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Sir, the dreadful terrorist Jakarto has placed bombs in the city.
Which include airports, railway stations, big hotels...
...schools and hospitals too.
His condition is that his four accomplices who were...
... arrested for previous bomb blasts, must be released by 12 noon.
Or else he will blow up these places.
The lives of the citizens are more important..
.. then those terrorists.
We have limited time. If we don't reply to Jakarto soon.
Only one person can reply to him.
Commissioner Suryadev Singh.
Welcome my friends! Greetings.
On one side is the Indian Police Who is the pride of the world.
And on the other hand is Jakarto, all alone.
I've compelled the police to become helpless before me.
Officer! Looks like the iron man of India has rusted off.
Don't try to act smart. Hand over the revolver to me.
Put your hands up.
Very good.
I will destroy this city after a short while.
And you will hear the cries of death.
You have challenged the strenght of Indian Police.
But Indians are not weak, Jakarto.
Suryadev, is it true that you first shoot and talk later?
Who told you?
The person gunned by me..
..doesn't remain in a position to say anything.
And how can you trust a person
who hasn't been gunned by me?
You know it very well what I mean.
Look, our methods are different.
You behave politely to a criminal.
But for me crime and criminal means the same.
There can't be one without the other.
So if you want to finish crime, finish the criminals first.
I believe in bullet for bullet.
Geetings Jagat Narayan. - Yes Greetings.
Congratulations brother! - How are you, Vishambhar?
Congratulations brother! - How are you, Vishambhar?
I'm fine. - Greetings!
Greetings Mr. Minister! - Greetings!
Greetings Mr. Minister!
Your Govt. is very mean. The tax on the cosmetics has increased.
Does it hate beauty? - Hail....Hail.
Minister, he is my son, Nagendra. - Greetings!
You have a happy family, Suryadev.
His granddaughter Kajal means everything to him.
My daughter Kiran is missing her a lot. - Is it?
Kiran's marriage on the day after.
When is Kajal returning from London?
She'll be coming tomorrow after the final exam.
Okay! I'll leave.
You all are also invited for the wedding.
Please do come! - Hail..Hail of Course!
Brother, you didn't tell us that Kajal is coming?
I didn't tell you?
Perhaps I forgot. I'm getting old.
But the way you killed Jakarto belies your age.
He doesn't think us as his own.
After all we are step one's Isn't it Brother-in-law?
No Rajrani, It's not so. I'm retiring next year.
I'm thinking of marrying off Kajal after she returns.
She'll take care of Sunder Nagar And I'll go on a pilgrimage.
I've killed so many people. I have to get rid of those sins.
Brother-in-law, you are spitting. On your father's picture?
He is fortunate that it is just his picture.
If he was alive, I would've imprisoned him in this dungeon.
The way Aurangzeb had imprisoned his Father Shahjahan.
Why do you hate your father so much?
After all, you are his son.
I was his son but he took Suryadev Singh as his own.
He took his brother's son as his own.
He wrote all his property in the same of Suryadev's child, Bastard.
This puts me into deep thougth, Brother-in-law.
He should've written the property in the name of Suryadev.
But why did he write it in the name of his grand-child?
He feared that Suryadev Singh would've taken pity..
..and write the property on my name.
Such a big distrust on one's own son? Hail.
Why did he do this justice to you?
Because I had married your sister, a courtesan.
He didn't accept us.
He used to say that will you make this home a brothel?
He dismissed me from the whole property.
Father! your father didn't just do that he also dismissed...
..you from all the happiness of life which belonged to you.
Livimg on charity, our entire lives..has made us helpless like
a handicap beggar, yearning to walk, but no soul to help him.
Your father is not a bastard, like my father.
I shall give you what you deserve.
Sunder Nagar will be ours.
I will do anything for that.
After Kajal's death, I will be the heir to Sunder Nagar and its property.
She won't be able reach home From the airport tomorrow.
Arrangements have been made, Father.
Passengers kindly proceed to the aircraft..
Through gate number 5.
The flight is about to land.
I didn't sleep all night.
Grandpa! - Kajal!
Grandpa! - Kajal!
My child, my life.
Aunty! - My child!
Aunty, is grandpa alright? His eyes look so red.
He hasn't slept all night after hearing of your return.
If it was possible, he wouldn't have let the sun set.
Even the sun would've forgotten to set..
..if he had such a granddaughter.
Look I've grown the same as you. Isn't it, Aunty?
You'll always remain..
..a child to him, Bittu.
Let's go home. - No Grandpa.
Then you will have to carry me in your arms.
Oh!...... Come.
Wait! Or else I'll shoot.
Oh come on, come on, sit down baby.
Thank you. - Sit down! Ok.
How nice! Potato stuffed breads!
I shall feed you with my own hands.
I've grown up, I'll eat by myself.
You will eat your fill..
..but what about me?
I will feed you. Eat! - What are you doing?
I'm feeding the bear and then the bear will dance for me.
You used to dance for me, when I was a child.
Go ahead. Even, I will watch. - Damru, even you?
Even I'd like to see the bear dance.
Let's start. - Rukmini, look how she is pestering me.
Will I dance in this old age?
Aunt, tell him?
If she is insisting the dance.
Damru! Give the rhythm.
'It has fallen down, from the floor, the monkey...'
Come on, Grandpa. Well done.
What I have I heard, Brother-in-law?
Who shot at our dear girl?
I curse him. He should go to hell. - Hail.
May his turn into a blind.
His children be indisciplined. He will be doomed.
How did he dare to attack you?
Yes! We were shocked to hear about this.
He had fired at the police, not Kajal.
Brother, the bullet has no preferences.
The bullet never chooses it's victim.
Even the bullet respects an iron man, Bhishambar.
The problem is that fate will Always have to favour you..
..for your well being.
But it will favour..
..the enemy only once for their success.
You don't worry, Banwari!
There'll be catastrophe if anything happens to Kajal.
Strange. I have cut my hair today and you are talking such things.
I've not yet worn the swimming suit Kajal bought for me.
Your Gramda, she is too smart.
Are you all coming for the wedding of Jaynarayan's daughter.
At the home Minster's house?
Good that you reminded me.
I had forgotten. - Damru!
Yes! - Won't you serve breakfast to everyone?
Why not? Even. I haven't eaten yet.
Snakes have milk. What will you have?
No Nagendar! Let it be.
We take your leave. - Kajal! He is leaving, greet him.
Bless you! May you have long life.
May God save you from all evils.
I hope nothing bad befalls you.
"Sing and dance girls, enjoy your freedom"
"Today you, tomorrow I will get married"
"Then we can't enjoy"
"Eyes met"
"Tightened the knot"
"Troubles increase"
"My beloved kissed me"
"But I said.. - What"
"But I said no.."
