HetaHazard 10 [ENG subs] - Muted Version

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By the way, Canada, what happened to your arm?
I cut myself with my scythe when we were attacked by a spider. China has taken care of it, so I feel fine now.
I was worried that he'd get infected from the wound, but if you have the vaccine, I can rest at ease.
I was SO relieved when you said you have the vaccine.
Yeah, but I think there are still enemies around, so watch out.
Wh-what was that...?
They're here.
Those strange creatures again?
Yeah, I can see three of them. They're just like the one I killed a while ago.
America! It's bad luck to say that!
I was just warning you!
Guys, this isn't the time to talk about that!
Stop bickering! Let's just beat the crap out of them! I can even go alone!
Uh, hold on! It's dangerous to go alone! I'm sorry!
Let's team up to kill the enemy! France, China, you'll be my backup. Canada, stay back.
We won't leave a single one of them left.
Go for it, France. Chin up, France. You can do it, it'll be fine, *mumble mumble*...
What? Um, stay back, you say?
You can't fight when you're injured, can you? Just leave it to the hero.
To hell with your "buts"! Just stay back!
I'm not sure you can defend yourself, either...
All right...
But if I think you're in danger, I will try to help! Okay, America?
I don't think it'll come to that, but okay.
Thank you, America.
Okay, let's go! Are you guys ready?
My dear Parisiennes... My only regret is that I couldn't reply to your love letters...
You really don't know when to give up! Come on, let's go!
Watch over me, my dear Parisiennes. Or rather, save me!
Guys, let's go!
The hero won't be defeated!
A Licker has appeared! An Evolved Licker has appeared!
AAAAARGH! I can't do this! It's just impossible!
They are pretty shocking...
France, just aim at their heads.
Y-yes, sir...
Power Level 2
Repeat Strike
Power Level 2
Long Tongue
Repeat Strike
Power Level 2
Repeat Strike
Rapid Fire
Power Level 2
Repeat Strike
Continuous Attack
Power Level 2
Repeat Strike
Power Level 2
America's party wins! Gained 60 EXP!
Are you guys all right? America, are you hurt?
That was a close call, but I'm fine.
We actually killed them...
I-I'm alive! Thank God...
Měiguó, you said you'd already fought a creature like this. Does that mean there are actually more of them around?
I don't know how many of them there are, but I think we'd better be very careful.
That means Prussia and the others are in danger, too.
And some of them are already injured.
We have to go back quickly! Come on, Měiguó, take us to them!
Okay! Follow me!
I wish this could all be over...
Phew, cleaning up all that rubble has really got to my back...
Yeah, it's really tiring...
But at least we've done a pretty good job.
However, we have actually been trapped here. We couldn't see the ceiling before.
Yeah, but there must be an emergency escape route, so maybe if we can find it, we can make it out of here.
You're right. When America and the others come back, we will talk about it.
What was that? Is someone's stomach growling?
I-it wasn't me!
It was me. I'm starving.
Well, we haven't eaten properly since we fell here.
I am a little thirsty.
You want something to drink? All I have is a mini bottle of Scotch.
Uh, thank you, but I don't drink alcohol!
Why do you have Scotch...?
What do you mean, why? For when I get thirsty, of course.
Drinking 80 proof liquor like it's water... That's just frightening...
You go around carrying alcohol and yet you complain when we bring beer to the meeting?
It's not right to serve beer at a meeting. How can we hold a meeting when all the participants are drunk?
I'm kind of thirsty, too. I think I'll have some Scotch.
N-no! If you get drunk, who is going to take care of us?!
I don't get drunk that easily. And what do you mean, take care--
It would be dangerous to drink now. We don't want anything to happen to you.
I don't... really see how, but... if you say so, all right, I won't drink.
Don't get me wrong, though! I'm deciding it for myself!
Yes, I am relieved to hear that. (We did it, Prussia.)
Yep, for yourself. (Quick thinking there, Japan.)
Hm? Did you say something?
B-by the way, didn't America say there was food in the freight elevator?
Wow, really?!
Now that you mention it, he did say that.
I'll go take a look.
Uh, wait a minute!
It's dangerous to go alone. I'll come with you.
O-okay, thank you. (I feel a little guilty now.)
I'll stay here and watch these three. Come on, quickly, I'm starving.
Let's go, then.
How is Romano doing?
His pulse is normal and his breathing is calm. He's out of danger now.
I see...
We've done all we can for him. We have to keep an eye on him until he can get some proper treatment.
I hope we can move him to a more comfortable place soon.
Don't worry. I'll look after him until America and the others come back.
If anything comes up, get back here immediately.
I found some matches next to brother dearest. Take them with you; they might come in handy.
