UofL Match Day 2012

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It’s the most exciting day except for graduation
in the lives of these medical students because
it will, it will tell them where they’re going
to spend the next 3-7 years
in their residency.
It is full of energy
and you can feel the excitement,
you can, just the
tension, in a good way,
is almost palpable because they
know they’ve matched, they know
they’re going to go to one
of their choices, but they don’t know where.
So what happens on Match Day
is they all gather together and
and they are ready then at noon all
across the country at noon the envelopes
are opened.
So they’ll open their envelopes
just at their tables and
the celebration begins.
I’m Ashley Blaske
and I’m going to Vanderbilt University,
Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.
I went to Undergraduate at UofL
and I knew I wanted to stay here for Medical school
because it’s such an amazing place to be,
you’re surrounded with the most excellent faculty,
and your peers are phenomenal.
I actually cried at my interview
at the University of Miami and so I knew
I had to be there.
The excitement of seeing what I’ve been hoping and waiting
for that just overtook me and I was just
overjoyed from being able to see my first choice.
My name is Cory Lucas, I’m going to the University of Cincinnati,
and I’m going to Internal medicine.
UofL was a fantastic school; I had a great four years here, the faculty,
both in the undergrad, or in the early years, the first two, as well as,
the clinical years in the hospital have just been fantastic.
They’ve all been phenomenal.
They’ve really helped usher me into a new phase every time I walked
into the hospital or every time I walked into a classroom
to be better than I was the day before and to come out
a stronger and more confident person.
They’re a very well-rounded class if we think about physicians
and being scholars, an being humanitarian healers and
caregivers and members of their community, and reaching out in their community,
and will fulfill those roles.
They will do a fabulous job going into their communities, touching the lives and
touching the health of people in those communities.
So we’re really proud of them.