BAMF Girls Club (Ep. 3) Hermione, Katniss, Lisbeth, Buffy, Michonne, and...Bella? Adopt Arya Stark!

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When Buffy, Hermione, Katniss, Lisbeth
Michonne...and Bella?
move into one house
It's an utter BAMFgasm of awesomeness!
It's the BAMF Girls Club!
[singing] I am magical and I'm OK
I cast all night and I cast all day!
Arya! It is so brilliant to meet you!
My name is Hermione,
Hermione Granger!
So my parole officer needs you to sign this.
Oh! All right.
Come in first. Scourgify!
It turns out Arya got herself into a spot of trouble
when she stabbed a little boy with her sword.
So it was either rehab
or a day of FUN and LEARNING with Hermione.
And I think we can all agree on which one sounds more appealing...right?
So, um...
What would you like to do first?
We can READ together...
No wonder she only has two friends.
Or I can whip us up a meat pie...mmmeat!
Or! We can play my favorite game:
Is that a sword?
Michonne: You like swords? Hermione: No no no no no. Arya, that's what got you into trouble in the first place.
Hermione: So no no no no no. Arya: Yes!
Arya: I only have a small one. Needle. Katniss: That's a great name, Little Duck. We're gonna go train.
Katniss: You wanna join us? Hermione: NO! Arya: YES!
Arya: I need all the practice I can get so I can kill Joffrey. Hermione: No, no.
Hermione: I appreciate your intentions,
but I promised the Fantastic Big Sisters that I'd keep Arya out of trouble!
Real-life trouble that is, because
who knows what kind of crazy hijinks we can get into in a good BOOK!
All right, well we're gonna be outside...hoping that summer doesn't SNEAK away from us.
Yeah, well...
We're going to read!
See who has more fun.
Way more fun than you!!

Arya: Can you do magic? Hermione: YES!
That's SO...
Can you show me some? Please?
The only magical people in Westeros are all evil.
Well, I am all up for shattering stereotypes! Let me just get my...
I could've sworn I laid it right here...
You stay right here
While I go get my WAND of MAGIC!
Just wanna get your center...
Be one with the sword.
Crossing! Good.
Now, counter.
Don't know what to expect...
OK, fight!
The odds aren't exactly in my favor...
Katniss: Oh, hey, Little Duck!
What're you doing out here?
Hermione said I could take a break for being so good!
So good, right. All right, let's train.
Violent, distrustful, manipulative, deadly.
Just like me. I say we bring her into the alliance.
All right, Tributes! Don't really stab each other.
Whoa, kid! Don't lose your head.
I'm not Rue...
I will avenge your death!
I'm not dead!
Hermione [offscreen]: Expelliarmus!
I'll miss you, Rue.
Michonne [offscreen]: For the last time, I'm not Rue, and I'm not dead!
Here is the place where I love you.
I'm sorry, Hermione.
I just wanted to get enough to kill Joffrey, and...
The Hound, Ser Armory, Ser Gregor...The Tickler...Polliver...Chiswyck...
Uh, that's OK, that's all right. As long as you learned your lesson.
And the lesson is: Hermione's still got it!
Aw yeah! What what?
Be sure to tune in next week to find out what's coming for your favorite BAMFiest BAMFs!
Ser Ilyn...
Ser Meryn...
Dunsen...Raff the Sweetling...and MICHONNE.
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