.''
''Alone, l've suffered the rains, autumns.''
''Alone, without him.''
''Alone, l weep.''
''My heartless lover has left me alone, to pine and wait.''
''He's heartless, he has left me alone, to pine, to wait.''
''Alone, l've watched the days go by.''
''l'll come in the rains.. - ..he swore to me.''
''He gave me promises of sweet tomorrows.''
''l've counted over and over again so many days in vain.''
''When l see my fingers now, the lines are blurred in pain.''
''My bangles tease me.''
''My anklets make fun of me.''
''My beauty mocks me.''
''Each with the same question..
..when is your lover returning to you?''
''l'm alone, he hasn't come.''
''Alone, l am to weep.''
''He has left me to suffer with such lovely dreams.''
''My heartless lover has left me alone, to pine and wait.''
''Alone, l have pined..
. .for endless days.''
Which song is that? - We got to handle it.
Handle dad, handle him, now this rhythm?
The rhythm.
''The tune l wanted to play today..
.. is all forgotten.''
''The lyrics l had set to song today..
. .are all forgotten''
''My senses have deserted me..
.. l am lost.''
''My senses have deserted me..
.. l am lost.''
''Right now. Here somewhere.''
''What were you thinking when you came here?''
''ls lost.''
''The words in my song..
. .are lost.''
What happened? - l think l left my bag in there
''Delicately she stepped into my heart.''
''Her coming changed the lyric of my song.''
''My music is changing forever.''
''lt's rare. .
. .this sudden discovery.''
''lsn't it rare, this sudden discovery..
. .of love.''
''What were you thinking when you came here?''
''Don't you remember anything?''
''Don't you remember anything?''
ls the packing of pickles done? - Yes. - How many packets?
Prem! It worked out!
Tomorrow onwards, we're in the Music Institution.
Rehearsals from nine in the morning.
Yes, you are selected.
What about her?
Here you are.
Oh my God!!!
l am sorry!
Here. .
What are you doing? - Here you go.
This. - Don't you mix up rice and pulses.
Well.. l'm sorry.
Thank you.. for getting me into this mess.
Has he come to rehearse, or to cook?
Are you Prem?
Hi Junaid.
Hello, miss?
Then you're Prem? - No, but you can happily call me..
Happy Singh.
How often will you read your watch?
When will this Mr. Prem arrive?
Actually, he.. - Will arrive, once he wakes up.
l hate this late-coming and making up with stories.
They have been waiting forever.
Waiting? For me?
Such wonderful rains.. and the rain is the theme for our song.
l gave you a chance to get into the mood of the music.
And you just waited it out?
Really. .
What a waste of time.
Unbelievable! He lands up late and lectures us?
Rather than wasting time talking, we should concentrate on rehearsing.
lt's a national competition and it's only a fortnight away.
Do you.. - l knew..
..you'd ask, where are the lyrics.
But.. - No need for anxiety.
lt's all ready. Here you are.. you only need to memorize it.
Oh, l'm sorry..
What.. have you?
Save words of praise for later. Now concentrate, just focus on it
Am l to? - Yes, ladies first
''Ho Ji Ho.''
''Today the rain is ceasing and starting again.''
''Today the rain is ceasing and starting again.''
''Today the rain is ceasing and starting again.''
''Today the rain is ceasing and starting again.''
''The rain is drenching body and mind.''
''Ho Ji Ho.''
You have a fine voice.
Thank you.
Where did the Ho Ji Ho come from?
To fit into the meter.
Even without Ho Ji Ho, you can fit it into a meter.
''Today the rain is..
..ceasing and starting again.''
..ceasing and starting again.''
''The rain is drenching, body and soul.''
lt's perfect.
So.. without Ho Ji Ho..
But this is a ghazal.
A ghazal is what we'll sing in the competition.
But Chandni has learnt only folk music all her life.
Yeah? Very good!
Our country has produced fabulous folk singers.
Superb ones.
But. .
..let there be no Ho Ji Ho in this contest.
Only ghazal.
Ghazal. - Folk!
Ghazal. - Ghazal.
We're to sing whatever they dictate, just because they're boys?
What do they think of themselves?
Firdaus, had it not been for the sake of the competition, l'd..
Actually, these boys are the ones who have a problem.
We can sing all kinds of songs.
Good morning.
Please explain your meter.
New day, new thoughts, new lyrics.
You can surely sing with Ho Ji Ho.
We can give our best on stage if we're singing happily.
You sing your best, l'll sing my best.
''Glittering raindrops from dark clouds. O my Lord!''
''lt leaves me thirsting for more rain. O my Lord!''
''Ho Ji Ho.''
''Ho Ji Ho.''
''Year after year, the rains continue. .''
''..their ritual but why?''
''To impassion me into craving for more?''
''But why?''
''Answers to those questions are extremely hard to find.''
''Answers to those questions are extremely hard to find.''
''My friend, you've a lifetime ahead to explore philosophies of life.''
''For now, exhilarate in the joys of rain in the air.''
''And thrill of soft hues and the luxurious wetness.''
Bye Junaid.
Bye, Firdaus.
So Chandni, l'll see you tomorrow. Bye.
Prem. .
lf you aren't on time tomorrow, no seeing you. Just goodbye.
l'll go back.
On time?
Hey Prem. - Before time today?
You woke up early?
l didn't sleep at all.
Brilliant! Well done!
Your potato pies are great, but there was hardly any potato inside.
Pass the water, please. - Sure.
Hey you!
What's happened to him?
Back to work, lunch time's over.
