Os Barbixas - Improvável - Estilos (com Marcio Ballas e Cristiane Wersom)

Uploaded by videosimprovaveis on 23.07.2009

The "Dramatic Styles" Game! I need you guys in the middle to give me some styles.
Dramatic styles.
Suspense. Romance.
Right, right. In the "Dramatic Styles" Game they will make a scene
that will come to life through this sentence. All of them will play.
Cris and Andy will begin.
This will have to be the third sentence of the scene.
"I have eaten meringue with mayonnaise"
Let's begin with the style... Horror. Go.
Truth or dare?
I have eaten meringue with mayonnaise.
It's your turn!
Please, no!
Eat meringue with mayonnaise!
- Drama! - Oh, no!
Maria Carmen!
It is just a meringue!
It is not, Otávio Augusto!
Because I know...
That meringue with mayonnaise...
Is the end of a relationship!
Listen here!
You eat this meringue with mayonnaise...
Or get the hell outta my town!
Heeey, Otávio Augusto Billy John!
I gotta a craving for a cigarrete right now...
Alright? Come and get the cigarrette!
I'm comin', I'm comin'!
I've got a dinamyte right here...
Style... Suspense!
Ah can't close mah mouth!
I've eaten the meringue.
Mah mouth! Mah mouth!
You're going to eat another meringue.
With your mind power only!
Your mouth is open because of my mental power!
Mah gad!
Children TV Show!
Hey shorty! More meringue for you!
"Dramatic Styles" game, ladies and gentlemen!
Dear Lord... Elidio...
Were you Xuxa's turtle?
- No, I was a shorty. They were the mosquito. - But they look alike.
- We were Dengue. Marcio, your ignorance on Xuxa is shocking. - Really?
- We were Dengue. - I thought he was Praga.
It's kinda right, but this is not the subject right now.
IMPROVÁVEL Probably a good show.