"One has to lose in love"
"Then he said.."
"O beloved, come closer"
"I love you from the bottom of my heart"
"But I said.."
"Go away, O unfaithful"
"Go away, O unfaithful"
"You might ditch me someday"
" I was sitting at home comfortably"
"I went on the terrace for some work"
"He was standing at the staircase"
"My heartbeats were fast"
"And silence on the streets"
"I've come all dressed"
"You are my brother-in-law"
"I wonder who cast an evil eye on me"
"I got hiccups"
"I got hiccups"
"If I drink water, It tastes like whisky"
"If I love, I find it risky"
"Have some shame, let me go"
"Very delicate I am"
"My tresses will fall loose"
"My make up will get spoiled"
Seeing you dance happily at the wedding..
..I thought I must get you married off soon.
Grandfather I don't like you.
- You are very mean. - What can I do?
I stay among criminals, So the effect rubs off on me.
You want to send me away..
.. so that being with me shouldn't affect you.
- It's not so. - Remember that I'll go so far away..
..that you won't be able to catch up with me.
- Listen! - I don't want to.
Kajal! Grandfather!
Kajal! Grandfather!
Leave me.
- What's the report from no.213 - They are checking all the cars.
- And 701? - Specially the trucks going out of the city..
Post guard everywhere.
- Let me tie the bandage. - Be quick.
Just a minute. Be on the line.
Headquarters. Is there any news.
What is all this happening?
She was too young.
I curse them.
Some beasts must have kidnapped our child.
I don't know how they must be treating her.
Nothing can harm her.
Don't lose hope.
She will be found.
Only God knows how she will be.
You don't know my grandpa.
He won't spare you if you hurt me.
Leave me.
Where will you go?
Help me!
Hand over the girl to us.
Hey, Can't you hear?
Please leave me.
Please leave me.
Help me!
Please take me to my grandpa.
If my child is not found within an hour..
..I will take the law into my own hands.
If they know only the language Of violence..
..I'll deal them in the same way.
Brother, Kajal.
- Nothing can happened to her. - Grandpa!
Kajal has come.
Kajal my child!
Where were you, my child?
Where were you, my child? My love?
I would've died if he hadn't saved me on time.
Come here, young man!
- What's your name? - Karan.
- What do you do? - Fight!
With whom?
With hunger, unemployment, my fate and myself.
Meet me at my office day after tomorrow.
Good that our child has returned safely.
Kajal! Thank him.
I won't thank him.
Saying thanks returns the favour.
If the favour is returned, how will friendship begin?
The police is searching all over the city. Mr. Vishambhar.
You had promised that you would send us to a safe place.
My dear brother-in-law..
..according to his promise, will send you all to a place..
..where not only Suryadev Singh but nobody else can find you.
-Nagendra! - Yes!
Dump those dead bodies.
What's the matter?
I see a change in you.
I haven't seen the mountains move.
Mountains don't have children.
A child makes a man weak.
- Why are you thinking like this? - I have to.
I don't understand who is trying to stab me in my back.
I fear if my duty should harm my child.
I can understand.
I've just nurtured her.
When I can be so worried for her..
Then what will you be feeling?
Kajal means everything to you.
You've not just nurtured her..
..you didn't even marry because of her.
If you weren't there how would a Strict police officer like me..
..take care of the child of my Arun and Geeta?
Even you sheltered me as your sister.
You made me Kajal's aunt.
I am thinking of sending Kajal With you to Sunder Nagar.
Sunder Nagar?
- To Mr. Roshanlal's house? - Yes.
He is my childhood friend.
His grandson Rohit has become an army doctor now.
Kajal will be safe there.
If Kajal and Rohit like each other..
..then I'll get them married.
Are you sure that she will go if you say?
I thought I would be with her this time.
I would spend my time with her and play with her.
But Kajal will have to go to Sunder Nagar.
Who stays with you?
A few broken dreams and a sick mother.
How can I help you?
Youths like me need Only one chance..
..to lay our lives for our country.
What chance do you want?
I want a job.
You might lose your life If the job is risky.
Death is simply blamed It is more Tough to live.
You seem to be very displeased with life.
Not with life, with myself.
It will vanish from today.
You've got the job.
What is my job?
Protect my life.
Your life?
- My granddaughter Kajal. - But the police is with you.
Then why me?
Their presence will always be a danger to her life.
And I want to protect her.
Reason for trusting me?
My faith.
I don't trust anybody otherwise.
From today onwards, you are Kajal's bodyguard.
Go and get prepared to Go to Sunder Nagar.
I want to meet my mother before leaving.
Okay. - Thank you, sir.
Karan. You haven't asked about your salary.
Your trust is my compensation.
And whatever you give will be my reward. Goodbye, sir.
Doctor says nothing to worry.
You will be get well soon.
Take me home.
I will take you home when you get well.
He is right. You are lucky to have a son like him.
I'm going out for a few days.
- Doctor will take care of you. - Take care.
God knows what all trouble you must be taking for me.
You have given me life. I will take trouble for you.
- Okay! I'll leave. - Bless you!
Please come, doctor!
The only value this money has is that..
..saved my mother's life.
Take it. I'll bring more if needed.
Nothing should lack in my Mother's treatment.
Don't worry. Have faith.
You appointed a stranger as Kajal's bodyguard?
He is not a stranger. I've inquired about him.
He is a martyr soldier's son. His mother is in the hospital.
Isn't there any capable man In your police force..
..who can protect Kajal?
There are many
but I don't want a policeman to be with her.
Otherwise, she may become a target of the enemies.
It can be dangerous.
You have been deceived, Police Commissioner!
Kajal's death will protect her life.
Well done, Brother-in-law!
To cheat an eagle, It's essential to fly higher than it.
Suryadev Singh is so clever that..
..nothing can escape from his vigilant eye.
We needed such a man to win his faith..
..whom Suryadev Singh won't suspect.
We were fortunate to find Karan.
Your destiny! Your reward was good.
I can do anything to acquire Sunder Nagar and all the property.
But remember that this murder should seem like an accident.
As you wish.
- Damru! - Who's that? - Yes!
What's all this? What packing have you done?
You haven't kept the god's idol And the things for the worship.
- What's all this? - You had told me not to touch it.
I don't know the magic of packing without touching it.
I won't go. Please explain to grandpa.
He is sending me in the jungle.
He will be lonely without you.
Damru! Have you kept all the things in the jeep?
Yes! I am the only thing left outside.
Please grandpa! - Child!
Bittu. - Aunt.
This is not only your duty but also your responsibility.
I know, Sir. - Here's the pistol.
And here's your license.