Thank you.
He looks much better now.
Good thing we got the vaccine.
Do you think that explosion had something to do with Hong Kong's firecrackers?
Yes, probably...
We should be going to the power supply room.
If I remember correctly, this was the supply room. Let's check it out later.
That's the sound of a machine, isn't it? It's very loud.
It must be really old.
Server Room, Cafeteria, Kitchen, Hallway: the breaker is on.
Staff room, Breeding Room, Laboratory: the breaker is on.
Chemical Weapons Storage, Experiment Preparation Room, Supply Room, Power Supply Room: the breaker is on.
There are a lot of switches here.
This one is for the biological experiments lab and the experiment storage room. It distributes power to every piece of equipment.
I see.
The breaker is off. Should we turn it on?
America is around there. I don't think there would be a problem in turning on the power in those rooms.
Yeah. Let's turn them all on, then.
It reads, "Handle the freight elevator with care!"
I'll open the elevator.
It opened.
Let's get in, then.
All of this just for the last day. How typical of America.
Indeed. Well, now, let's see what is inside.
Okay. I'll check those in the back.
Very well.
It says, "Drinks."
It says, "meat."
It says, "Fish and shellfish."
It says, "Meat patty and buns."
It says, "Vegetables."
It says, "Vegetables."
It's a hand truck.
It's a hand truck.
It says, "Other food."
It's a hand truck.
Three hand trucks...
I'm done checking here. I found raw food, vegetables, and drinks. I think we can use them without problem.
I found seasoning, raw rice, and wheat flour. They look fresh, so there shouldn't be a problem.
Well, we have food now. And a lot of water, as well.
All right, we're done here. Let's go back.
[Matches] Some matches that were in Romano's pocket.
[Scotch] Made in the UK. One of the five best whiskeys in the world. Apparently, Londoners don't drink it much.
What are these things? They're like animals, but they look human...
What on Earth...?
Shit! Here they come! Get ready!
Evolved Lickers have appeared!
The experiments...
(Can we really beat them?)
Continuous Attack
How Regrettable
Continuous Attack
How Regrettable
Triple Attack
Japanese Scones
How Regrettable
How Regrettable
Long Tongue
Long Tongue
Long Tongue
Long Tongue
How Regrettable
How Regrettable
How Regrettable
Continuous Attack
Continuous Attack
Japan's party wins! Gained 100 EXP!
Our attacks should have worked. Why can't we kill them?
I suppose we have to destroy their heads...
We can't do that with these weapons.
Maybe there is another way...
Oh, these matches that Prussia gave us.
(Maybe we can kill them if we set their heads on fire! But I suppose we can't do that with just a few matches...)
(We need something to spread the fire, like gasoline or oil...)
Japan? Is something wrong?
England! Please give me your Scotch and your crossbow arrows!
What? Scotch? Arrows?
We'll set their heads on fire by hitting them with arrows on fire fueled by Scotch! I don't know if it's going to work, but there is no other way.
I see. Uh, here, the Scotch and the arrows.
Thank you. They are sluggish now, but keep an eye on them for me, all right?
Okay. Just light the arrows.
H-hey! They're coming!
England! Use these arrows!
England obtained Arrows on Fire. England can now use the skill Fire Arrows.
Evolved Lickers have appeared!
England! Aim the arrows at their heads!
Fire Arrows
Fire Arrows
Japan's party wins! Gained 100 EXP!
We actually killed them... Japan, is everything all right?
Yes, I'm fine. That was something I came up with on the spur of the moment. I am glad it worked...
We really need a weapon that can finish them off.
You're right... We need some Makaizou figures...
Englaaand! Japaaan!
The hero is back!
America! I am so glad you made it back safely.
Oh, there you are!
You guys look awful. Were you attacked?
Yes, we were fighting just now.
I see.
Anyway! Did you get China?
Of course! He's treating the wounded right now.
I see. That's good...
Anyway, I'm glad you guys are all right. Let's go back to the others now.
The most important thing is that you are all right, America.
Not really. I've fought the enemy twice and I'm starving!
Only you, America...
He's really tough...
Meanwhile, in the tunnel...
Wherever we're going, it's really far away...
Yeah. I can't see what's ahead of us at all.
I was supposed to give them the medicine... Germany, Japan, I hope you're all right...
Don't worry! Maybe China and the others will give them the medicine.
Zzz... zzz... hmm... Canada, who are you? ... zzz...
If anything happens to Germany and Japan... I'll... I'll... *sniff*
When we get there, we're going to call for help and go back to the others. Okay, Italy?
(Supposedly, a escape mine cart should take us somewhere safe. But why do I have such a bad feeling about this?)