Back to work. Without dessert?
Hey!.. Five cheese rounds in condensed milk. Hurry up!
You have to eat some.
Conductor.. ticket
Oh you?
Hi Chandni, what a surprise!
''As monsoon winds blow by..
..my mind is adrift, flying, somewhere.''
''Why do clouds collide with clouds?''
''Why is the lightning created?''
''Why must you unravel all mysteries now?''
''Must you unravel all mysteries now?''
''My friend, you've a lifetime ahead to explore the mysteries of life.''
''Enjoy the romance of the raindrop.''
''For now, exhilarate in the joys of rain in the air.''
Yeah! ! ! Wow!
Tea! Tea!
- Prem is late. - Tea! Tea!
By the way.. the signal hasn't changed from red, yet.
Tea! Tea! Tea! Tea!
The signal has turned to ''Go''.
Our Prem has also arrived.
Why is he dressed like a prince?
To suit the mood.. for the song. For a bhangra, he'll wear a lungi.
ln a rock show, he'll show up in.. - Stop it.
Tell Prem to hurry, he'll miss the train.
Hurry, you'll miss the train.. Prem!
The train is leaving. So hurry, please? - Prem, rush.
No time for a stroll. Trot, man.
Come on.. pass your bag.
Hey! Come on!
Thank you, Happy. - Don't mention it.
What was the point of all this?
You could've fallen, or missed the train.
Can any train dare to desert His Highness..
..the Exalted Prince Prem?
You're so full of childish pranks.
You ought to be locked up in the loo. - Yes.
lndeed. But not in a layman's john?
Public toilet.
A wonderful home-made meal for the black sheep.. very nice.
Thank you, girls.
This is the benefit of a journey with womankind. - Yes.
By the way, l hope you had your fill?
By the way, as long as you've had your fill, it's good enough for us.
l warned him, don't be a glutton.
You must be carrying sweets too?
And now, His Highness..
..The Exalted Prince Prem wants a sweet?
l knew, you'd ask.
Thank you.
lt is nice.
''An exotic beauty, in abandoned grace, lies asleep.''
''An exotic beauty, in abandoned grace, lies asleep.''
''ln her, all Eden's secrets, the mysteries of roses, sleep.''
''ln her, all Eden's secrets, the mysteries of roses, sleep.''
''ln every feature upon her face l've discovered poetry.''
''ln every feature upon her face l've discovered poetry.''
''An anthology of ghazals.. she lies in sleep.''
''An anthology of ghazals.. she lies in sleep.''
''Oh, how my yearning for one glimpse now torments my heart.''
''Oh, how my yearning for one glimpse now torments my heart.''
''As she lies in repose, a blue veil cast upon her face.''
''As she lies in repose, a blue veil cast upon her face.''
''She incites an anarchy inside me when she tosses in sleep.''
''She incites an anarchy inside me when she tosses in sleep.''
''The question tosses and turns, while the answer sleeps.''
''The question tosses and turns, while the answer sleeps.''
Tea. Special tea, made in Mathura.
Oh!.. - Have this special tea.
We're hitting Delhi in two hours - Wow! - Tea!
An exotic beauty, in abandoned grace, lies asleep.
ln her, all Eden's secrets, the mysteries of roses, sleep.
Oh, how my yearning for one glimpse now torments my heart.
Junaid. Why are you butting in?
Junaid.. give that paper to me! - Is this ghazal or heartfelt truth?
Junaid! Come down.
Junaid, return it to me.
As she lies in repose, a blue veil cast upon her face.
Oh! Now we know, whom this is all about..
Do you get the drift?
l see! Pass it on.. Give it back!
lt's for you. Read it and enjoy!
''l was the season of rains, when we met.''
l had no right..
To look at someone so intimately, without her consent.
Or, to write in adoration of her beauty.
l am sorry, Chandni.
''Be kind to me, O' monsoon cloud.''
''As a messenger. .''
''..pass my message to her.''
''Ask her to forgive my folly.. and not to turn her face away from me.''
''ln the city of the lakes, you'll find her waiting, singing.''
''Ho Ji Ho..''
''Ho Ji Ho..''
''Let the rain wash away all animosity in the heart.''
''When clouds finally part, we'll find new heavens, new vistas for us.''
''Why does rain give pleasure.. and pain?''
''Why does rain give pleasure.. and pain?''
''My friend, we've a lifetime ahead to explore all emotions of life.''
''Come, delight in every facet of this newfound season in life.''
''For now, exhilarate in the joys of rain in the air.''
''Glittering raindrops from dark clouds.''
''lt leaves me thirsting for yet more rain.''
''Ho Ji Ho..''
''Ho Ji Ho..''
''Ho Ji Ho..'' - Ho Ji Ho..''
Papa sounded elated.
By now, he must've distributed sweets to everyone in office.
You haven't telephoned home? - No.
My mother will lock this trophy away, too. - Lock?
Mother keeps all my musical instruments..
..under lock and key. And l end up stealing them.
Actually, mother isn't wrong either.
ln today's time, who will care to listen to an..
.. untrained ghazal singer?
l'll listen.
One day, everyone will listen.
You sing from the heart.
Someday, you'll make your mother proud.
You'll sing with me.. won't you..
l don't know.. once l'm married..
..where will l be? In which city, who knows.
lt's very late.
We'll reach Bhopal in four hours.
You didn't finish writing that ghazal?
Would you like me to write on?
No one ever praised me like that.
l'd praise you for the rest of my life.
''The first tender touch of love..