'Joyful drive and the beautiful weather...'
Looks like this jeep will reach Sunder Nagar next year.
Isn't it, Damru? - If I had known before..
..I would've taken the requirements for one year.
The bicycle rider has gone ahead of us.
Keep quiet. He is driving properly.
I fear that Kajal may grow old before she reaches Sunder Nagar.
If it happened, we'll have to marry her off in the journey itself.
Greetings! - Are you all fine?
Yes! You've reached very early.
Have you come by a jeep or plane?
We thought you'll be coming tomorrow morning.
Oh my...! You've grown up. - What could I do, Dhano?
I tried a lot but I couldn't remain small.
Dhano, there's a lot of time to talk.
First, bring the luggage from the jeep. Go!
Kalu come on start.
I thought it was an imported doll which Madam has brought.
I'm not an imported doll, I'm an Indian.
Who are you? - She is Bhairav's daughter Dhano.
And Dhano he is Damru. - Yes!
Is he just for name sake a Damru (drums)?
Beware of making fun of me. - What are you talking?
Come on. Pick up the luggage.
Where will the driver stay? Will he sleep in the jeep?
He is not a driver, his name is Karan.
He is Kajal's bodyguard. Your master has sent him.
Make the required arrangements for him. - Okay!
Let's go.
Shall I touch you? - Why?
To check whether you get electrocuted or not.
Times have changed.
How lovely! - Get lost!
Kalu! - Yes! - Get ready.
Keep everyone's luggage in their respective rooms.
Mr. Bodyguard, come with me.
Was he born in a fast train?
How do you know?
He is breaking th signals. Tell him to speak with pauses.
'My beloved is very naive. He doesn't understand my feelings.'
The morning is so beautiful here, isn't it?
It is the dawn of the mountains. It awakens the guest like this.
Who's speaking? Sir! It's you?
Hello, grandpa! - How are you?
Have you reached safely? - Yes!
Are you getting bored?
No! But when are you coming?
I will come very soon. How do you feel there?
I'm feeling very nice. Just talk to aunty.
Yes! - Goodmorning..
What happened Rukmini?
The atmosphere of the village is very healthy.
Take care.
'Oh birdie, fly off, as this town is old now..'
Oh vow! Just use the ladder and get my blouse from the balcony.
Yesterday a monkey had stolen it.
Do monkeys here steal blouses?
The monkeys of the mountain are like that.
- How are they? - Just like you.
Kajal! Come my child.
Embrace your uncle fast. - Hi uncle.
Now, I'm at peace.
How are you, Rohit?
Always smiling and making others smile.
He is so fortunate that people..
.. open their heart before him. - Is it?
I open it. The people only hand over it to me.
Mr. heart Specialist,
don't become a heart patient yourself while treating others.
Well said.
- Greetings Mr. Roshnalal! - Greetings!
Where is that police man?
You know that..
- There's an idea to call uncle here. - What?
We both will kidnap Kajal.
Then he will have to come to rescue her.
- Isn't it, Kajal? - Kidnapping me is a bit difficult.
- I have a bodyguard. - Bodyguard?
Yes! To protect her.
Why does she need protection?
Karan! He is Mr. Roshanlal.
Hello young man. Shake hand.
You seem to be very strong but You don't smile.
My duty is to protect Kajal and not to smile.
Well said. I am impressed. Hi, I am Rohit.
Come to me if you ever have a heart trouble.
Okay! I'll leave. God knows who must be Waiting for me.
Grandpa! Perhaps you forgot that you have to go for a meeting.
Oh thank God.
Kajal, you will surely make me face losses.
When I forgot my tender meeting on the first day itself..
..What will happened further?
You all are invited for dinner tonight.
Okay, bye.
I've had my bath.
I've brought the towel along. I've even worn my shirt.
Where are my trousers?
Where are my trousers?
This place is strange. You get robbed in broad daylight.
The monkeys here used to rob clothes..
....have they robbed my trousers too?
Where are my trousers?
Wait! Where are my trousers?
You! Go away!
Are you searching for this?
What are you doing with my trousers?
- I was stitching it. - Are you trying to trap me?
How lovely!
Don't fool with me. I have to go for dinner.
I am already toilet... too late.
Will you eat in the hotel when there's food at home?
Hey, where are you running?
What are you doing?
Hey, where are you running?
There are so many people in the world.
But only one of them can steal our heart.
- Why does it happened so? - I don't know about that.
But I can say that the heart Knows only the language of love.
It doesn't know why it is in love and for whom.
The heart is so strange.
Enough of dancing. Come and eat.
Food is ready.
Let's go. From past 2 hours, They are moving..
..2 steps here and there.
Why type of dance is that?
The way we danced in our youth.
I had danced so much in your grandpa's wedding..
..that even he began to dance with us.
Well said, grandpa. Well said.
Karan, What are you doing there? Come and sit.
Come on Karan!
Karan, come here!
This dining table is a place here people..
..eat together and share love.
Rohit.. When will you take Kajal around Sunder Nagar?
When will he have time for that?
Tomorrow I will take a leave and take her..
.. to such a place whose beauty can impress anybody.
This is the most beautiful And dangerous place here.
Why dangerous?
Beauty is often dangerous.
And that river there..
..Mahiwal's girlfriend, Soni went swimming..
..with the support of a pot and got drowned.
How sad! - What sad. - She was a stupid girl.
She should've learned swimming.
She would've saved herself from drowning.
Rohit, I will kill you.
Be careful..
this is the suicide point.
Every year somebody or the other dies from here.
Last year a girl had died here.
Perhaps she slipped off.
Why are you looking like that?
What's wrong with you?
Say something.
What were you thinking?
Nothing! - Your eyes are very strange.
Such eyes belong either to a mad man or a killer.
What do you feel? - I am afraid of coming closer.
Tell me one thing. What should a girl do..
..when a boy doesn't give her a lift?
She should ask somebody else.
You are impossible.
It's the question of my friend's life and you...
You read so many love stories. Please tell.
The whole thing is very simple Kajal.
Ask your friend to create some problem.
A problem which can gain the sympathy of the boy.
Once she gains it.
In 90% of the situations its result is love.
And the remaining 10%? - Marriage!
What are you doing? - I have a problem.
And it is that he doesn't understand my problem.
It is a problem to tell him about the problem and it’s a problem even if I don't.
My problem won't be solved until it becomes his problems.
And his problem is that he doesn't have a problem.
But why are you involving this bull in it?
Don't you watch Hindi movies?
No problem! No problem!
What are you waiting for?
Don't you see she's in trouble?
Go and save her.
Why are you screaming like a child? You'll get well soon.
And now onwards make the bull run ahead of you.
