How to get fired through Facebook

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\f0\fs24 \cf0 [Typing on Google]\ How to get fired through Facebook\
Internet Marketing\ Spring 2011\
\ [Emily (employee)]\
Hi\ [Sarah (boss)]\
Hi Emily.\ \
[Emily]\ i dont really think im going to be able to
make it into work tomorrow\ \
[Sarah]\ Why? Is everything okay?\
\ [Emily]\
im not really feeling well today\ i think it\'92s the flu\
\ [Sarah]\
Uh oh! Well get some rest and try to feel better!\
\ [Emily]\
thank you!\ i will be back at work as soon as i can\
\ [Next day: Sarah takes a look at Emily\'92s
wall]\ \
[Sarah in private Facebook message to Emily]\ Dear Emily\
\ Sick, are we?\
\ Consider this your pink slip.\
\ Don\'92t bother coming into work tomorrow.\
\ sincerely, your boss.\
\ [Sarah in person]\
You\'92ve just seen an example of how Facebook can ruin your career.\
\ Be careful what you post because anyone, including
your boss, can see it.\ \
Consider yourself warned.}