.. unravels secrets held in hearts.''
''A touch has spoken so much of feelings..
. .that were left unsaid.''
''Our eyes meet, as if with a wish..
..may we never part.''
Whatever Prem may or may not achieve in his pursuit of music..
Now, who else do you have at home .. your Papa, Anuj and..
. .what's your little sister's name?
Yes, Sandhya.
How old were you when.. your Mummy?
What a tender age to shoulder..
. .the responsibilities of home, family, brother, sister.
Father never lets us feel the lack of a mother.
He takes care of every detail.
He makes sure that we've gone to school, only then he leaves for work.
At lunchtime, he comes home especially for us..
..to make that we've eaten lunch.
Then he goes back to work.
He'd never let me do a thing.
You seem anxious? - No.. actually.
Chandni gets nervous, very quickly.
There's no need to be nervous.
Ma might be asking just a few simple questions.
You can ask me what you wish.
l don't need to..
Chandni has told me so much about you.
Anuj. .
My friend, you greeted me and then you just vanished?
Now you're playing cricket all by yourself?
Can l play with them?
Oh.. yes of course.
Take that. - Pulled you.
So, when do we plan the marriage?
Right after.. her final examinations are over.
l leave that decision to you.
But l want the engagement at the earliest.
Let go of Sister's saree now.
Soon, she'll be off to her home.
Which home?
Prem's home.
l'm going to show off my new bat in school! Thank you, brother Prem.
And l'll show off my new water bottle.
And here are your balloons.
Now, go in and play. l'm taking your Sister out. - Okay.
Shall we?
Are you going to take Sister away.. today?
l'll take her away.. only when you say so.
Let me also paint Sister's hands with henna..
Let me also paint Sister's hands with henna..
Come, join us.
Late, even for his engagement.
Your prince charming has finally arrived.
- The bridegroom is here
Come on. - The bridegroom is here
''There's a craving in his eyes.''
''Craving in his eyes! Craving in his eyes.''
''There's love in his heart.''
''With a craving in my eyes, with love in my heart..
..and this ardent desire to meet my beloved..''
''l have come.'' ''l have come.''
''Here l come. Here l come.'' ''And we've arrived with him.''
''l may arrive late, but l'll always be there for you.''
''He's always late and he always says, but l'm here only for you.''
''And when he comes..
..he always pretends as if he's doing a favour to you..''
''Here l am, l'm always here for you.''
''Oh yes! We have arrived.''
''Today is your engagement - Today is your engagement.''
''Not even today, did you come here on time.''
''You have not come on time.''
''So, l fear..
..on the wedding day..
..you might even miss the most auspicious moment of ceremony.''
''Hopefully you don't miss the most auspicious moment.''
''He's a lover and a soothsayer. His words ring always true.''
''Whatever he says comes true.''
''When l arrive, that very moment becomes most auspicious for you.''
''So now is the moment that we've come.''
''l've come only for you.''
''Yes, we've come. .
..to finalize this wedding.''
''They have come..
. .to make fools of themselves.''
''No, we've come to finalize the wedding.''
''Standing upon those legs, you Iook no better than a crane.''
''You legs look no better than a crane.''
..just like a priceless gem.''
''Oh, let no evil eye cast a spell.''
''lt's parrot-like, you know, that nose upon your jaw.''
''Your nose looks like a parrot's beak.''
''l think l will forgive you, naughty little sister-in-law.''
''Oh, let no evil eye cast a spell.''
''They act like monkeys, they look like langurs.''
''How can we give him..
..such a pretty bride?''
''Oh, we animals have come right out of the zoo, just to amuse you.''
''They have come..
. .to make fools of themselves.''
''They are here. They are here.''
''They have come to make fools of themselves.''
''Oh heartless, how merciless of you.''
''Don't be so cruel to a lover.''
''Don't stand in my way.''
''Let me inside.''
''Forget about going in.''
''Why do you punish me?''
''You deserve punishment.''
''What's my crime?''
''You broke her heart.''
''The doors are shut upon me. Let her open a window, at least.''
''Open your window.''
''Let the one l've come here for.. have a say, at least.''
''Say something, open your window.''
''No way.''
''That window will not open.''
''Then l'll camp here.''
''That window won't open!''
''Then here l'll pray, for the sight of her.''
''Still, that window will not open.''
''Then here l'll stand, until l die.''
''The gathering will be here. The gathering will be here.''
''There opens the window to my fortunes.''
''With these words, the devotee of love walks on.''
''We have arrived.''
''How easy everything seems to become,
..because of the strength of her love.''
''And here we are.''
Sister.. Sister. .
How do l look in this dress?
Tell me?
You look fine.
Tomorrow, this house will become so lively.
Your uncle and aunt are arriving in the morning.
Oh, l must see the confectioner.
l've been there. The one getting engaged is like a daughter to me.
Then l'll go to the priest. - He'll be here by eight a.m.
l thought, l'll do what l can because you won't ask for a favour.
ln return, you'll want double the breakfast.
Don't get paranoid. Soon, l'll be going to. .
.. her house for breakfast. Yes, my child?
You've spoiled him rotten.
You ought to thank your stars for having a friend..
..like me and a son-in-law like Prem.
That's true.
Prem is a fine boy. He'll stand by you, always.
Good morning, Uncle.
Good morning.
The flowers look lovely.
Get to work, quickly. - Sure
Where's Papa? - l don't think he's awake.
But the confectioners are about to begin .. Bhushan.. hey Bhushan. .
Bhushan. .