My heart is beating very fast.
I hope it's not a heart attack.
Girls have their hearts on the wrong side.
It won't happened so soon.
Hello sir! Give the phone to Raamnath, I want to inquire.
I haven't called for you.
I want to talk to Kajal.
- Please take! - Hello Grandpa!
How are you?
I'm not fine.
What happened? - I fell off.
Where? How?.. Where was Karan?
Call him. - I'm fine. It was my fault.
Don't worry. I am fine.
Are you enjoying?
Yes! I've even made a friend.
Okay! Does your friend take care of you?
He cares a lot.
Do you like him?
Yes, grandpa.
But he seldom talks and.
And never smiles.
You can make a stone feel.
Teach him to smile.
I will teach him everything.
Don't worry.
I will also teach him to sing and dance.
But when are you coming? I want to speak to you about something.
Then say it on the phone. - Not on the phone.
I feel shy. You have to come here.
Okay! I will come. Bye!
Drink milk with turmeric. You'll be alright.
Don't be stubborn.
Okay, I'll leave.
Bye Rohit. - Get well soon.
Karan! Come with me. I'll hand over some medicines.
Do you understand girls? - I didn't get you.
They are strange.
They say something and it means something else.
They ask something and want to hear something else.
I've examined many girls.
They seem to be normal but they aren't.
I have no experience in this case.
Lucky guy.
Looks like somebody has cast an evil eye on you.
Let me get rid of it.
There's no cure of this disease.
Who is that lucky man?
He who stole my heart by saving my life.
Really? Then I'll take you to that temple.
These bangles are so pretty.
These are the bangles of desire.
This is the greatness of this temple.
If a girl wears the bangles of her choice..
..blessed by the goddess and if the boy whom..
..she loves touches them. Then they'll soon be married.
I want them. - Which colours shall I give?
All the colours. - Yes!
Distribute the offerings to everybody.
Okay! - Be quick. - Bhairav Singh come with me.
This is an offering, not food.
Same thing, Kajal.
Take it. Have it like a sweet.
"O unfaithful lover, this is unfair"
"I fell in love at this tender age"
"O unfaithful lover, this is unfair"
"I fell in love at this tender age"
"This is a disease which has no cure"
"This is a disease which has no cure"
"O unfaithful lover, this is unfair"
"I fell in love at this tender age"
"This is a disease which has no cure"
"This is a disease which has no cure"
"Cupid's arrow hit my heart"
"Now I am in trouble"
"I didn't want to fall in love"
"It is all your fault that I fell for you"
"I didn't want to die, with such a suffering.
"It is all your fault that I fell for you"
"Why did those beautiful eyes lower"
"Shy I feel"
"The spell of love was cast"
"Our names were changed"
"You became Juliet I became your Romeo"
"You became Juliet I became your Romeo"
"O unfaithful lover, this is unfair"
"I fell in love at this tender age"
"This is a disease which has no cure"
"This is a disease which has no cure"
He doesn't even look at me. How will he love me?
He surely will.
Count 1 to 12 by the name of God.
If he looks at you before the count of 12..
..then think that he loves you.
Really! Alright.
11 ..
11 ...
11 - Turn around - or else she will lose hope.
He looked at me!
Kajal is still alive, why?
Is it her luck or your failure?
I'm waiting for a right time.
I can't wait any more.
She shouldn't see tomorrow.
This place is very strange. It has some or the other point.
There's Sunset point, somewhere there's Love point.
And me? - You are a suicide point.
Madam! - Whose voice is that?
This is Mahuwa's voice.
She fell in love with a boy from the other side.
But there was enmity between the two villages.
The villagers never accepted their love.
One night Mahuwa went to the other side to meet her lover.
The villagers killed her. - Killed her?
She kept pleading that she didn't want to die unmarried.
I want to marry my lover.
Then, you may kill me.
But they didn't listen to her. - Then?
When the boy saw her dead body he
screamed and died on the spot.
After that their tombs were built here.
It is said that even today Mahuwa's voice can be heard here.
Such a fate of lovers!
I want to see those tombs.
Be careful.
Where is Damru?
'My parrot, see what it shows..'
You! Did you get scared?
Come closer, I'll scare you more. - Really?
For God's sake, save her.
Why don't you listen? Save her, will you?
For God's sake save her, brother! Please save her, brother!
Go, brother! Please save her, brother!
Show your hand!
Saving my life was your bravery.
But not treating a wound is foolishness.
Do you know, untreated wounds..
..may start rotting. It may prove to be dangerous.
You must be thinking what difference does it Make to me?
One bodyguard will be replaced by another.
And If you think so, you are the biggest fool..
...I never met and I won't like to meet either. You are enough!
This is not a toy, it can kill.
I know and I even know that you've come to kill me.
What do you mean to say?
The truth which I always see in your eyes.
The truth which you want to say but you are not able to.
What? - That you treasure my life more than your own.
This truth of yours has floored me.
And I fell in love.
You've gone crazy - You are a killer and..
I'm a crazy, Won't it make a good pair?
I think we must return. - No more returning now.
I had come here to swear upon these tombs in your presence.
..that the fate of our love won't be these tombs..
It'll be marriage.
"In the eyes of my beloved.."
"I will get drowned"
"In the eyes of my beloved.."
"I will get drowned"
"If I die after marriage, I won't regret"
"I don't want to die before marriage."
"I don't want to die before marriage."
"I don't want to watch the waves from a distance"
"I don't want to die before marriage."
"I will remove the veil of shyness.."
"I will reveal this secret to everyone"
"I will remove the veil of shyness.."
"I will reveal this secret to everyone"
"My people, don't ask me to keep quiet"
"I don't want to die before marriage."
"Get a pinch of vermillion"
"and adore my forehead"
"Get a pinch of vermillion"
"and adore my forehead"
"If I die then you"
"Don't call out my name"
"I don't want to die before marriage"
"I want to set the water on fire"
"I want to suffer the pain"
"I want to set the water on fire"
"I want to suffer the pain"
"I want to be happy"
"I don't want to yearn for love"
"I don't want to die before marriage"
"I want to fulfill my desire"
"Before I die"
"I want to fulfill my desire"
"Before I die"
"People, for God's sake.."
"Don't separate two lovers"
"I don't want to die before marriage"
"I don't want to die before marriage"
"I don't want to die before marriage"
I can't fall in love.
I can't fall in love.
This is an illusion.
If this is an illusion then why am I fighting with it?
Within me, who is rebelling against me?
Why is my heart becoming my enemy?
I'll tell her everything
She'll start disliking me.
Only then I will find peace.
I will tell her everything.
I've been hired to kill you.
I had come here to kill you.
Even you are awake?
Even I couldn't sleep.
