Jab We Met (2007) *BluRay* w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 8

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Take out the luggage.
So, you stay here, I will take another room.
What is the need? It is such a big room.
All right. Anyways I know karate.
So there shouldn't be any problem.
Don't worry, I won't rape you. - You can't.
I don't want to rape you. - Even if you want to you can't.
My God. What a night it was. Do you remember that hotel?
Yes, hotel Decent. - Decent.
By the way let me tell you one thing.
That night everyone in hotel Decent.. .. thought you to be a call girl.
What? Call girl! - I was going to use a worse word.
What nonsense? Really?
Remember when I told you that let me talk but you were you.
Oh dear! Oh God! I was such a fool. What a fool I was.
That's why all this is happening to me.
That's why I am in such a condition.
What have I done? Where am I trapped?
I always keep on thinking of what I should do next.
What do I tell him that he agrees?
I don't understand.
I used to call him a lot.
I will tell you what you should do.
Throw Anshuman out of your life. Understand?
No matter how much you cry, he won't come back Geet.
He would have returned long back if he wanted to.
Geet he is not even thinking about you He is happy in his life.
You met him?- Yes.
What was he saying?
Geet, Anshuman's chapter is over.
That is the truth. And it is good for you to believe it.
The way he threw you out of his life, just throw him out of your life.
Photograph. His photograph.
Burn his photograph and throw him out of your life.
Give me his photo. - I don't have one. - Shit.
Okay, we will call him and you will abuse him. Even better.
Abuse him all you want. - Aditya please.
It is childish? Great, be childish. Abuse him Take out your anger. You will feel fantastic.
Aditya, listen. Aditya.
It is ringing. Get ready. Abuse him all you want, okay?
Please. - Hello. - Hello. Anshuman? One second.
Come on. Come on just go for it. - Hello? - Come on.
Hello. - Yes. - Hello, Anshuman?
Yes. - Abuse him.
Was that Aditya Kashyap's voice?
Yes. - Hello. - Come on.
Anshuman, I wanted to say that.. - Tell me, Geet.
Don't think. Don't think. Just say it. - Hello. - Dog. - Yes.
Dog. Fool! - Hello, Geet. - Fantastic. - You scoundrel.
Fantastic! - You child of a pig.
Did you think that I will suffer for you my entire life if you leave me?
You will suffer, you rascal. - Geet!
Worms will eat you. You will die a dog's death
And after dying you will roast in hell fire forever, rascal.
Are you feeling better?
Yes. - Yes. I am feeling very nice.
Thanks. -Any time.
It is okay. It happens sometimes.
It won't happen in the future. Nothing to worry about.
I am very hungry. What is there to eat? I will see.
And tomorrow you will take me around Shimla, understand?
Don't be embarrassed, friend. What has happened?
Nothing. Come. Let's eat something. Tomorrow we have to go out. Come.
What have you ordered? Is this something to eat?
You could have ordered cottage cheese, fries.
Or could have ordered chick peas and bread. You are crazy.
Come on let's go. We will miss the train.
Hurry up, Geet, hurry.
Give me your hand.
You know, for many months I have had nightmares.
You have caught it now. - Yes. - Come. Come.
You like me a lot, don't you?
A lot. I like you a lot. But that is my problem.
Anyone can feel the way they want to. Correct?
You don't have to worry about it at all. Okay? Okay?
Geet, we will leave for Bhatinda in a little while.
No. - Yes. - How will I face them?
You don't have to face them. You just have to return home. Come on.
May I talk to you? - What is the matter? - 2 minutes.
There is no use of talking now. - Please Geet. Let's go somewhere.
I don't want to talk to you. - I have made a mistake. Okay.
I didn't have enough courage to take you home.
Since the last 9 months I have been acting..
.. as if I am very strong and practical. Whatever I did was right.
But the truth is you arrived suddenly that day and I couldn't handle it. I was scared.
Mummy, papa, society, religion. But to hell with everything today.
It makes no difference to me now.
You leave me alone helpless one day.
And you come after 9 months and say that I committed a mistake.
It's so easy, isn't it?
No, it is very hard. But now I will make it easy.
You have gone through a lot. Now all your problems are mine.
Let's go to Bhatinda. I will talk to mummy and papa.
I will explain it to them. I will make everything fine, Geet.
Everything will be fine.
Why did he have to come now? Everything was fine.
It is too late. Nothing can happen now. It is too late.
You know Geet my parents didn't love each other.
Both of them used to love other people.
And because of that I was pained my entire life.
They were very good with each other at work but at home..
I always used to ask myself, why did they got married?
They should have listened to their heart, Geet.
And one day everything would have been fine.
Just listen to your heart, Geet.
And everything will be fine. - What do you mean?
No one will remember these 9 months after many years pass by.
Really Aditya.
I never imagined you would take his side.
I am also taking your side, Geet.
You and Anshuman are on the same side. It's simple Geet.
Those who love each other should remain together.
Only then everyone will be happy. - And you?
Have your first extra marital affair with me.
Then I will also be happy.
Sure. Done.
No, Aditya. This is not right. - I wish.
I wish it was not right. But..
Come on. Come on.
This evening. Today!
You are bringing her. You are bringing Geet. At what time?
All right, in the evening. All right dear. We will wait.
What is the matter? - Okay.