Strange. A day ago, you wouldn't take a moment's rest.
Now you're blissfully asleep?
Bhushan.. get up.
Bhushan.. wake up.
Bhushan. .
Chandni.. Chandni..
Uncle. .
Papa is all right, isn't he?
''Oh, what cruel fate delivers.''
''One who spoke always, is silenced forever.''
''Without a warning, he has left home.''
''Without a warning, he has deserted this home..
..this home, where he was the guardian''
''All dreams and joys are shattered.''
''All here are helpless onlookers.''
''An innocent son gives Iast rites to his father.''
''lmmerses his remains in holy water.''
''Ashes flowing in the water. .
..tell the inevitable truth for humankind.''
Uncle Prabhat. Prabhat Uncle! - What happened?
Easy, easy.
The children have taken his death so hard.
lt's been thirteen days of mourning and they still haven't overcome it.
How is my little girl?
lt was an asthma attack.
She's doing fine, needs a bit of rest. - Yes.
Chandni my child, don't worry, your uncle and aunt are with you.
Sister. .
..you should rest. You've been here all day.
l'll take your leave. - Yes.
l'll be back tomorrow morning.
Someone came from Bhushan's office.
The owner of the company has sent this for you.
A month's salary. And a condolence letter.
He also sent word that he can't come to see you because he is busy.
For someone who worked day and night, a hardworking, honest man..
..he hasn't two minutes to pay respects?
Why would he come now?
Curse fate
No sooner than one dies, all turn their faces away.
Such is life.
A month's pay and it's all over?
Chandni, you must take care of..
..the savings he has left behind.
Do you have all the legal papers?
Uncle. .
l haven't a clue about anything.
So long as Papa was there..
Actually. .
Bhushan invested all he had in building this house.
He would tell me..
''Prabhat, this isn't a home''
''lt's our temple''
How is Sandhya? - She's better.
What is destined cannot be undone.
But God isn't so merciless.
Yes, you have lost your Papa.
But now, you have me.. a mother,
And having met your uncle and aunt..
.. l'm no longer worried for Anuj and Sandhya.
They'll take good care of Anuj and Sandhya.
After the wedding, you have to look after your household, your family.
l've seen a world of relationships.
One cannot do justice to being both a wife..
..and a sister at the same time.
He is my only son, Chandni.
And l wish that his wife is devoted to him.
lt's bedtime. Have you had milk?
Aunt said the milk is finished.
What a disaster.
lt's the end of the money your brother used to send us every month.
Sarla, lower your voice and say nice things.
Someone might hear. - What is the solution?
You don't earn a dime.
He was our only support.
That's true.
Alas, my brother has left nothing behind, except this house.
Also his three heirs!
Chandni will marry and leave, but the other two?
That Sandhya.. she's always sick.
And that Anuj.. he's so particular about his food.
He devours a whole litre of milk every day.
Softly! Softly!
We got to play our roles until Chandni's wedding
Afterwards, everything is ours.
Just wishing aloud won't make it happen.
Do as l say, grab the house.
As for the orphans..
..we'll dump them in a corner. - Don't you..
Chandni my dear, you haven't gone to sleep?
Uncle, you've been here for a while.
Your work must be suffering.
lt's best for you to return.
What are you saying, my dear?
l won't stand by and watch my brother and sister..
..being robbed of their childhood.
l will never let that happen.
We're leaving.
And we'll see how you bring up your brother and sister all alone.
No one in all the world will help. Then, you'll realise for yourself.
And this house..
one day, this house will come to ruin ..wait and watch!
Let's go.
''We got to play our roles until Chandni's wedding.''
''Afterwards, everything is ours.''
''As for the orphans, we'll dump them in a corner.''
''One day, this house will come to ruin.. wait and watch.''
''They'll take good care of Anuj and Sandhya.''
''He is my only son, Chandni.''
''And l wish that his wife is devoted to him.''
l had been to the kids' school. Their teachers are very co-operative.
They'll help them make up for the missed classes.
After our marriage, Sandhya and Anuj will come to live with us.
Marriage, marriage, marriage!
ls marriage all that matters in life?
And my brother and sister are like toys? To be tossed around?
Why can't they live here with me?
l'm to leave this house and desert them..
..because l'm a girl, a daughter of the house?
Prem, l can't get into this marriage.
l'll live here, with Sandhya and Anuj.
ln this house..
..where no one will scold Anuj for smashing window panes..
..where Sandhya will be free to trail behind me, everywhere.
l won't let their childhood be destroyed.
And l won't let this house be ruined.
l have decided to start a music school to make ends meet.
Get married, Prem.
Move on with your life.
And leave you alone at these crossroads of life?
l love you, Chandni.
l won't insist on marriage.
l only wish to be by your side at each step you take.
On the path l walk upon..
.. l don't know where and when my journey will end.
How long will you wait?
Seven lifetimes.
Will that be enough?
Prem. .
l won't take any vows.
No relations. And no seven lifetimes.
Yes Chandni.
No promises of meeting each other. No promise of being with each other.
No ties.
Just give me the right of waiting for you.
''Hail the Goddess who holds a Veena( musical instrument).''
''Hail the Goddess who holds a book.''
''l bow to You, the Epitome of Knowledge.''
''l bow down to the you, the Epitome of fortune.''
The advertisement leaflets have been distributed all over.
And l went to the temple to say a prayer.
Child, your school is going to be a big success.
Tomorrow, we're getting in the harmonium and percussions.
Yes. Very good.
The teacher doesn't Iook perfect without this.
This is meant only for naughty students.