Perhaps, this is what love is. Isn't it?
I want to say something to you.
First, wipe the sweat.
Looks like you are battling with somebody.
I'm not the one you think. - I know.
What do you know?
Love says everything.
Even this no is love. - How will I explain to you?
Even this helplessness is love.
Read this. I've written all my reality in it.
I've read your eyes. I don't want to read anything else.
My true self is in this letter.
You are in my heart.
Now confess that you love me.
Whatever I have to confess is in this letter.
I want to hear it from you.
No! Never!
If you can't confess.
That you love me..
Then here I tear this letter.
Now you have to confess. - No!
No, Kajal!
I don't love you.
If your denial is so strong, Then how will your consent be?
Go away! - However hard will you try to forget me?
The speed of love is faster than a bullet.
I hate to love. - Even this hatred is love.
Even this hatred is love.
And he created something like Ramayan.
Hail Lord Ram! - Hail!
Karan! Come here!
Put your hand forward.
Get it tied, its just a holy thread; not a handcuff.
This is stronger than a handcuff.
You can unshackle the handcuffs with a key...
...but you are bound to it forever.
This holy thread is such a beautiful thing.
In appearance It's just a colourful thread.
But it has so many blessings in it.
The one who wears it, Will never face evil.
And he will never do evil either.
In our country, everything has a meaning.
The one who battles with himself is always defeated.
You've lost this battle.
No! Not at all.
You may lie to yourself. Not to me.
It is true.
Look at me!
Look into my eyes and say that you don't love me.
Say! - I..
I don't know anything.
What you don't know, the whole world knows.
The whole universe knows what you don't know.
That you love me. - No!
I don't love you. - Then what's that I can see in your eyes?
Then, what's that feeling I see in you?
Who within you is wanting you to touch me?
I will finish him, whatever he is.
He is stronger than you.
He has made the impossible possible.
Nobody could withstand his power.
Even the mountains were shattered.
He is lover.
I hate him. - Because you love me.
Confess that you love me.
I'll never confess.
Don't make a promise which you can't fulfill.
I will never break the promise come what way.
I swear upon this river. I will make you admit.
This is the river of the lovers Soni-Mahiwal.
The lovers consider its water to be holier than that of the Ganges.
I swear by the water in my hands that..
.. if you don't confess before it flows out.
I will think that my love is not true.
I will commit suicide.
Each drop of water is a countdown of my life.
I'm alive until this water is in my hands.
"Love, O my love"
"Love, O my love"
"My heart beats for you"
"Your heart beats for me."
"My heart beats for you"
"Your heart beats for me."
"Now it's difficult to live without each other"
"But easy to die"
"My heart beats for you"
"Your heart beats for me."
"Now it's difficult to live without each other"
"But easy to die"
"Love, O my love"
"Love, O my love"
"I beckoned to you"
"I beckoned to you"
"I even passed a message through my eyes"
"I couldn't understand it, how foolish I was"
"Love, O my love"
"Love, O my love"
"Now the world will know me by your name"
"Now the world will know me by your name"
"Seeing your face, people will identify me"
"We will be each other's identify"
"Love, O my love"
"Love, O my love"
"We have to go away from the eye of this world"
"But remember, we must walk together"
"We have to go away from the eye of this world"
"But remember, we must walk together"
"Now the path ahead is unknown"
"Love, O my love"
"Love, I'm your love"
"My heart beats for you"
"Your heart beats for me."
"My heart beats for you"
"Your heart beats for me."
"Now it's difficult to live without each other"
"But easy to die"
"Love, O my love"
"Love, I'm your love"
"Love, I'm your love"
My dagger is being stabbed in my chest?
The killer has become a lover, No, Nagindar!
Now Kajal's death will be a revenge, not an accident.
It will be revenge! Revenge!
Kalu! I had told you to milk the cow.
Dhano! - Oh! So Dhano is milking the cow.
Dhano is inside? Inside this?
Yes father! - What are you doing in there?
I lost my needle.
Strange girl!
She is losing her things since that fellow has come.
She losesher needle and somtimes her blouses or anklet.
She's like her mother. She just loses her things.
But her mother used to be lost for nights together.
She has lost her needle.
That rusty, old.. machine!
You cause a hurdle in our good work?
I won't spare him.
You fractured bone in meat! You rotten tape-recorder!
Is he your real father? - Yes! He doesn't seems so.
I'll deal with him later. Let's carry on.
He has a look of an obsessed lover.
He doesn't fear death.
He will protect Kajal..
..even if he has to lay his life for that.
We want a more dreadful killer than Karan.
Dilavar is a terrorist from the borders.
He has committed so many crimes.
That's why he is called a killing machine.
Death and Dilavar never inform before arriving.
Job? - Kajal's death.
Price? - Whatever you ask for?
And Karan?
Even, he will die.
"Beyond the oceans, the earth and the mountains"
"The sky is higher than the mountains."
"There is no one superior to the sky"
"One is God and other My beloved"
"Beyond the oceans, the earth and the mountains"
"The sky is higher than the mountains."
"There is no one superior to the sky"
"One is God and other My beloved"
"Never lie to God and your beloved"
"Never lie to God and your beloved"
"Never let out your secrets to anyone else"
"Never lie to God and your beloved"
"Never let out your secrets to anyone else"
"Never let out your secrets to anyone else"
"On a rainy night alone with my beloved"
"O maiden, tell us the truth"
"O maiden, tell us the truth"
"I lost my heart to him. I fell in love"
"This naive girl. -Tell us, who your beloved is?"
"Tell us, who your beloved is?"
"Oh no.. I won't take his name"
"Never let out your secrets to anyone else"
"Never let out your secrets to anyone else"
"O listen to the story of my love"
"Just look at her alluring beauty"
"Just look at her alluring beauty"
"Cheeks with blush, swaying style"
"are his identity"
"Are you the one, O lovely maiden"
"Are you the one, O lovely maiden"
"Don't look at me like that"
"Never let out your secrets to anyone else"
"Never let out your secrets to anyone else"
"Never lie to God and your beloved"
"Never let out your secrets to anyone else"
"Never let out your secrets to anyone else"
"This is a moment of joy"
"This is a moment of love"
"The moment will pass by"
"Just the memories will remain"
"Who knows what it will give, and what it will take away"
"Come on, beat the drums"
"Wonder what will happen tomorrow"
Brother! - What's the matter?
Come immediately.
Something terrible has happened.
What's the matter? - Kajal had gone to the fair.
Firing took place there.
Is my Kajal alright?
She is nowhere to be found.
Where's Karan? - He was with her.
Even he is not to be found.
Yes! - Don't lose hope,
I'm coming. - Okay!
