80 Hawke Years - University of South Australia

Uploaded by UniSouthAustralia on 09.11.2009


We've had an absolutely fabulous response to the
80 Hawke Years event that the Centre's held today.
We've had messages from Gough Whitlam.
We've had messages from Kim Beazley and Gareth Evans.
We've had the Premier involved and
the senator for South Australia and
minister for climate change, Penny Wong.
Everybody's really gathered around this event and
made it very special for Bob
and it's important for this university and our centre
to thank Bob for all that he's done for us.
Well, it was a very moving occasion for me
you had so many people saying so many
kind things and it brought back so many memories
so many happy memories of my career generally
and my association with South Australia.
I can say that the university is immensely proud
of it's association with Bob Hawke
who's one of those rare people
whose achievements continue to look better
in hindsight than they even did at the time.
I've been really excited and honoured to share this celebration
of his legacy which was an important part of my
political development. Growing up with the sense of
equity, social justice and fairness and diversity
all those issues and buzz words that
typified his role as Prime Minister.
I think Bob has been an inspiration
to Australians generally for
over forty years in terms of bringing
the nation together and bringing people together.
His legacy in many ways is that
he's brought knowledge to the fore and the importance of knowledge
and it's marvelous that that legacy can live on
through the Hawke Centre.
I think this is a terrific occasion and I think it's
very good recognition of someone who
by any measures probably stands as
Australia's greatest Prime Minister.
I think it was a very endearing experience for
everybody to be here, there was so much warmth
and interaction between the people and so many
people who were appreciative of the influence
that the Hawke government had on Australia
and being here to express that and to reciprocate
their appreciation to one another.
I thought it was a great experience and I'm delighted to have been here.
I was very proud for Bob.
It was a lovely atmosphere and feeling
because we always have a sense of
upliftedness when we come to South Australia.
Every time we come, there's something just special about it.
I think writing the book was very important
for the Hawke Research Institute
because it gave us a chance to think about how
our research and the work that we do
connects with the incredible difference
that was made through the Hawke era
in terms of policy reform.
Well I think everybody can remember pivotal moments
such as the winning of the America's Cup
when Bob Hawke famously said
"Any employer who sacks an employee today is a bum"
I think one of the key things that
just about everybody mentioned was
the fact that he was always concerened
and capable of bringing people together
so his emphasis on consensus and conciliation
his intelligent approach.
It gave me a great feeling of indebtedness to the
University of South Australia for the way in which they
have so magnificently developed the
Prime Ministerial Centre here.
We've been going now for twelve years
we're at the forefront of our community engagement role
with many events held under the banner of his name
and we're proud of the fact that he's proud of us.
So, it's been a great day, thanks.