School of Music.
What a wonderful setting for a school.
My best wishes. - Thank you.
By the way, what about sweets? - Coming up.
Why aren't you at the rehearsals?
The music festival is your one chance. .
Listen! It's your one chance to share the stage..
. .with the greatest singers.
And you aren't rehearsing.. no, don't hush me! It's the limit!
At this rate, how will we perform? - Why won't you be able to perform?
No.. he was just explaining.. - Yesterday, dad found my percussions.
Right. Just tell your dad, we're coming. - Sure.
Give him my regards. - Junaid.
What are you hiding from me?
Nothing. .
There's a show in two days and we aren't rehearsing properly.
He's only fibbing.
Prem, you've got a show in two days and..
.. instead of rehearsing, you're here?
l rehearse every night. No tension..
Who are you lying to? To me? Or to yourself?
Your destiny is beckoning you.
And it has been our dream.
A dream that you must fulfill, alone now.
So, you're not coming to see me.
Occasionally, to see.. your school?
And before you know it, you'll start coming every day.
Go on, get going. - Listen.. but..
Go on. - But Chandni, listen.. please.
''School of Music''
Sister, have l got the answer right?
Sister, first student.
l'm here to admit my son to your music school.
What's your name? - Rajiv.
ln four months, we're moving to the US. Before we leave, l wish..
..he listens to our music, Iearns a few things.
Yes, of course.
Who told you about this school?
A neighbour.
But he asked me not to mention his name.
''O' Time, the worldly wise say that you..
..never for one moment..
..will pause for anyone.''
O' time preserve her lovingly.''
''Preserve her carefully.''
''ln every moment, with utmost care.''
''My most precious possession. .
..is now in your hands.''
''My most precious possession. .
..is now in your hands.''
''She lives in me.''
''l live in her.''
''She lives in me, l live in her.''
''She is my world.''
''l am her world.''
''She is my world.''
''l am her world.''
''She is alive in me.''
''l am alive in her.''
''She is alive in me.''
''l am alive in her.''
''A love-filled heart. .
. .seeks renunciation.''
''A love-filled heart seeks renunciation.''
''l have devoted my heart to music.''
''l have devoted my heart to music.''
''My heart has attained a state of celibacy.''
''My heart has attained a state of celibacy.''
''There is none other like her.''
''Nature takes pride in her beauteous grace.''
''Sweet fragrances surround her, always.''
''Everything around her is fragrant, sweet.''
''The refreshing memory of her fragrances. .
..keeps me alive, always.''
''She lives in me, l live in her.''
How did it go?
Did you get an ovation? - Lots of cheering! Let's celebrate..
. .over ice-cream. Let's get away from boring folks.
''She's breath-taking, but her beauty lies unkempt.''
''She hardly looks at herself in a mirror.''
''She couldn't care Iess for eulogies.''
''She couldn't care less for eulogies. In her praise though..
.. l'm singing my songs.''
''ln her praise, l sing this song.''
''She lives in me.''
''l live in her.''
Sister, l don't want to go to school alone.
l'm afraid. Please Sister, not alone.
Sandhya. .
l can go with you.
But l want you to learn, how to be independent..
..like l am learning now.
Bus number six. Look at the number before getting in.
That's for the fare.
Congratulations. - Thank you
How are you, sister-in-law?
Congrats! - Thanks.
Look, Prem's fans.
Okay, bye!
Junaid, my friend..
Congratulations. - Thank you.
Hey, cheer up.
God bless.
''When will she return to take her place?''
''When will she fill up the emptiness next to me?''
''When will she sing with me again?''
''When will she sing my song again?''
''For the sound of music in her voice..
.. l keep longing.''
''She is my world.''
''l am her world.''
''She is my world.''
''l am her world.''
''She lives in me.''
''l live in her.''
''She lives in me.''
''l live in her.''
''He lives in my prayers.''
''l live in his songs.''
lncrease the treble on the left speaker.
Listen to this.. - A little bit more.
Okay? - This is better.
We'll lock this one. Now, the one on the right.
The bass on the right speaker..
Anuj has scored ninety percent in his school leaving exams.
And Sandhya has stood first in the inter-school debate competition.
Her teacher says she is very talented.
She has taken after you.
l want the best of education for both of them.
But it takes a lot of money for higher studies.
l have told Firdaus and Junaid and l've come here to tell you this..
..if there are any private tuitions..
..if there are any functions at weddings..
..do let me know
The place beside me is still empty.
Only half the journey now remains.
Whatever is mine, is yours Chandni.
When l come, l'll delight myself to my heart's content.
Please take care of yourself.
''She listens to no one but her heart.''
''She chose for herself, the toughest path.''
''Her take on life is so unique and extraordinary.''
''Her take on life is so unique and extraordinary.''
''To her undying spirit..
.. l bow.''
''To her undying spirit, l bow.''
Sister. .
Where are you taking me, Sister? - Come on, come on.
Just tell me.
A Kinetic scooter? Thank you, Sister!
This is awesome!
l'm so happy.
Sister! Sister!
Just tell me!
Topped the University.
l'm so elated about Anuj's new job, his new car.
Sister, wait till you send me abroad for an MBA..
.. l'll give you a tour of America..
..in ''my'' car.
Sister, you've worked very hard.
Long enough.
After you landed the job, l told everyone.. - What?
Sister isn't taking up the ''next batch'' of students.
Fine. l'll stop working.. but on one condition
Anuj.. - Yes?
Talk to Natasha.
Let's not discuss this.