Kajal and Karan are missing since past 16 hours.
What are you all doing?
I think this is the work of the terrorists.
But we are not sure.
How will face my friend if something happened to Kajal?
Nothing can happened to her.
She is innocent.
And god protects innocent people.
What have you done this?
You burned your hands for my sake?
They were the hands of a killer,
Good that they got burned.
With that I've paid off for my sins.
With the hands of a murderer?
What are you saying?
Say that it is not true? - It's true.
This is my reality.
If I couldn't say today I will never be able to say.
I had come to kill you.
A protector can never be a killer.
It was a deception
to come close to you.
The true purpose was to kill you.
Why? How had I harmed you?
Nor I had harmed you neither you did.
But I was hired to kill you
By the people who are your And your grandpa's enemies.
I had taken money from them. - I don't believe this.
I don't believe this at all.
What was the need for it? - Need!
When life is full of problems one fails to find an answer.
Life had created problems for me too.
What are you all up to?
Why are you interfering? - She is my mother.
Try to understand.
If she is kept here it can be dangerous for others.
You can be affected by the dreadful disease.
It's necessary to take her to the hospital for
The safety of others as well as herself.
Stay away from her or it may prove dangerous for your life.
But this life is given to me by her.
My mother meant everything to me.
She kept struggling with The world for my sake.
She used to feed me, But undergo torments for the world.
My age became the wrinkles On her face.
She used to bring books for me so that
I could become an educated man.
But she took every trouble To buy those books for me.
God knows since when she was sick. She never let me know.
Only God knew everything.
Even then, He was quiet.
God remained dormant even through
Her conditions was declining.
Mother! - I can't tolerate anymore, why don't I die?
Don't talk like that. You'll get well soon.
No! - Excuse me! - When will the doctor come?
I don't know.
Sister! - What's the matter?
My mother is in pain.
If you care so much why have you
Brought her to Govt. hospital.
Karan! Kill me. I will be free from pain.
And you too - No!
Kill me!
My mother was asking for death.
Neither I could give her death, not relief.
The treatment for her illness is very expensive.
If you want her to live, Bring the injections..
Which can relieve her from the pain.
The injections could save my mother's life.
But I needed a lot of money for it
And that too immediately.
Which neither you grandpa's job could give..
And not my principles.
The pain was increasing.
And one day the pain had crossed it limits.
I lost faith in God. And when I had lost faith.
I was free from the responsibility of humanity.
And I traded my principles with your Enemies for your life.
I had come to kill you.
But you became my love.
I have killed the killer Kajal.
I have killed the killer.
Now, my only goal is to protect you.
I will finish your enemies one by one.
You've killed whom you Were supposed to.
Now you won't kill anybody.
We'll go to grandpa and tell him everything.
He knows how to handle his enemies.
But the enemy is none other than
Karan! Open your eyes!
Wake up Karan!
Someone has worshiped you By lighting this lamp.
This lamp is my Karan's life.
I will lose my faith if it goes off.
You are alright!
What have you done?
This is the symbol of your love.
Nobody can separate us now.
Look what has happened!
Kajal is nowhere to be found.
Nothing can happened to her.
Don't worry. I'm there.
Any news about Karan? - No!
Even he is missing after the fair.
Maybe he has gone to save Kajal.
Anyway the police is investigating.
Where was Karan staying?
In the outhouse.
Just a minute.
My child is in the hands of a killer?
Kajal, police.
Are you all searching for us?
Please take us to my grandpa! - Get in!
Come. - Karan!
Karan.. - Kajal!
She is dead. Now I'll handover your dead body to Mr. Vishambar.
The last time we saw Karan was at this place.
Our men fired at him but he escaped.
And my Kajal?
She wasn't with him.
What's it? - A girl's dead body is found near Haripur Jugles.
Where' s it? - The dead body is there.
She is yours.. - No!
My Kajal is alive.
My Kajal is alive.
My Kajal is alive.
The jungles of the Tarai start from here.
And the River Sutlej flows from the middle.
There's danger all around and even wild animals.
I'm worried about that animal in whose
Clutched my child is.
I myself will go in search of her.
Who has placed an evil eye on my child?
The moment we learned that the bodyguard
Has kidnapped her, we couldn't rest in peace.
It was ill-fated day when you had appointed him.
God knows how he must be treating her.
Don't worry.
Once he is found, brother-in-law will shoot him at sight.
"I hope we aren't lost in this game of love"
"Come let me take in your arms"
"The world will remember our love forever"
"The world will remember" "our love forever"
"The memories of our love will forever remain in this world"
"The memories of our love will forever remain in this world"
"Love is the most beautiful feeling"
"so says the world"
"People say you should keep away from it"
"Love is the most beautiful feeling"
"so says the world"
"People say you should keep away from it"
"So many have scarified everything for love"
"They were lost in love"
"We'll do something that the world will remember us"
"We'll do something that the world will remember us"
"The memories of our love will forever remain in this world"
"Let's write our names on each other's heart"
"Let us write the end of our love story"
"Let's write our names on each other's heart"
"Let us write the end of our love story"
"Let's forget everything else other than love"
"Take me in your arms, my love"
"Let's do something that the world remembers us"
"Let's do something that the world remembers us"
"The memories of our love will forever remain in this world"
"The world will remember our love forever"
"The world will remember our love forever"
"The memories of our love will forever remain in this world"
"The memories of our love will forever remain in this world"
"The memories of our love will forever remain in this world"
Come to my, my child.
No! - Move aside.
Don't shoot! - I said move aside.
Shoot if you want. I'm not afraid of death.
Please forgive him. He is not at fault.
He is a criminal. And I've never spared a criminal.
I am a criminal. I've committed this crime.
Even thought, I knew that Shyam can't escape I committed this crime.
- My crime is my love. - No!
Only death is the punishment for your crime.
Only life ends with death, not love.
Even his death will be your defeat.
Because he too love me.
What are you saying? Have you gone mad?
Even you are deceived by the enemy?
Today I'll tell you who the enemy is.
I will finish the enemy today.
Wait Kajal!
Wait Kajal!
Wait Kajal!
He took away Kajal and also wounded Brother-in-law.
You had brought him as a bodyguard, isn't it?
I was deceived for the first time in my life.
Once I lay my hands on him, I will bring out
the truth that on whose orders is he using.
Kajal like a pawn.
What would happened if Karan had been In Suryadev Sing's hands?
And if he would come to know from Karan that we are behind
The conspiracy of murdering Kajal
He would not spare us.
He would destroy you.
All your expectations would be ruined.
Yes! He would kill all of us.
I'm afraid when I think of it.
When a woman conspires She is very shrewd.
I've brought a gift for you.
