Marlene & Rebecca - Part 64

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Why did you do that, damned!
Are you completely mad?
Do you realise this action makes Helena a liar?
In fact all of us.
They already suspect us of pushing the bidding.
You ..
You ruined the auction division.
And me with it.
This was it, I can close down.
Rebecca wanted to buy this painting using Von Anstetten.
So Marlene may find her even hotter.
You're completely insane.
We'll soon have numerous complaints ..
... that we can never pay.
We wanted this auction to save the firm.
Now it's all gone.
You ruined a genuine Van Gogh.
That Van Gogh..
.. the family ..
Helena ..
You will take responsibility.
For everything you did.
I really want to know .. what's going on.
Why did you do this?
I didn't start ruining things.
But now you have me ..
and the whole family dragged into this.
Was that also part of your plan?
Helena, I'm sorry.
It was only about Marlene, I wanted her to know how it feels, when she feels as rotten as I do.
Oh God.
Rebecca, who did this?
He thought I wanted to give it to you.
I ordered a front man to bid for me.
Of course I didn't want anyone to find out.
But it did come out.
I thought Rebecca would in cognito join the bidding.
And that she ordered Von Anstetten to bid for her.
This action with the painting, that..
That's not you.
That reminds me of the past.
I.. I don't want you to get back at that.
I ..
I stood completely beside myself.
I couldn't do anything else.
You're not in control any more.
Yes, I am.
I don't know.
Everyone has the right to fall in love.
Even to fall in love with the wrong person.
But before all, everyone has the right to leave after the love is gone.
Rebecca, Tristan didn't want to destroy the painting.
He wanted to destroy me.
I never thought he would go this far.
Those among us who master ancient Greek ...
... know a crisis is nothing but decision problem linked to a turning point.
Now then, let's decide.
What.. should we decide?
That we close the auction division.
Just a minute. We're here to calmly discuss matters.
You can have that.
With the real estate division we gave up our strongest branch to try to stabalize the bank ..
and to finance the auction. The auction has blown up.
The money burned. The bank is still lost. And we are .. screwed.
Helena would you be so kind ..
to summarize the situation of your division after this ..
.. Van Gogh debacle.
The expected profit will not be reached due to the scandal.
Should I put up with this?
Apparantly so. But to return to the issue..
It is very clear the auction division will not contribute to the remediation of the Lahnstein Holding..
- Who says so? - I do.
Or do you think the other buyers won't complain?

- The reputation is ruined. - But a good reputation can be repaired.
If a single person would be reponsible for the manipulation.
Yes, that is true. Helena is there any clue?
Who is responsible for this debacle?
- No. - Are you sure?
Now listen up. I sold the real estate division to support this auction.
I am entitled to the truth.
I don't know any more than you all do.
Excuse me. One of us has to do his job.
And now in the family?
They talk like headles chicken and Elisabeth chairs it as a bingo night in St. Petersburg.
- Will they close the auction house? - They must accept there are no alternatives.
They should launch criminal charges on fraud against Lahnstein Interprises.
And speed up the process.
Slow down... it will run without us.
And criminal charges...
We don't want anyone looking into this, do we?
That is indeed true.
No, the sushi isn't reached yet and let me tell you one thing..
If the ale tastes like tilapia again, I will close the Salmonella farm.
One thing is clear I hope. I will order an investigation.
So, what happened?
Now talk!
Hasn't she told you what happened?
And who is responsible?
That is .. tell them.
- It was me. - What?
I tried to manipulate the auction.
Helena what are you talking about?
Why would you do that?
I let myself be guided by the thoughts of even higher profits..
so we would get our feet back to earth.
Oh come on. Van Gogh's were auctioned.
That was clear that the profits would be max.
- But, it... - I'm sorry.
I must have been ... completely beside myself ... - Helena!
I, alone am responsible for the debacle.
I will take full responsibilty.
You lied to us.
It was Tristan who bid at the auction.
Why did you do that?
Excuse me Helena.
But why wouldn't Tristan take his share?
The outcome effects us all.
I understand you want to protect Tristan, but ...
That is not the right way, Helena.
I am sorry.
But to be honest I feel these last weeks were just about paying, profit, loss.
That we are a family, available for those who need it ..
That fell completely through.
The firm only works because we are family.
Ah, really?
Did any of you notice Tristan is doing really awfull?
He is completely beside himself and almost like he used to be.
I didn't realize at all.
Is that right?
Why didn't you tell us?
I thought it only falls back on Marlene and me.
But ..
I know you .. during these last weeks .. did everything to save the company.
and it is admirable.
Even though you .. took our fathers position.
But now Tristan needs your help.
- And what about you? - I'll take full responsibility for the debacle.
And then I will leave Dusseldorf.
That is completely jumping the gun, Helena.
To be honest, in my commitment for the auction, I completely forgot I have a profession I love.
I'm an archeologist.
Does this mean you will participate in an excavation again?
Yes, my professor indicated I'm at any time welcome in Cambodia.
My decision is final. I only ask you to take care of Tristan while I'm gone.
He needs people to be there for him.
You will excuse me?
I need to take care of a few things before I leave.
Helena ..
- Tristan... - If Rebecca didn't join bidding, why did you get me the money?
Just think about it.
I want to know what you're playing at.
Shouldn't I ask you really?
Didn't you tell me you needed the money for the musical?
Should I have guessed you changed the objective to forbidden things?
You made me do it.
You brought down the auction house just by yourself.
Because you were so eager to make your ex trip.
The best thing is .. Helena even covers for you.
I never expected the little one would, but..
Perhaps she loves you more than you love yourself.
You won't get away with this.
I know what happened.
- Did you talk to Ansgar? - No.
What I know is you bid at the Van Gogh..
and you frightened Rebecca and in the end also Helena.
What's up with her?
She will leave Dusseldorf.
Because of me?
Because of what happened?
Tristan, I would lie if I said it had nothing to do with you.
Tristan, you're my brother and I know you've been through a lot lately.
The love of your life left you and yes you do things you shouldn't have.
- Sebastian, what do you want from me? - Stop that!
This stalking, this agressive abuse, leave it be. Marlene is free and accept it!
You have to accept it.
And you have to fight it. Or do you want to return to the dark turmoil like before with Helena?
Forget it, you have a family who will stand behind you.
And if you need me, I will be there.
What Sebastian said.
That you will leave Dusseldorf?
- Are you all here for me? - That's the least ..
It's a bit short notice to organize a worthy goodbye party.
I'm not leaving the world.
But we will miss you.
And not only because you set us straight ..
.. if we forgot again what it's all about.
And what would that be, according to you?
Don't forget your fascination with the dead doesn't last forever.
I definitely won't.
Come here.
Does it have to be the other end of the world?
I wish you good luck in Asia.
All good things.
So if by chance you of all people would find a treasure at the other end of the world...
.. that would help us cross the bridge.. then ..
.. bring it back!
Let me hug you, little sister.
- Don't cry. - Your new life begins right now.
Just a small gift from Mrs. Linse.
For the road.
Live well.
Ah Justus, you old penguin, come here.
You'll never be alone.
We are two.
For ever.
For ever.
Thank you.
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