You and Natasha love each other.
lt's nothing of that sort.
''l made him a partner in my plight.''
''After what seems an era. .
.. l have invited him home again.''
''Yet, he seems as close to me as ever.''
''He is my faith..'' - Wow!
You've given the house a complete makeover.
lt all looks changed.
Let's see.. in all these years what all has changed?
''He is my faith, l am his hope.''
No, nothing's changed.
Where is Anuj?
Hi, friend.
Brother Prem! What a pleasant surprise!
Ever since you landed the job, you've no time for old friends?
lt's nothing like that. - It is. l still don't know who Natasha is.
She's just a friend.
We took professional training together. We were just friends.
ln fact, now we work in different places.
But why are we discussing this?
First of all sister will get m_rried.
After Papa, l looked up at you and l wondered, constantly..
..when l'd be able to take care of this family..
..when l'd be able to ask brother Prem to take you away.
You have made me capable enough..
..now, you must get married.
l'll see henna applied on your hands.
Anuj, until the new lady of the house arrives..
..your sister isn't going away.
You haven't met Natasha.
She's from a very different class.
She's very rich.
Her lifestyle, her tastes, are very different from ours.
Anuj, rich or poor, lifestyles or tastes are secondary.
First and foremost. .
..my brother happens to like her.
Chandni, why are you insisting? He doesn't like Natasha at all.
Sandhya was telling me how much Anuj hates that mole on her chin.
But Natasha doesn't have a mole on her chin.
She doesn't?
No, or a yes?
Yes, or not?
Bless you, son.
What can be a greater joy for a father..
..than to see his daughter married..
..to a man of her heart?
l have a request.
ln Delhi, we have an ancestral home. l wish the wedding is held there.
''The bridegroom is like a rose.''
''The bride is like a magnolia flower.''
''The bridegroom is like a rose. The bride is like a magnolia flower.''
''And they pair so well.''
''Just perfect for each other.''
''The bridegroom is like a rose. The bride is like a magnolia flower.''
''For the sister, this is the first joy.''
''For this sister. .
..it's like the first joy.''
''The first joy has come to her after so long.''
''After long years. .''
''Her dream has come true, her wish, fulfilled.''
''Look, the newly-wed pair so well.''
''The bridegroom is like a rose. The bride is like a magnolia flower.''
Chandni.. Come.
Come with me! - Where?
That migraine has been hurting all day..
..but she won't take a minute's rest.
But.. snacks for the guests? - Excuse me.
No one will go hungry, we'll manage even without you.
Uncle, just don't let her get up.
Uncle, just see how he's..
He's right.
You should.. rest a little.
Anyway, l'm going to take it easy from now on.. l've no worries left.
The household passes into the care of Anuj and Natasha.
..now, you'll get married to Prem.
Your father was right with his prediction. Prem has stood by you.
My child, l've never heard of such a saga of love.
So deep run the feelings, yet so much self-restraint?
After the wedding, you're going to have no say.
l'm warning you, l'm going to be a very strict husband.
And my strictness will increase with each lifetime.
How much time has passed us by?
Twelve long years of waiting.
Twelve short years of romance.
When will you come home to me?
Soon. As soon as l've handed the household over to Natasha.
Anuj, l want to change the decor in this room.
But it has just been renovated.
l know, but.. don't you think..
..this room wasn't designed for a newly-married couple?
The color schemes, the furniture..
lt's all a bit dull, isn't it? - Not dull. Sober.
And sister likes it this way.
Well, l guess then.. our tastes are different.
The shrine.. is where we begin our day.
That's where the music school was.
Was. Because Anuj doesn't want me to work anymore.
Oh yes. Anuj was telling me.
You won a national singing contest, didn't you?
That's an old story.
Whatever. But you were talented.
After your father's death. .
..why didn't you take it up as a profession?
l mean, why this music school?
At that time Anuj and Sandhya were very small.
My room..
You could've sent them to a good hostel, to give them good education.
lt would've been the best for them and also for you.
You might've become a number-one singer.
Just like your boyfriend.
Life is so beautiful, why waste it?
But anyway, it was your decision.
Come on! Give way!
Can't you see? Can't you be in your lane?
Can't you see?
Give way. Let me go. It won't harm you in any way.
Get lost! Don't point at me!
Oh no, not again!
Sandhya, take up a candle to Natasha's room.
lsn't it romantic?
So, what did you do all day? - What could l have done?
Thanks to the power-cuts. .
l got bored all day. - Why, Sandhya and sister were here..
Anuj. .
Why can't we shift from here?
What are you saying, Natasha?
You know what..
..the company is offering me a fantastic flat in Arrera Colony.
With all the facilities..
And it's such a beautiful area!
l know.
Even l was offered a flat, but l turned it down.
You do the same. Okay?
Why? Why can't we shift there?
Why waste a whole life in darkness, when we know?
The electricity will be erratic in this area. Always.
Natasha, you mustn't react so sharply over something so trivial.
Whether or not there is electricity, we aren't leaving this house.
Look. .
. .where is darkness?
Lovely moonlit night..
isn't it?
Yes? - l had this dress done for you. For the bride's reception.
Everyone's coming, to greet the bride.
But everyone has met me already. - It's a ritual.
And there are those who didn't come to the wedding.
Even they want to see you.
At six this evening.
Look at this.. this is what l'm to wear for the evening.
Who wears this anymore? It's so old-fashioned.
Come on Natasha, sister got it made for you, with so much love.
Trust me. You'll look exotic.
