Third show in Las Vegas DeafNation World Expo

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(Cheers and Applause)
Daniel (through Interpreter): What's your name?
Deanna: It is Deanna. Daniel: And what do you do for work?
Deanna (through Interpreter) : I am a kitchen designer. Daniel: That's good!
Daniel (to Interpreter): What's your name? Amanda: My name is Amanda. Currently, I am attending college to become
Amanda: an interpreter (or SSP) for Deaf-Blind communites.
Daniel: That's good. Can you tell what exaclty does 'SSP' stands for?
Amanda: It stands for 'Support Service Provider'.
(Amanda is translating for Deanna) Daniel: That's right. Amanda will be signng and vocing at same time.
Danel: So it is essentally an interpreter with extra skills for the Deaf-Blind Amanda: I'm sorry. I missed what you just signed.
(Daniel repeats)
Amanda: Ah! Yes! Yes! Daniel: That's awesome! I wish both of you best of luck!
(Cheers and applause)
Daniel: Here are the rules... They are very smple. (Amanda interprets)
Daniel: I'll give you 3 questions. First one will be worth $1. The second question is $2. The third question is $3...
Daniel: Makng it a total of possble $6, only if you answer them all correctly.
(Amanda continues interpreting) Deanna: Got it. Okay.
Daniel: 1 minute is all you will have to answer for each question.
(Amanda contnues interpreting) Deanna: Ooh! Alrighty then!
Daniel: Also, if you are unsure, feel free to ask your audience for help!
Daniel: Are you ready to play now!? (Cheers and applause)
(Audience signng A as PIZZA) Daniel: A as Pizza!?
Deanna: A... Amanda: I thnk it's A too.
Daniel: Is that your final answer?
Deanna (thinking to herself): I sure would love a pzza rght now.... (Amanda chuckles)
Daniel: Deanna, do you want to double check with the audence?
Amanda: Deanna thought it was D, but then EVERYONE said A. So we are gong to say A.
Daniel: Oh! Deanna thought it was D, but then everyone said A. You'll be agreeing wth them?
Amanda (to Deanna): You agree wth them right? It is A? Deanna: Yes. (nodding)
Daniel: You are riiight!!!
(Cheers and applause) (Deanna is showing one of her dance move!) (Daniel laughs)
Daniel: Now, are you ready to play the next queston worth $2!?
(Amanda interprets)
Deanna: Let's rock and roll! Daniel: That's the spirit!
Amanda: I haven't the slightest clue! (to audience) Help us please! Deanna (mutters to the audience): Sweet Fancy Moses!
Daniel (laughs): It's smart to ask your friends for help on ths one! Amanda: Cane?
Amanda: Someone said cane? I don't know? Deanna: That's B!? Daniel: Cane!???
Amanda and Deanna: B! Daniel: What makes you say 'cane'?
Amanda Everyone in the audience is signng 'cane' (B)....
Daniel (to Deanna): What about you? Why choose 'cane'? (Amanda interprets)
Deanna: Well, it makes the most sense of all! (Amanda interprets)
Daniel: Deanna, watch me. I'm going to show you new signs.
Daniel: You are right!
(Cheers and applause)
(Amanda hgh-fves with Deanna)
Daniel: You have won $3 so far. The next question is worth $3. (Amanda interprets)
Danel: Are you ready to win some more serious moocha!? Deanna: oooooKay!
Amanda: D! (Audience signng D) Daniel: D???
Amanda: I took ballet for 5 years. I should know! D!
Deanna: D! (showng another of her dance moves)
Daniel: (laughing) Do you need more time to think on ths one (or show us another dance move)?
(Amanda and Deanna shakes their head 'no')
Daniel: And you're riiighttt!
(Cheers and applause) (Everyone is showing their dance moves)
Danel: Wait. Wait. The game is not over! We have the bonus question! (true / false)
Daniel: I can gve you $6 and you can walk away with it OR you can double your money by staying to play the bonus question.
Amanda (interpretng): $16 ?? Daniel: No. It's $6.
(Amanda contnues interpreting) Daniel: Okay. So if you miss it, you'll lose all your money,
Danel: but if you get it rght, you'll double your money! What do you want to do?
Deanna: I'm all for it. Daniel: Let's go!
Amanda: Wow! Deanna: Help us!
Daniel: Haha. They did not hesitate to ask their friends for help!
(Audience signing false) Amanda: Everyone says FALSE...
Daniel: False? Amanda: I don't know. Don't look at me! Deanna: It's gonna be false.
Daniel: (imitatng Amanda) Okay, It's false! Why not!? (Deanna yells FALSE)
Amanda: False! False! We both are saying False!
Daniel: And you're sure it is false??? Deanna and Amanda repeats: FALSE!
Daniel: Okay dokie. It's a good thing I taught you these signs. YOU'RE RIGHT!