RomaHeta 7 - part 2 [English sub]

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There's another one, but...
... What?
The other one is in Ludwig's house.
What?! But where—! Don't tell me it's—
Yes, it's that altar that Feliciano and his brother have.
So, they really have been infected?!
You would think so, but...
There has been no sign that they're infected.
They've even tried to come help you.
What is Feliciano doing now?!
Don't worry. They soon gave up. It seems they are now making pasta.
That doesn't mean much, though...
Aside from that, I have verified their behaviour, but they have done nothing suspicious.
All they do is eat pasta, or eat pizza, or sing.
That's so like Lovino!
Now I'm a little jealous.
However, the ones who treat that altar with so much care are none other than Feliciano and Lovino.
I don't know what's going on... Please, be careful.
I'll go.
Even though this is a different dimension, that's still my house. All I have to do is destroy that altar, right?
Hey, shouldn't we all go? You did just tell us to be careful, after all.
Kiku, how long can you keep Ivan confined from there?
Not for long. Since I also have to watch the Error, I don't have more than 30 seconds.
That means we'll have to destroy both the artwork in Ivan's house and the altar in Ludwig's house at the same time.
In that case, I'll go with Ludwig to check up on Lovino.
Me, too.
And I, as well.
... What? So we'll have to go to Ivan's house?
I feel kind of cheated...
Shouldn't Ludwig go to Ivan's house? I mean, those muscles aren't just for show, right?
Why should I abandon my own house to go to Ivan's?
Then you, Gilbert! Didn't you use to work at Ivan's house a long time ago?
I'd rather die than go there!
I'm not going, either!
Neither am I.
All of you, stop whining!!
I'm going to Ivan's house, too! We only have two adversaries! We outnumber them!
I'm coming with you, Vash...
... It's settled, then. We'll leave Ivan to you.
Well, good luck!
What the heck? You guys are ganging up on us...
Don't worry, everyone!
I've developed some special techniques for those who are in Alfred's group!
With these, you should be able to face Ivan!
I'll install them on you now, so please wait just a moment...
Alfred learned "Al ☆ Phoenix"!
Arthur learned "King Arthur"!
Francis learned "For the Love of a Friend"!
Wang Yao learned "Musou Ranbu"!
Which one will proceed? Alfred's party Ludwig's party
Okay, CUUUT!!
... I mean, I want to have both in the same part, so I'll make a division right here!
Some elements are becoming kind of important, so I'd like to show the profiles of each character here.
Just so that you can get a little more familiar with them. ^^
Let's begin with the main character (?), Alfred.
Alfred F. Jones
Class: HERO Element: Fire ('cause he's a HERO!) Weakness: Wind / Ice
He specializes in physical attacks, and his strength rivals Ludwig's.
His defence is also good, so you can use this character without worry.
Since his SP is low and uses up a lot of energy, you can't use his skills very often,
but his normal attacks alone are more than strong enough.
Arthur Kirkland
Class: Eyebrows Element: Wind / Water Weakness: Fire / Thunder / Pity
Unlike Alfred, he specializes in magic attacks.
Depending on what attire he wears, his magical power and SP can increase,
so he is the type that can use skills to deal damage often.
Incidentally, when he turns into Britannia Angel, his defence elements light up.
Francis Bonnefoy
Class: Beard Element: Water / Earth Weakness: Wind / Thunder / Perversion
The lewd Francis is a healer.
He's very laid-back, so his speed is low.
His "Jeanne d'Arc" uses up all of his SP, but it powers his attacks up significantly, so it is a very efficient skill.
Wang Yao
Class: Immortal Old Man Element: Fire / Earth Weakness: Ice / Thunder
He looks like a nimble sort of character, so his speed is high.
If trained, he can become faster than Kiku. He has a full set of aiding skills,
so it's possible for him to increase his abilities or heal himself right on his first move.
Class: Muscles Element: Thunder / Earth Weakness: Wind / Dark
He's buff, so he specializes in physical attacks. His strength and HP are very elevated.
His speed is a little lower than Alfred's.
His defence against magic is low, so he can be easily defeated by it if he lowers his guard.
However, like Alfred, he is essentially strong enough to make it through on his own.
Gilbert Beilschmidt
Class: Pitiful Element: Light / Wind Weakness: Dark / Pity
He looks like a skilled knight, so he specializes in physical attacks and magical healing.
His SP, speed, and physical strength are quite elevated, so he appears to be efficient at first glance.
However, his defence is low and he is extraordinarily weak against Dark,
so he dies quickly in battles against bosses that use many Dark attacks.
Antonio Fernández Carriedo
Class: Boss Element: Fire / Earth Weakness: Ice / Wind
What a long name!
As the country of passion, Fire attacks are mostly ineffective on him.
He has a good balance between physical strength and speed and also has a lot of HP. 'Cause he's the boss!
He has the ability to become the leading force, but he's a little slow to use attack skills.
Honda Kiku
Class: Game Master Element: Wind / Dark Weakness: None (cheat)
The Doctor Citan, the balance breaker in RomaHeta.
He's actually physically weaker than Antonio and slower than Wang Yao.
He has high SP, so can use skill attacks even if they use up much energy.
Essentially, he's an auxiliary character.
Vash Zwingli
Class: Mercenary Element: Thunder / Ice Weakness: Fire / Earth
An overall balanced character, but he can't wear armour, so his defence levels are low.
He can use magic attacks, but his magic levels are also low. He looks like a mercenary with a long military history,
so, aside from Kiku, he's the only one who got an enhancement bonus.
Class: Little Sister Element: Water / Thunder Weakness: Earth / Dark
Since she doesn't have a name, I wasn't sure if she should participate in battle,
but I can't deny my fascination for little girls who fight. Besides, she would want to fight along with her big brother.
All in all, her abilities are low, but she can use weapons very well and her skill attacks can be very damaging.
Roderich Edelstein
Class: Aristocrat Element: Water / Wind Weakness: Earth / Light
He wouldn't have the strength to carry a grand piano around, so he has a violin instead. Sorry.
He's an aristocrat who doesn't spend much time in the sun, so he hates the light.
Because he's gone through many marriages, he can work with pretty much anyone.
His magic power and SP are high, and since he's an aristocrat, his speed can be a little slow.
Feliciano Vargas
Class: Useless Element: Light / Water Weakness: Dark / Earth
Out of all characters, his status is the lowest, but once he levels up,
his magic power increases abruptly and he learns powerful magic.
So far, he is mostly a supporting character.
Lovino Vargas
Class: Henchman Element: Light / Earth Weakness: Dark / Wind
His status is similar to Feliciano's, only his physical strength and speed are a little higher.
He, too, increases his magic power abruptly when he levels up.
Light attacks have no effect on him, whereas Dark attacks usually affect him twofold.
Also, he's a little weak to Pity attacks.
That's all. XD
I'll make profiles for the characters who haven't joined the group yet as soon as they join the group. ^^