Please Anuj!
l won't wear something l'm not going to feel confident in. l'm sorry.
No Natasha. You have to wear it.
We can't hurt sister.
How are you? - l am fine.
You took all the trouble to come?
You haven't been keeping well.
l would've brought Anuj and Natasha to you, for your blessings.
l had to be here, it's such a happy occasion.
The ring meant for your engagement.. l still have it with me.
Mother.. Anuj and Sandhya.
Bless you.
Where's the bride?
Prem's mother.
l am sorry.
Excuse me.
Natasha. .
Why did you leave so abruptly? - l can't take it anymore.
Just two more minutes?
She is your relation. You socialize.
There are so many people out there.
Walking out like this doesn't look nice.
l don't care about who says what, who does what.
Ever since l came, l'm groveling, washing people's feet.
l've been sitting like a duck in this outfit, for two hours.
l'm not old-fashioned like you.
How right, Natasha!
She is old-fashioned. Else, she wouldn't. .
.. be asking everyone to come and bless you.
Yes, she is old-fashioned. Else..
..it would've been her wedding first, not her brother's.
So that bother is you?
That her brother is married and you?
Do you realize what you were about to say?
What wrong have l said?
Fact is, l'm here by virtue of my marriage.
And he comes here despite the fact that he isn't married.
Natasha, just. .
Let's go, Prem.
Natasha. .
Where are you going?
Coming here was my life's worst mistake.
Natasha, you aren't going away.
Let her go.
What brother Prem must've been through! And it's all her fault.
Oh Anuj. - l'm not going to live in this house.
ln this house, your brother can never become my husband.
Natasha. .
You aren't leaving alone.
Anuj is going with you.
Yes Anuj. If Natasha leaves, you will go with her.
Think it over.
lf Anuj comes with me..
..he will have to sever all ties with this house.
Natasha! You. .
You decide.
l'm waiting outside.
l'm not going anywhere.
Natasha is your wife.
You can't desert her.
What am l to do?
Am l to desert you, for her sake?
And desert Sandhya and this home..
..and escape from all my responsibilities?
What am l to do?
What am l to do? Tell me.
Go away, my brother.
Else, people will say..
..that a spinster couldn't bear to see her brother happy in marriage.
Take good care of Natasha.
And take care of yourself.
Only l know how hard it was for me Papa, to send Anuj away.
lt was so painful, this parting between brother and sister.
l have come back because l am a mother.
This relationship between you and Prem. .
l did never understand. l still don't.
Even after such a grave insult he wasn't a bit upset
He's anxious about what you might be going through.
But for me, it makes a difference.
The ups and downs of your life seem to stretch endlessly.
But there's a limit to the years in my life.
What l'm saying, is out of my helplessness..
. .weakness, selfishness, whatever you call it.
You must get married to my son right away.
Else set him free, once and for all.
Why did mother come here? - Out of love and concern.
The options she has placed before you are unfair.
She is a mother. How can we forget..
..that for years she has waited to see her son happily married.
She has every right to ask me when l'm going to her house.
And the fact is, my responsibilities still..
..do not allow me to leave this house.
Which responsibilities, sister?
My career, my marriage.. these?
What came out of my brother's education?
You know, she sent him away with his wife.
A brother was of no use, what good will a sister be?
One day, you'll send me away too.
l've become a burden upon you!
A burden upon me?
Do you know what joys it gives me to see that..
. .you are educated, successful.
l don't care! All l know is, you won't be lonely anymore.
Brother Prem, don't you listen to a word she says.
Take her away. Right now..
..to the home that's hers.
l don't want to study further.
ln times of our need, even sister sacrificed her education.
She thought it was more important to take care of us.
Because in those times..
. .there weren't any elders to take care of the family.
But your sister is still here for you.
Even now, the role of the sister is more vital than..
..that of being a wife.
From where do the two you find such empathy?
Once, Papa told me..
Prem will stand by you always.
Little did he know..
..that his daughter would fail you one day.
Forgive me, Prem.
l can no longer give you the right to wait.
Go Prem.. have a glorious wedding.
Won't you give me the courage?
''The falling teardrops. .
..we hold in our palms.''
''And in the sacred water of our tears, we take a vow.''
''Unto duty, each of us is bound.''
''Let's do our duties.''
''Say this farewell with a smile, my love.''
''Unto duty, each of us is bound.''
''Let's do our duties.''
''How strange this journey of their lives, beginning anew each day.''
''Upon the path of her beliefs, he walks. ..
..His feet untiring and her patience, unfaltering.''
''And no matter what comes to pass..
..they'll never let tears come to the eyes of their loved ones.''
''Unto duty, each is bound..''
''Let's do our duties.''
Chandni, l have received your email.
About Sandhya's studies in America, have no worries at all.
Here, speak to Rajiv.
Talk to your music teacher.
Hi, how are you?
l'm fine. How are you doing, Rajiv?
l'm doing great.
And oh yes.. please don't worry.
l'm finding out the details about universities.
Just give me a few days.
Besides, we'll be there in India next month.
We'll talk then.
Thank you so much, Rajiv.
'Dear Brother. .
..how are you?'
'For Natasha, it's the most wonderful phase of her life#
'And l'm sure, you're taking very good care of her#
'So, l've no worries#
l'm so happy.
Nowadays l wonder. .
. .whether Anuj does anything else except taking care of me.
'You'll be happy to know..
.. preparations for Sandhya's trip abroad are almost over#
'By January, she'll be gone#
'Enclosed, Rakhis (sacred thread) for you on Brothers' Day. .