Karan's mother.
Well done, sister! You've done a good job.
You had said that my son has called me.
Where is Karan?
Wherever he is he will surly come here, dead or alive.
What has he done?
Has he made a mistake?
He is innocent, I apologise for his mistake.
Please forgive him. Please don't harm him.
You all are very rich people.
Very rich people.
He is very unfortunate.
Since the day he was born ill-fate never left him.
It was more than enough.
Please don't harm him. Kill me if you want.
But spare my child.
Inform Karan that his mother is with us.
This river will reach us to your destiny.
There's no danger at all. Come on.
Hand over Kajal to us.
Not at any cost.
You betrayal can be cause of your mother's death.
She is in our captivity.
Did you see, your own people are your enemies.
I could never imagine such a big deception.
Let's go and tell grandpa everything.
My mother is in their captivity.
Until I find a way to free her We must keep the secret.
And a stone on our hearts.
Who has done this to my son?
So much blood and so many wounds on his body.
It's Karan, papa.
I'll kill you.
I'll kill you.
Your son has hurt my son.
You'll have to pay for each wound. - No!
When her son comes, we'll make her crippled.
We'll torture her, We'll treat her like a stray dog.
We'll torture her to the extent That her son will beg for her death.
You don't know my Karan well.
If he sees even One scratch on my body..
Then, there'll be great catastrophe.
His fear will not let you die either.
Arrest him!
Don't let him die but you may do anything to Make him confess.
Only cowards shed tears. So, stop crying.
I can't see you in this condition.
Why don't you confess?
No one can ease my pain.
How long will you tolerate all this?
I will have to tolerate.
My confession can become the cause of my mother's death.
Her life is more precious for me.
And I can lay my life to save her.
If anything happens to you, then even I
This is a tough time for both of us.
Don't be affected by my pain.
Our silence can save mother's life.
Once I'm out of this prison.
I'll save my mother.
Then, I can fight the whole world.
The whole world.
How did you dare to come here?
"Sorrow come alone with love"
"Hearts are to meet, and life to end."
"The realization has just dawned"
"The mirror dashed with the rock."
"The realization has just dawned"
"The mirror dashed with the rock."
"The glass was broke the glass was broken"
"The realization has just dawned"
"The mirror dashed with the rock."
"The glass was broke the glass was broken"
"Loved and got pain"
"The mirror dashed with the rock."
"Loved and got pain"
"The mirror dashed with the rock."
"The stone was broken the stone was broken"
"The realization has just dawned"
Look into my eyes and tell me whether this is good for me?
Can this make me happy? - Enough my child!
Take the medicine! Don't be stubborn.
"We shed tears of agony"
"But there's no end to our grief"
"We shed tears of agony"
"But there's no end to our grief"
"The pain made me restless, I think of my love."
"But my God is angry with me"
"Loved and got pain"
"The mirror dashed with the rock."
"The stone was broken the stone was broken"
"The realization has just dawned"
"The realization has just dawned"
She may die.
Then, shall I push her into the living hell?
She is already going through it
She has gone mad.
She is blind.
She doesn't realize that her obsession Can ruin her whole life.
Even you don't realize that Karan is her life?
Have you came to defend her or to advice?
I'm looking for Kajal's grandpa..
and my mother in Commissioner Suryadev Singh.
One sigh of hers uses to shake up the mansion.
You used to fulfill every wish of her.
And today her tears are pleading to you And you are unmoved?
Her tears cannot move me.
If parents bow before every wish of their child
The whole generation will become stubborn
and irresponsible.
She is your child but today I feel that
You never understood her.
I don't need to learn from you that
How I should treat her.
Don't you realize that every wound
Given to Karan is effecting her?
And if something happened to her, Even you will be effected.
Mountains can never be moved.
Yes! That's why they don't have children.
You are crossing your limits.
Remain in your limits.
In this house, you have just duties, not rights.
I had forgotten that I'm just a servant.
I had even forgotten that servants have no relations.
Good that you reminded me.
I worked in this house for 18 years.
But I never ask for my compensation.
Today, I want what I deserve.
I ask for my right today.
Please grant Kajal her love.
Whatever my happened.
But I will never Let her marry a criminal.
But if she is fated to marry a criminal
Even you can't change it.
Kajal is dear to me too.
Even Rohit is yours.
Save these tears for Kajal's wedding.
You've done me a great favour.
There's nothing like favour in friendship.
Now go and prepare for the wedding.
You should've asked Rohit at least once.
Ask him. - Do you have any objection?
Why should I?
What can be more good Than marrying a friend?
I won't marry.
I've promised.
You can't force your wish on me.
I can see revolt in your eyes.
This is the cause of your principles.
Your captivity has taught me to revolt.
You're talking too much.
Looks like you're grown up.
One has to grow up when elders Don't remain elders.
What spell has that fellow cast on you?
It is love. In order to know it you need to forget your.
Principles and look for your child's happiness.
Don't I mean anything to you?
Had I brought you up for this day?
So that you could revolt against me?
Had I lived for this day even after..
My son and daughter-in-laws death?
I remember that night very well.
When I received the news of my destruction.
My Arun and Geeta were poisoned by my enemies.
Arun! - Father!
Arun! What happened to you?
I won't live. - Nothing will happened to you.
Save my child!
Nothing will happened to it.
What's it?
We couldn't save her but here's your granddaughter.
Your smile ended all my sorrows.
After Arun and Geeta's death
Life meant nothing to me.
But your little hand lead me into a new life
And today same hand have blackened my face.
To who I had learn. They are talk against me.
The words I taught have took the form of revolt today.
Even I should've died alone with Arun and Geeta.
Today I've realized that
You've suffered so much for my sake.
I had forgotten that
I mean everything to you.
I'll do anything to see you happy.
I'm ready to marry anybody you say.
I have a request.
Don't take it as a condition.
Please do me a favour.
Tell me, what do you want?
Karan's release
- This is impossible. - He is innocent.
You may believe it or not bur I do.
His release will be my wedding gift.
I will never ask for everything else.
This way will lead you to a place of no return.
That will be the only place where you escape.
Go away and cross the borders.
My shadow is Kajal's shadow, Commissioner.
I can't live without Kajal.
Thinking about Kajal is crime for you.
You are fortunate That you are alive.
Hope that you never meet me again.
Kajal is my destiny.
All my paths lead to Kajal's house.
You can kill me but you can't keep me away from her.
She is supposed to marry somebody else.
She herself has left you.
- I don't believe you. - Then go and see for yourself.
Say that he is wrong.
Say that it is a lie.
I risked my life for you.
And you are marrying somebody else?
Why did you love me if you wanted to leave me?
You've deceived me.
I will never forgive you.
