Basic Math Skills : Figure Percentages of a Whole Number

Uploaded by eHow on 31.12.2008

Okay, now I'm going to show you how to find percents of whole numbers. To find twenty
percent of a number like eighty two,
we first need to realize that twenty percent is the same as zero point two zero. Now what
we could do to find twenty percent of eighty two is multiply eighty two by point two zero.
Zero, two times two is four, eight times two is sixteen, two decimal places, one, two;
sixteen point four. Sixteen point four is twenty percent of eighty two. Okay, now we're
going to do the same example using a different method. Twenty percent is equal to twenty
over one hundred and that's equal to one-fifth. So to find twenty percent of eighty two, we
could just divide eighty two by five or multiply by one fifth, which is the same thing.
So now we're going to do some long division to find out what one fifth of eighty two is.
Five into eight one time, five into thirty two six times, five times six is thirty, and
bring down the zero, five into twenty, four times. So twenty percent or one-fifth of eighty
two is sixteen point four, which agrees with the answer we got in our first method.