One each, from me and Sandhya#
'Do tie the Rakhis on your wrist#
'Your Sister, Chandni#
Hi, dad!
So good to see you.
You took so long to visit us at our home.
How have you been?
l'm great. How are you?
Perfectly all right. - Come in.
Where's Anuj? - In the bedroom. Go ahead.
l'll just join you.
Hello, my child. How are you?
l'm all right.
Come in. Sister-in-law!
Sandhya, get ready to move to the USA.
Thank you so much, Ms. Gayatri.
Thanks to you and Rajiv, everything has got done so easily.
l have only one more request. - Yes? Just tell me, Chandni.
Please drop in to see Sandhya in her hostel, once in a while.
She won't feel homesick.
lnstead of living on the campus..
..what if Sandhya comes to live with us?
As my daughter-in-law.
Rajiv has taken a masters in finance.
Even after marriage, they can continue their studies
Sister. .
You've become.. - An aunt! Yes!
How is Natasha? How is the baby boy? - Come and see for yourself.
Maybe some other time..
How long will this go on?
lt'll all work out fine.
This new guest.. will double your joy.
You just take care of Natasha. That'll keep me happy.
Oh yes.
last night l spoke with Ms. Gayatri.
Today evening, Rajiv is meeting Sandhya.
lf they approve of each other..
..then next month is the wedding.
l can't believe..
..it's our Sandhya's.. wedding!
We aren't going to the wedding.
We've discussed this enough.
l've even told Anuj.
I You should be there. After all it's Anuj's sister's wedding.
Dad, it's a forgotten relationship. .
. .today's reality is me, Anuj and our son.
And we are a happy family. - Happy?
l'd rather leave. - Why?
What advice can l give to a daughter who has shared her husband's joys..
..but has never cared to understand his pain?
Natasha, is breakfast ready? l have a very important meeting.
Yes, breakfast is ready.
Anuj, you should wear this suit.
For the wedding.
l'm getting late for my meeting.
l won't stop you from going to the wedding. By all means, go.
Natasha, l'll do nothing that makes you unhappy.
Now, how about breakfast?
''Today, vermilion will redden the bride's forehead.''
''ln joyous song, we celebrate.''
Chandni, will you keep shopping until the bridegroom arrives?
lt's a wedding. All this goes on until the bride is ready to leave.
And once the bride has left?
You'll be left all alone in this house
All alone?
Uncle Prabhat is going on a pilgrimage.
His daughter will also accompany him.
Uncle, you'll take me along, won't you?
Just see what l've bought!
This is for Anuj.
This, for Natasha.
And this is for our nephew.
l'll dress him up myself.
They won't come.
Sister Chandni, Anuj is here.
l haven't had the time to apply henna on my hands.
Sandhya, there's still one duty that you and l need to fulfill.
''With this old gang of friends in tow..''
''Along with his friends.''
''After years of waiting only for this wedding. .
. .finally, we have arrived.''
''We'll sing and dance our feet away.''
''No more excuses, we'll take the bride away.''
''To take the bride away, l've come today.''
''Here we come. Here we come.''
Now, your pilgrimage is done, my child.
lt's time for you to finally go home.
Sister, both my sisters will go to their homes, today.
On my one word, you had set him free.
But you were etched so deeply in my heart..
l couldn't find anyone as perfect for my son.
Today, bind him in sacred matrimony.
And set my soul free.
l'm so proud to be a witness..
..to a marriage, truly blessed.
''For ages.''
''l have been a worshipper at this temple.''
''But l'm longing to worship someone at the altar in my home.''
''There lives a deity of Iove inside this temple.''
''l will take her away today.. for ever.''
''Here is the suitor..
..whom this wedding garland awaited for years.''
''Such a wedding ours had to be..
..A wedding, no one will forget.''
''Tears in your eyes..
..adorn you today..
.. like dewdrops upon petals.''
''Together we shall be.. forever.''
''Together we shall be forever.''
''Along with her beloved..
..she has also fallen in love.''
''Both of them are deeply in love with each other.''
Please, give the bride away.
..''She looks so beautiful with her beloved.''
Come, Uncle.
Me? Yes, do us the honor, uncle.
An epic which comes to be true today..
..seemed like a fairytale till yesterday.
They pined for each other with such deep longing..
. .eventually, even fate was forced to give in.
Unless emotions surge to such heights. .
..there can be no union so blessed.
''Now you are mine. We are together, forever.''
''We will be together, forever.''
''Our dearest daughter, our most adored. .
..is leaving us, for her new home.''
''The swastika, the basil, the forecourt. .
..the swing, all.. now, bid her goodbye.''
''Every moment for so many years, you have tended, cared for us.''
''You have truly fulfilled your duty.''
''Go now, to be with your beloved husband till eternity.''
''May you live forever in marital bliss.''
''Why does the beautiful rain..
..return again and again?''
''To impassion me..
..into longing anew, once again?''
''Answers to these questions. .
..aren't easy to find.''
''The answers to these. .
..are not that easy.''
''The mysteries of life. .
..lie too deep to fathom.''
''Let's enjoy the season of rain.''
''Let's relish this cold breeze and this cool air.''
''The wind is blowing in a mildly.''
''My mind is adrift, flying, somewhere.
''Why do clouds collide?''
''Oh, why lightning thrills?''
''Oh why?''
''And glittering raindrops from dark clouds?''
''Why does it leave a thirst for yet more rain?''
''Oh my love..'' - ''Oh my love..''
''The love is blossoming.''
''The love is blossoming.''