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My name is Eric. If you've got a few minutes I'd like to tell you about my life-changing experience.
I’d always been a sort of health anomaly in my family.
When I was about three years old, I was hospitalized with a nasty respiratory infection that left me susceptible to frequent colds and asthma-like symptoms.
For the next 15 years I would get sick twice a year and have to miss school for weeks at a time.
I also dealt with constant ear infections, headaches, allergies and gastro-intestinal maladies, while the rest of my family never seemed to get sick ever.
By the time I was 21, things hit their peak. Joint pain, fatigue, depression and a full spectrum of digestive problems brought me to my wit’s end.
Medications didn’t work anymore, and doctors had no clue why I was suffering.
The life-changing experience started two years earlier, when I was 19. I used to actually be a Mormon.
Though I don’t claim any religious affiliation now, I did serve a two-year mission in Mexico for the church.
It was there that I learned about natural remedies, and the medicinal properties of plants.
For example, I ended up burning myself pretty badly during a pyromaniacal celebration, and had a large blister that wouldn’t heal.
One of the locals instructed me to apply the juice of a plant called ‘lirio morado’ on my foot a few times a day, to which I complied. Though skeptical at first, I was amazed soon after how quickly my wound disappeared.
I didn’t know when I was 19 that there’s a name for using plants instead of drugs, but alas: I had my first experience with Naturopathic Medicine.
So 2 years later when I was suffering from uncontrollable heartburn, it made sense to seek some kind of natural remedy before admitting myself to the hospital.
I began browsing through the local health food store to see if they had something to aid my digestion,
when I came across a white, hard-cover book called Eat Right 4 Your Type
I picked it up and began thumbing through the pages, intrigued by the title and back cover copy.
The author, Naturopathic Doctor Peter D’Adamo, was claiming that blood type somehow had to do with what kinds of foods I should be eating.
This was entirely counterintuitive to everything I’d ever heard about a proper diet.
To my astonishment, I read that Type O’s should avoid wheat and dairy, and focus on red meat and green vegetables for optimal nutrition.
Compelled and curious, I ended up buying the book and gave the diet a shot. Really, I thought, what do I have to lose?
That was April 2006. For the first time in three years, my stomach began to feel better instead of worse.
What surprised me more were the diet’s “side-effects”, if you will. My sinuses began to clear up, joint pain lessened, and bouts of energy came out of nowhere.
I ended up throwing away all my inhalers and allergy medications because my diet seemed to be doing all the work.
My health was being rejuvenated in a way that would change my perspective forever. Within a few short months, my body returned to a younger, healthier state.
My mind was more clear, I didn’t feel depressed all the time, and I became a lot less irritable.
If simply changing the way I ate could transform my life, why wasn’t everybody following the Blood Type Diet?
I still ask myself this question today. I have my guesses, but I want to know what people are saying first-hand about it... from the humble farmer to the prestigious medical doctor.
What would it take to make the world aware of a diet that has the potential to change lives?
We hear all the time about America being the fattest, unhealthiest country in the developed world.
Shouldn’t there be a reason for it?
Or a solution to end it?
Hospital studies have shown since the 1950’s that blood type O patients get more ulcers,
and type A patients get more heart disease.
Other studies show that O’s produce higher levels of stomach acid
and Intestinal Alkaline Phosphatase than A’s,
who lack these critical meat-digesting components.
Peter D’Adamo has been uncovering studies like these, and thousands more,
for the past 30 years, in order to understand the significance of blood type
in relation to a person’s health and disease susceptibility.
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Most medical professionals are only taught about blood type
in terms of a transfusion, and are not aware of its many other physiological effects.
Doesn’t it make sense?
Every day we hear more about personalized medicine and individually-tailored treatments.
In dieting, there’s no end to the debate between paleo, low-carb diets
and vegetarian, low-fat diets.
What D’Adamo has been proposing more than 25 years is that genetics determine which kinds of foods we should eat.
And blood type happens to be a major genetic factor in not only disease susceptibility,
but how we digest and assimilate nutrients from food.
Since the publication of Eat Right for Your Type in 1996,
millions of people have adopted their individualized diets with great success.
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I think the biggest reason the medical community hasn’t caught on is due to the lack of research.
Not hospital research that links blood type to disease,
but research on the diet itself.
The research that doctors want to see
is whether or not a large group of cohorts in a controlled environment,
following their particular blood type diets,
have a statistically-significant positive outcome for a specific medical condition.
And the simple fact is, there aren’t any of these studies.
And for one major reason:
Pfizer can have the luxury of promoting its new FDA-approved cholesterol-lowering drug
because they have the money to pay for the research.
D’Adamo, unfortunately, isn’t in the position
to fork out the approximately $7 Million it would take
to set up an adequate double-blind study for his diets.
Funding can come from other places, like government grants and universities,
but there must be enough interest first.
And since the medical community at large looks at Naturopathy as unaccredited and un-scientific,
the chances are practically non-existent for something like the Blood Type Diet to gain allopathic respect.
This is what I hope to change.
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Nutrition is my biggest interest,
But filmmaking is next.
I want to bring the Blood Type Diet to the world’s attention
with a full-length feature documentary film.
If you remember SuperSize Me,
Morgan Spurlock addressed the potential dangers of eating fast food.
We’ve been told the bad news,
but it’s time to hear some good news.
With your support, I will produce a film to change the world’s perspective on health and nutrition.
I will show the lives of those who have been influenced by the Blood Type Diet;
to tell their stories, as I’ve told you mine.
I will reveal the science and research behind Dr D’Adamo’s work,
while gathering opinions of both those who oppose and support him.
Above all, I will reveal what’s been going on for the last 25 years in a small town in Connecticut,
in a way that will entice the interest of the medical community
as well as the lay person.
This way, skeptics and critics will no longer claim a lack of scientific evidence for the Blood Type Diet,
because hopefully enough interest will be perpetuated as a result of this film
to provide the funding for not one, but multiple peer-reviewed studies.
To make this film, I’ll need your support.
A feature documentary costs anywhere from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce.
I’ve carefully budgeted the production of this film to $50,000.
It may seem like a lot
but with enough supporters, the goal will be easily reached.
Donations of any amount will be greatly appreciated
and if your means allows, I would humbly encourage you
to consider a contribution in accordance to your financial availability.
Every donation will be counted and responded to with a signed copy of the DVD
and any other available merchandise.
Larger contributions will be entitled to the special features listed in the description box below,
including possible film credit and royalties.
Help me turn a life-changing experience
into a world-wide awakening.
Dr D’Adamo has already done the work.
Now it's time to spread the word. (inspirational music)