Baking with Kids from HERSHEY'S Kitchens

Uploaded by HersheysKitchens on 30.11.2012

Welcome to the Hershey's Kitchens. I'm Bridget from If your kids
are anything like mine they love helping in the
kitchen. Today I'm going to show you some fun and easy tips to
get your kids involved in your kitchen. When baking with your kids, get them involved from
the very beginning by letting them help you choose
the recipe. If your child is helping to measure, have them do so
over an extra cookie sheet lined with waxed paper for easy cleanup. If you're in a time
crunch, you can have all of your ingredients premeasured and ready
to mix. Never underestimate the power of a cookie scoop.
They're easier to use than a spoon and help ensure a consistent size and shape of your
cookies. And they're a great tool for kids. Once your batter is mixed,
have your little helper grab the scoop and start filling the
cookie sheet. Make sure to assign your kids fun jobs. My son loves adding Hershey's Kisses
to every Peanut Butter Blossom. The cookies will be hot coming
out of the oven so make sure an adult is around. Another easy
tip is to fill squeeze bottles with tinted icing before your child comes into the kitchen
to bake with you. Once this is done, simply give them the bottle
and let them decorate as they wish. It's a lot less messy than dealing
with piping bags. The most important thing for a parent to remember is to breathe, relax,
and have fun. Baking with your kids might be a little messier,
but you're creating memories that'll last a lifetime.For more tips and recipes, visit and enjoy baking with your little ones.