It is not your fault, you are always out of your senses
Greetings! Congratulations. - Same to you.
Rajrani and Banvari haven't come?
Look how modern woman are.
Just now she called to say
That she has gone to the beauty salon with him.
What's wrong with you?
People are waiting for you. - Yes, of course!
I will come after attending this case.
Even marriage is important. - Of course!
Do one thing give the pundit a 100 rupee note after every 5 minutes
I will reach soon.
Why have you brought so less flowers?
We want a lot of flowers for our child's wedding.
Commissioner sir said..
After all he is a commissioner.
We're too her Grandpa.
Bring more flowers and decorate the whole dais.
Look at Vishambhar.
A brother is after all a brother.
He seems to be more happy than me.
Are you happy?
Don't I seem happy to you?
Perhaps you are thinking that are you making
A mistake by getting Kajal married to Rohit.
You are wrong.
I can never make a mistake for Kajal.
Because her future means everything to me.
And Rohit is the person who can forgive Kajal's past.
He will keep her very happy.
What are you doing? Let me go.
I'm ruined.
Get some water soon.
Bhushan. - Move back.
What happened? - They've taken him away.
What? - Just now there was a call from the hospital
That Rohit is kidnapped by some hooligans.
What Rohit.
Don't worry. I've informed the police.
I've sent Banvari and Nagendra to search for him.
We will search for him.
Don't worry.
We'll do anything to save him.
Control yourself.
He has taken his revenge.
You are right.
Karan may be involved in kidnapping Rohit
This is impossible.
This is impossible.
This was..
This was Kajal's choice?
What an excellent plan!
Rohit was kidnapped by Nagendra and Karan is being blamed for it.
Here I will kill Rohit.
And you ruin all the happiness there.
Everything will be ruined at one stroke.
All the evidence against us will be finished today.
Banwari. - Hail.
You've come at the right time.
Where is my mother?
You may meet her but before that
You'll have to do a small favour for us.
You'll be happy to kill me person who is in the dungeon.
This revolver will be his death
And life for your mother.
Once I had traded some day's life with you
I won't do it again.
You will do it and that too with pleasure.
You owe us one murder.
If you can trade for one's life so save your Mother's life.
Then you can trade for another too.
Today all the situations are in our favour.
Brother-in-law's dreams to acquire Sunder Nagar.
Which began 18 years ago with poisoning Kajal's parents,
will be fulfilled today.
You have only one way that goes to the dungeon.
Rohit! - Karan!
I've been sent to kill you.
Who has send you?
Who can be my enemy?
The one who has conspired, is Vishambhar.
Vishambhar? - Yes! The man who is pretending to be a friend
He took advantage of my helplessness
And hired me to kill Kajal.
And now he wants me to kill you In exchange of my mother's life.
What a coincidence!
Kajal must be waiting For the wedding there
and here death is waiting for me.
Today is our wedding.
It means that my mother's life costs for Kajal's husband.
If my life can save you mother, then kill me.
Don't worry about me.
Kajal will get somebody else
..but you won't get another mother.
Kill me.
I've done your job.
Now release my mother.
I had lied. Now, she will die along with you.
There was just one bullet in it, which is over.
Kill him!
How do you feel when death is before you?
Come out from wherever you are
You must have seen many corpses burning to ashes.
But today you'll see your mother burning to death.
The door won't open without my consent.
Nagendra! Throw his mother into the fire.
Let's go.
Karan! Stop the jeep.
Karan! Your life is in danger.
The police is searching for you.
You are accused of kidnapping Rohit.
The commissioner has ordered to shoot at sight.
Please go away from this city.
How can I go with this slander?
I will get rid of it.
Take care of my mother ..till I return.
Rohit! Let's go.
Don't worry mother.
Nothing will happened to me.
Inform the D.C. that I've issued order's in all
..the police station to shoot Karan at sight.
Shoot at sight. It is my order!
I don't want to see him alive!
Don't worry sir! The police is searching for him everywhere.
We will shot him at sight.
What are you doing?
Do you want to shed blood in your daughter's wedding?
Uncle, Wait!
I'm here. I'm totally safe.
Karan has saved me.
I'm alive because of him.
Father! Take care of your son-in-law
..and fulfill your desires.
I know your trick very well. You bastard!
I called you father. Did I say bastard?
That's very mean of you!
He saved me & you're abusing him?
You don't know.
He has played the same trick before by saving kajal's life.
He had won my trust just like yours.
He is a born criminal.
A person is not born a criminal.
He is either made or he becomes one.
But you are surely a born criminal.
I'm sure that you are a son of a bastard.
Say anything to me.
Don't abuse my parents.
Don't try to challenge me or else there will be destruction.
Seen how the filthy dog wants to bite us.
This is what a born criminal is.
No! Karan.
Yes! I am a born criminal.
If I am a criminal and I've come here to deceive.
Then now see what this criminal does.
This marriage will take place.
And of Rohit and Kajal only.
And it will take place in my presence.
Pundit! Sit near the holy fire and get them married.
Right now!
Have you gone mad? - Yes!
And this mad man order's you to sit on the dais.
Why are you playing with your life? Go away!
I will go. But your biggest enemy is yet alive.
He may attack from anywhere.
And now I've taken the gun in my hands.
I won't go until finish your last enemy
..and get you married to Rohit.
I won't go even if death calls for me.
Both of you sit on the dais.
Brother-in-law! Everything is over.
Sister and Nagendra are dead.
What are you doing? - Have you gone mad? - Yes!
I'll kill everyone. My son is dead. My family is finished.
Even you won't be alive.
I had sent to you kill Kajal.
But you destroyed my family.
Confess that you had poisoned Kajal's parents to death.
Yes! I had poisoned them.
Why? - Because I wanted Sunder Nagar.
Neither Sunder Nagar remains nor my son.
So, I'll kill all of you.
First I'll kill you and then Kajal.
So you were my enemy in disguise of a friend.
You kept conspiring against me?
I will finish you all.
What can you tell about this criminal?
You had abused my parent.
But he belonged to you own family.
He tried kill his own people.
My poverty and helplessness has made me a criminal.
Why did he become a criminal?
Anyway! I've committed a murder today.
I've become a true criminal.
Now the law may do its duty.
Karan! My child.
I knew you were going to do something wrong.
What have you done? - I've made the mistake.
Your son has become a murderer today.
He is dead.
Take care of yourself.
I couldn't do anything for you.
Forgive me.
Think that your son is dead.
You are not a murderer.
You've finished a criminal.
The only difference is that
the law has given the police the right to do so, not you.
Today you've become a true protector of Kajal.
Kajal is yours.
And will always remain yours.
I will fight with the law for you sake.