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forty three seconds
the fair measure triggers started the fire
the real bullets fired out of their lives in a year in interest
they started the food chain reaction
it's all a matter of begin to fall apart peace
look those of the current over hiroshima and nagasaki
pursuit of state and defeat and to stand on the street
what is it supposed to belong to be news and developments reason
so for me it was the first for it
in the south
les cayes
it was here in the united states that succeeds in Iraq
and I think nazi germany
and I think they know
scientists not a hotbed for stress
for me and I've been able to identify their products and his reactions
but the scientists identify them fight it out
and also shows that less was us
feinstein's same situation
the business he's for it
three amount of management and mischievous
and we shouldn't have news conference also discovered
adding to the possibility of a chain reaction
this process somewhere in news releases to results it's very hard to believe that I wasn't
going to react
once again that would be a scientist played a key role
we go from the economy is still there
so that when the US government that germany was on the road to be involve a movie like
however they like the statue necessary to gain much attention
this is a message of hope that was serving his sentence
so I wrote a letter to the President asking it
nothing vote fall
the one the morning of December seventh
nineteen forty one
pearl harbor the US
I'm Jim moret
first self-sustaining the reactor
created by for it's a large interactive for underneath the football stadium of the university
of Chicago mister simpson the next step was to separate vision of all you really need
to thirty five
the board's audit committee and fifty systemically their identical physical means that he's various
stores at the was elected with a mandate separation
thanks all of you can see it's defeated think he's difficult kristen that's the separations
but coverage least ten percent of the nation's electrical power and fifty the lower part
of the treasury for what an aide said was a member of congress
it was as good as you thought it was a musician medals tell you
petri N Ryan the remaining uranium university for this candidate John Edwards was built
in Washington
sometimes I'm successful test of the trinity test
first nuclear explosion
the force twenty thousand tons of TNT
and what's this
for various hundred yards
the result was never tested
the fall
spring of nineteen forty five
it was a long time this picture
in the senate
the US think that the the live on
chapman's not stand
the to create jobs on both sides
machiavelli wants to
meantime if the people choose press
therefore seen to it that this to be done to him in nineteen sixty nine that one does
not standing for everything
the palm of her students that they could not fight back
and have no choice
the sixth nineteen forty five
the move would be a involve the stuff that's the issue
this latest that it was unleashed on nagasaki
the world with the decision
something of atomic bombs not something he shouldn't it
in the initial lost everything
the child
it is
but officers
the spontaneous them
seconds after this
the initial blast of of life
which is a minute
fuhrman's lawyer
it will of a picture with such back
because leading at the or this about
we're not
natalie is else
love the idea
this is it
the people
Steve issues it
in addition with previous eighty five
and yet this year's a froth
the hereafter right after this
the the to spend thousands of miles
on the
not that there's
last but not least
but for a fact
five five thousand not is live
it's lovers widespread yes
it's for it